Facebook Marketing For Tips Every Small Business

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Facebook Marketing has completely revolutionized the way small businesses are able to advertise their goods and services. This game-changing platform allows you to reach hundreds of thousands – potentially even millions of people, for a price that suits your budget and needs. Of course, creating a Facebook marketing campaign can be daunting for small business owners.

1. Target the right audience

customersThe very first thing you should do when creating a campaign is get a good understanding of who you are advertising to. Facebook allows you to send out your ads to people based on a number of different demographic variables, including their age, location, interests and more. A highly targeted ad will focus in on your preferred audience and increase the likelihood of success in the long-term.

2.Provide accurate, useful information

When people scroll past your ad on their computer or smart device, they should be able to get a good understanding of what your selling and how it will be useful to them within seconds. Ideally, your ad should link to a webpage with really useful, highly tailored information that will convert the audience into paying customers.

3. Encourage discussion

People respond to other people’s interests. An ad with a number of shares, likes, and comments will stand out far more than one that no one interacts with. Encourage your audience to tag their friends, share the post or comment on their experiences with the product and you are bound to see an even greater reaction from your wider audience.

4. Test different ads

customer-target-audienceLike most marketing campaigns, Facebook advertising includes an element of trial and error. It’s a process of figuring out what your target audience responds best to, and what types of content they simply don’t engage with well at all. A great way to figure this out is to create multiple ads – for example, a video and a link to a webpage – and test them to see which works out better for conversion and engagement purposes. After a little bit of testing, you will have a great idea of what is the best way forward for your campaign.

5. Budget wisely

The great thing about Facebook advertising is not only that it’s inexpensive to use, but you can actually see how many people your budget will reach over a set number of days. Often, it’s best to start off with a mid-range budget and work up from there, so you can see what type of engagement you will get for your money. That way, if you decide to go in a different direction for your campaign, you haven’t blown a huge amount of cash with little in return.

6. Know your competitors

Seeing what your competitors are doing – and what they’re not doing – is a great way to help you determine the right path for your campaign. We all know that setting your brand apart from the pack is essential to ensuring your audience remembers you, and social media is like an open book in that regard. Do a competitor analysis every now and then to see how you’re stacking up, and what you might need to do differently in order to get in front.

7. Create compelling videos

video marketingVideo content is easier than ever to create and can really help your brand take its marketing to the next level. Smartphone cameras offer high-quality video capabilities and inexpensive apps can help you string together different photos, music, and clips in a matter of minutes. Just remember to keep them short, sweet and full of interesting information so you can maximise engagement.

8. Always use a Call-To-Action

Call-To-Actions are the cornerstone of all successful content because it gives your audience clear directions on what to do and where to go next. Your CTA should be short, punchy and to the point, and must be easy for people to follow and find amongst your ad. Remember, your audience wants to get as much information as possible in a short amount of time.

9. Pay attention to analytics

networking bizz website experts » 2Facebook Marketing offers a truly impressive range of analytics free of charge. This allows you to take a good look at what is working for you, what isn’t and what demographics your customers are largely made up of. You should regularly check your analytic information to ensure you’re executing the best campaign for your needs.

10. Keep it fresh

Recycling the same ad over and over on Facebook – no matter how well it worked the first time – is a big no-no. You should keep your campaigns fresh and new, so people stay engaged every time they see them. If one ad seems to be working wonders, simply follow the same strategy next time but with a different set of content