So how effective is Google Display Network?

Today, being the sci-fi nerd that I am ran into an interesting INFOGRAPHICAfter scanning this very interesting piece of content, I saw a phrase that caught my eye, so I googled it. The phrase that caught my attention was: “Shaw-Fijikawa translight engine“. Upon landing on the Wiki page I was shocked to see this targeted advertising (below).


This got me thinking how effective Google display network can be once you really know your audience. Display ads are mostly known for building “brand awareness”, but with the combination of demographic targeting and making sure your re-targeted ads show up in your fans favorite websites, this digital marketing tool is sure to be a great one in your toolbox.

It’s no coincidence that upon searching in a sci-fi website I am shown ads for a sci-fi show. It may seem like a no brainer, but in fact many agencies overlook the actual demographics and cohorts when setting up Google display network campaigns.

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If you want to see the INFOGRAPHIC that caught my attention and started it all see below: