What are the best facebook growth hacks?

Here are eleven crazy and incredible Facebook growth hacks:

1. A Facebook Growth Hack for Massive Profile Engagement

Hereā€™s how you can optimize all your content to work well with Facebookā€™s algorithm.

2. How to Hack Facebook for Free Leads

A unique way to use Facebook Lead Ads to grow your email list from your profile, Facebook Group, or fan page.

3. You can rank Fan Page Notes on Googlenetworking bizz website experts - 1

4. You can embed almost any ad into your blog post

This helps increase the adā€™s relevancy score and engagement. Hereā€™s an example of an ad embedded in Inc. Magazine: Ad: ‘Meet People Who Don’t Work in Tech’

5. If youā€™re a good copywriter, write long-form status posts.

Long-form status post on Facebook perform extremely well for increasing engagement. Hereā€™s a good example: Joshua Fechter – Sometimes you hear sad stories that…

6. You can optimize your personal profile to pull the right psychological triggers when friend requesting potential prospects

Hereā€™s a great article on how to network using Facebook: 7 Growth Hacks I Used to Connect with Over a Thousand Entrepreneurs

7. Rather than give people a business card, you can add them on Facebook.

This way you can easily add them to a Facebook Group or invite them to an event at a later date and time.

8 New Facebook Features: Paid Subscription Groups And Digital Courses

You can create paid subscription Facebook Groups! this is an awesome facebook growth hack!

9. How to Build a Facebook Digital Course

You can create paid subscription Facebook Digital Courses! this is another one of the awesome facebook growth hacks

10. Quora: How to build a loyal fan base on Facebook

You can build communities incredibly fast through Facebook.

11. Quora: How to use Facebook to land any job you want

You can even use Facebook to land a job at Facebook!