How To Create An Effective LinkedIn Marketing Strategy in 2021

As one of the most important B2B social media platforms, LinkedIn can help you attract more eyes on your business.

At the moment, it is one of the most popular social networks for professionals and one of the top social networks overall, and as a plus – LinkedIn made its Stories feature available to all users.

Wondering how can you build a complete LinkedIn marketing strategy for your business?

I’ve made a list of tactics and ideas on how to create an effective LinkedIn marketing strategy for your business in 2021.

1. Create a company profile

If you want to promote your business on social media, having a LinkedIn company page, is a must. You’ll be able to build brand recognition by providing a way to promote your products and services to customers and potential ones.

2. Post relevant and engaging content

content marketingYour principal objective is to increase the engagement of your page, so make sure your posts contain helpful tips, tricks, and information related to your industry.

Prove that you’re an expert in your field and write about a subject in which you can add value or give actionable insights. You can even use a graph maker to create stunning visuals that catch the eye.

Avoid writing promotional presentations and focus more on content that provides in-depth information for your followers or maybe lessons learned during years.

Through your posts, try to bring an added value or give actionable insights

3. Use LinkedIn Stories

This feature is great for business – and here are three great ways every business should use LinkedIn Stories:

  • Share behind the scene moments
  • Important projects you are working on
  • Host a corporate Q&A
  • Use LinkedIn Stories into your marketing strategy

4. Make your company’s name known

linkedin postYou’re not alone in your niche, and you have to make your company’s name known.

An excellent way to do it is by inviting people to follow your page. This strategy will allow you to have a bigger pool of connections who might want to follow your business.

If you want to increase your LinkedIn page connections, this is something you should try:

  • Invite your connections to follow your page.
  • Promote your LinkedIn company page on other social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.
  • Mention your LinkedIn page in your emails.
  • If you want to increase your LinkedIn profile connections, make sure you personalize your request.
  • Personalize your connection requests – As a company page, you can’t send LinkedIn connections, but your employees can. Make sure they mention your brand in that note.
  • You have 300 words to add a note

5. Add LinkedIn groups to your page

Being part of a LinkedIn group has the advantage of making your content visible, and it’s an excellent opportunity to connect and interact with like-minded peers in your niche.

With a LinkedIn page you can’t be part of a group, but you have the option to showcase a LinkedIn group on your page.

Use your LinkedIn profile, and be part of an existing group, or start your group. Being the moderator and admin of a group, you gain control and awareness in the industry.

6. Define your goals

Building brand awareness might take time, but the key to success is consistent and quality content, plus staying up-to-date in your industry.

Peter Drucker – an American author and consultant in the field of organizational development and management, started the idea for SMART goals.

  • SMART stands for “Specific,” “Measurable,” “Achievable,” “Relevant,” and “Time-Bound.”
  • Keep these words in mind and when defining your LinkedIn goals.
  • Another thing that should also be at the forefront of your actions is an effective work plan.
  • Your LinkedIn goals must be in line with the goals you set in your work plan.

7. Make your employees part of your business strategy

You should know that your brand’s best ambassadors are your employees. You can boost your presence by asking them to share articles from the company’s blog, new features, events, – mentioning the company name in the post.

8.Mention people in your LinkedIn posts

networking bizz website experts » 1Tagging people you’ve quoted or you’ve referenced in the content you’re sharing is an essential step in your LinkedIn marketing strategy.

The people you’ve tagged will be notified, along with their connections, and people who follow them, so your content will be seen by more people.

This LinkedIn marketing strategy will help your posts become more visible and ultimately raise the overall engagement of your page.

Mentioning people in your posts will increase your posts comments

9. Upload native videos

LinkedIn native videos are five times more likely than other content to start a conversation among LinkedIn members, according to LinkedIn stats.

Videos are among those pieces of content which stand out of the crowd. They are vital in today’s social media strategy.

Be as creative as possible: give some advice in your niche, share an opinion about the latest trends or share a few tips & tricks like in the post below.

10. Use hashtags

Hashtags help users find content on a particular topic. When you add hashtags to your posts, those posts will get a higher chance of being discovered by LinkedIn members who follow or search for the hashtag you’ve used.

If you are using hashtags when posting something on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, you should use them with your LinkedIn posts as well.

11. Measure your LinkedIn performance

networking bizz website experts » 2Keeping an eye on your LinkedIn analytics dashboard can help you make informed decisions that lead to better results.

Try to track some LinkedIn KPIs – followers demographic, number of followers, impressions and reach, engagement rate, profile views by job title, etc. It will help you increase your reach in your industry

12. Infographic

Infographics are a great way to promote your content uniquely.

Final thought

The benefits of using LinkedIn in your marketing strategy are undeniable: you can enhance your brands’ name, build a credible, reliable image in the business world, and you also keep your clients and partners informed.

After some time, you might even be recognized as a leader in your field.