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What is SEO???

We all know that SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. But the question over here is what is SEO? So let us, discuss about Search Engine Optimization in a bit detail. In simplest terms, it can be said that it is the name given to the activity that manages search engine’ rankings. It can also be described as the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to a particular web site.

To understand SEO better

In order to understand SEO better let us break the terms of the definition-“ the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to a particular web site” into 2 halves: –

  • Quantity of traffic- It depends on the number of people visiting your web site at a time. But, when you have the right people browsing through your website then in that case traffic is said to be good traffic. So, what is to be avoided is bad traffic, and understand not all traffic is bad.

Just as explained that all traffic is not to be avoided Pasadena website design companies try to avoid the bad traffic for their client’s sites.

  • Quality of traffic- Our aim should be quality of traffic and not quantity of traffic. Quality of traffic depends on the no. of genuine users visiting the site. It should not be people visiting the site because of any add been poping up, but because they are genuinely interested in the site. Genuine users, are those who are actually interested in our products.

All of the Pasadena web design companies try controlling the quality of traffic on their client’s sites.

Increased visibility

It is a common practice that whatever we want to search for we look at the search engines. The popular search engines are- google, yahoo, bing. After creating your site Pasadena web development companies have a target to put your business or products on the 1st page of the search engine itself, so that whenever anyone searches for related products your page is their 1st preference. Web development Pasadena makes sure that they do this for every client of theirs.

Search engine marketing domination

Getting the 1st rank for the particular searched tab can be highly beneficial for any business, but this isn’t what the website design Pasadena looks for its clients. Their aim is to dominate the search engine for their client’s site by ranking multiple keywords. By doing so, web design Pasadena will not only make their client’s site the 1st choice for one particular search but for all the keywords whenever they will be searched for.

Mobile optimization

The rapid pace with which Pasadena digital marketing is growing, every web design company in Pasadena that the website which they create for their clients is mobile optimized. As now-a-days more searches are made from mobile phones rather than PC so it has become very important for all the web design company to make the websites mobile friendly.

Thus, in the following manner companies relating to digital marketing Pasadena have acquired huge success in SEO.