The Launch of NEW Online Stores During The Coronavirus Outbreak

The internet has taken over and established quite the hold over many businesses thriving or otherwise. The platform to build, manage, and propagate is what the worldwide web does. The products and services being introduced into the market usually expand better and grow through the lens of the digitally enabled sites. The sites not only improve the condition of the existing sales but also make more people aware of it.

With the pandemic of Coronavirus growing by leaps and bounds, many businesses are seriously considering the e-commerce sector. It is no longer a figment of our imagination but has amassed a lot of popularity the world over.

The nature and form of the business are essential, but the vital point to be remembered is the outreach. Some good companies remain in the backseat due to the limitation of not reaching the masses. En-masse awareness is crucial for the real success of the e-commerce platform.

Before we dive deeper into the context of e-commerce and its need in today’s troubled times, let us answer the basics.

E-Commerce And The Know-How

The e-commerce platform exists for anyone and everyone who want to increase visibility and give their business a fighting chance to survive online. There are different types of mediums for which digital marketing works, such as essential and non-essential goods, services, trades, collaborations, and so forth.

E.g., a physical good or service like the conventionally used practice of the brick and mortar model can also be propagated through these e-commerce networks. This model is nothing but the traditionally present stores that sell the products offline and have been doing so for years. The owners of the shops don’t really have a presence in the digital world and have found comfort in being away from the online community.

But, let us ask some serious questions here:
  • What if they were exposed to the pros and cons of this initiative?
  • What if they were allowed to test the waters and made technically aware of the know-how?
  • What if this is the way society will function in the near future?
  • What if the digital world needs to be revamped in light of the current outbreak?

It’s time we stop dueling with the “what if’s” and address these questions with a solid answer to help you once and for all. The e-commerce business is here to stay, and it is nonetheless appealing.

So, here is a quick question:

What is required of you to start with an extensive e-commerce business?

Let us help you with setting the cornerstone and aid you in navigating the path better with time and money at your disposal.

Here are a few steps which will help reduce the chaos while setting up your business online:

  1. Know Your Product: The business being set up online is for the purpose of strategizing the sales as per the changing dynamics. So, you should be sure about the product being marketed online. If you are still contemplating which product or service you need to select, then there are many sites online which can help you in making the selection. The decision is yours and of the team supporting you in the endeavor – so make it count.
  2. How It’s Marketed: Any e-commerce business before its advent and spread is just an idea in a person’s head or amidst like-minded people. So, to give that idea a medium through which it can come to life, it is necessary to set into motion the strategies to sell the product or service online. It is always essential to plan and establish the process well to achieve success in the project. Laying the groundwork will facilitate the process and make it easier to work with.

Once you are well-versed with the know-how of the e-commerce platform, it is structurally ready to be launched online. For the launch, one needs to do the initial prepping so that there is no cause for delay, and there is no resulting impact on the business. The basics should be tended first to approve the set up of the site, the design, and content of the site which includes the name, branding, and registration of the site.

Each of the above-mentioned points should be thought out thoroughly and understood well so that the launch does not get impacted in any way.

Once you are past the initial hiccup of setting up a business online, you can start thinking about the profits and growth of the business. This particular point will take up most of your space and time when you are trying to grow the business.

Before getting into the dynamics full-swing, it is necessary to understand certain terms like content-driven applications concerning search engine optimization (SEO). These keywords enable the users and consumers to identify your site and make it easier for you to appear in online searches. This helps increase the number of visitors to your e-commerce website, which, in turn, increases the traffic to the site. Internet traffic literally translates into veritable profits, so it is better to enhance the performance of the online business.

Once the profits ring the cash registers, the business grows and the portfolio can be branched out. With respect to the branches, the sectors can be increased in different locations as well as the delivery services can also be improved.

Considering the delivery services, the situation today asks for businesses to adapt to this trend more and in a better way. It is no longer a thing of the past but a necessity to make a safer today possible. Deliveries in the time of quarantine and isolation are equivalent to life-saving practices that can be adopted by various online businesses.

There are many pros to launching the e-commerce platform for your business:
  1. This day and age call for timely action and a proactive approach. Gone are the days when we could step out of the house and get what we like whenever we want. This isn’t the case anymore. People need to be more vigilant and abide by the rule of staying indoors. E-commerce serves as a simple plan in difficult times.
  2. Social distancing is the norm today, but that doesn’t mean that we cannot extend a helping hand or support each other wholeheartedly through a virtual network. Digital businesses are the new marketplace and can be used to your heart’s content to spread the word not only in your street, city, or country but the whole world. The outreach is immense and necessary.
  3. Once you know how to execute your e-commerce platform through extensive planning and detailed structuring, you are not far from expanding on a global scale. As it is known, every successful enterprise or empire was initially an idea. Being quarantined at home and with all the peace and calm required, you can make your ideas matter more than ever.
  4. Nobody likes being controlled or run over, and hence they seek solace in personal ventures. You don’t need permission to run your own business, and that’s what makes it well sought after. You get the final word, and it is relatively simple to challenge oneself rather than an overbearing leader whose claims you can’t refute without getting snubbed down later. Be it quarantine or no quarantine, you are the boss, and the choice is yours; the opinion is yours, and so is the outcome.
  5. The e-commerce business is a diversified approach to a growing business. The impact is a definite ray of hope in the unpredictable nature of the market today. You had seen it all when you launched it offline, maybe on the street just around the corner or in the vicinity. The crowds have supported you so far. You can request for their support even now and start off the e-commerce business with newfound vigor. All you have to do is begin the preparations and choose a platform, like Shopify, to market the launch of your brand new e-commerce site. So, if your favorite statement is: “I want to launch an online store,” stay rest assured that e-commerce would come to your rescue.
  6. It is necessary to adapt to the evolving community and changing times so that you are more in sync with the times than before. The need of the day is to co-operate with the government and their governance to stay indoors. But what about your business? Does it mean shutdown and incurring premature losses? It may not be the case when you can adapt. You can network and collaborate with the essential goods teams and help in making these goods available to the general public. Not only this, but efforts can also be made to make medical supplies and facilities to reach them at their doorstep rather than the other way around.
  7. Before this human-made change was brought about in society, people preferred to work from anyplace and detested the idea of being bound to a specific place. They worked on their e-commerce site from co-working spaces, cafes, and even the neighborhood park. Today, work from home is non-negotiable, and the house is the new office for all of us. In such challenging times, the e-commerce platform is easy to use and significantly reliable.

Notwithstanding the concerns surrounding the online businesses, it is preferable to venture into this domain and understand the holistic approach of the e-commerce ways. Even though there is no face-to-face connection with the consumers, the personal relationship can be enhanced with virtual methods too.

Today, it is far better to go the e-commerce way since contactless delivery is a welcome change. People maintaining social distancing as a way of life prefer the e-commerce stores more than ever, and the day is not too far when digitally run stores and establishments will be the only way known to the common person.
The e-commerce business is driven and focussed on changing the way people think and act while investing in the same. It is not easy to gain customers and build the foundation of trust since many people are still apprehensive and have not really understood the whole concept. Further, in today’s scenario, people are hesitant to try out something new and also accept something instantly.

How to Launch an Online Store

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