4 Tips To Effectively Increase Your Facebook Reach

Facebook may not be the latest social media network around, but it is certainly still one of the most useful platforms chosen by marketers. Today, there are about 65 million active small business pages on Facebook. While paid ads on Facebook is an effective way to boost your exposure in a competitive environment ‚Äď it is possible to spend a fortune without seeing returns.

Thankfully, there‚Äôs organic reach. And by simply optimising for it ‚Äď you ensure the effectiveness of your ads. With that being said, let us dive into the tips that can effectively increase your Facebook reach now!

1. Ensure that your content is directed to a specific target audience.

Target AudienceEvery great marketing campaign focuses on a specific target audience and aims to influence them and move them down the customer buying funnel. Your message should ideally appeal to a particular group of people ‚Äď your end goal should be getting people to like and feel connected to your brand values, and leaving such a good impression that they will buy from you when they are ready.

2. Post emotional content.

How many times have you reposted or shared a thought-provoking post? Definitely more than once.

emotional marketingRather than begging your audience for reactions; instead, inspire them to react to your content. Emotional content invokes discussion and sparks debate, is far more impactful and leaves people talking about it.

In fact, buying decisions are 80% emotional and 20% logic.

Feelings of awe and happiness are the top percentages of emotions that make online content go viral. These feelings produce a positive effect on the audience, which they then associate with your brand.

3. Know the best time to post.

PostIt is an absolute waste to come up with an excellent content marketing strategy, only to post at the wrong time. A prime example is uploading and optimising a video with amazing content during the times that your target audience is likely offline.

Want to avoid such a catastrophe? Make use of Facebook analytics to track and learn when your target audience are most often online, i.e., the peak days and times they are most likely to be scrolling through their News Feed.

4. Organise a contest.

Everyone loves the idea of winning free attractive prices.

Contests need not be complicated ‚Äď in fact, the process should be fast and hassle-free. A simple ‚ÄúCaption this!‚ÄĚ would work perfectly; where winners would have to provide an amusing and creative caption to an image that is relevant to your brand. This will undoubtedly generate a bunch of responses and skyrocket your post to the top of the News Feed in a short amount of time.

Taking into consideration that optimizing paid search has become a top tactical priority for many brands today, it is of vital importance that you engage only the best Digital Marketing Agency to handle your social media accounts.