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5 Star customer service over 2500 Small Business Website Customers Happy!

40 Yelp Reviews!70 Trustpilot Reviews!100+ Google Reviews!


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In this digital world of business, your business website is often the first impression a consumer will get of your company. If you are looking to grow your business, you need a business website design that appeals to your customer base, delivers your business content to the right pair of eyes, and most importantly HELPS YOU SELL, CAPTURE, OR CONVERT PROSPECTS.

Our websites are proven to be 65% more efficient! Our website design conversion optimization methodology to your website is guaranteed to get you results that speak for themselves. We have case studies to prove their effectiveness! A website design is now an extension of your business, it needs to make you look reputable while delivering the message quickly and efficiently.

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What does our $99.99 Monthly Website Design Package Include?

Secure SSL Certificates, Website Security & Backups, Email & Database building tools for marketing, Website Analytics, Mobile Website, Livechat, Website Accessibility Features, SEO, Hosting and Weekly reporting, Website Maintenance, and Much More!


Need Networking Bizz Pasadena Website Design to build you a beautiful site or re-evaluate yours? Call us 213-792-4577 or schedule a free  website design package consultation TODAY

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Amazon Business Grade Hosting

SSL (Secure Website)

Traffic Analytics Reports


Gsuite Email

Drag and Drop Content Management System

Fully Custom Website Design

Email Newsletter Management

Mobile Responsive

Logo (optional)

Photography / Video

Live Chat

Accessibility Compliance

SEO with SEO Reporting

Website Bug-Free Warranty

Monthly Maintenance and Support

We have the #1 rated the best value in website design package in the industry, GUARANTEED!

Entertainment Services Company Gets over 300% More Leads

From The Client:

“All the extra work they put into my business website really made a difference from my old website. We are now getting more people contacting us and also using the new features like livechat and booking”

Tool Manufacturing Company Gets 1200% More Inquiries for wholesale.

From The Client:

” I am very impressed with the outcome of our new website. Customers can now easily contact us and look through our catalog of products. Before it was a mess and we were not able to manage our own website. Now we can manage our own digital presence easily”

Automotive Company Gets over 600% More Leads and Customers

From The Client:

“The website was not cookie cutter like many others, but rather customize to my exact vision but with the professional creativity from his team. Their pricing is very reasonable especially for the personalized service they provide. I owe them a lot of praise and thanks for the growth of my company and for ultimately bringing more customers to my door.”

Small business website design packages built for success.

A good website design is important for any business, but it is critical for small businesses.   Today, small businesses need their websites to make a huge impact if they’re going to be successful online. Specially if you want to cut through the clutter.   Websites that are slow to load, difficult to navigate or poorly designed for mobile simply won’t work anymore. And unless sites are fully optimized for search engines specially Google, it’s becoming more difficult for interested users to even find them in the first place.   Let our website design team build you a fast, user-friendly site that’s optimized for search engines and which displays beautifully on all devices. All of our website packages were designed for small-medium sized businesses that need a quality, cost-effective site in weeks, and do not have time to manage it themselves. So we can keep it fresh, optimized, and up to date with new technologies.

Our Packages Include the Following

1. Website Configuration is Key.

The first step to a successful website project. Let’s get your website configured for your specific business with our awesome website management tool. We configure everything needed for your website to properly function, from SSL Certificate, Amazon Business Grade Hosting, Domain, Google analytics, and system metrics, branded GSuite emails, and our easy drag and drop system.

website design packages website configuration
our website design packages include website planning

2. The Planning Stage Gets You the website of your dreams.

Why do we have so many 5 star reviews? The key is how we fully focus on delivering a fully custom website design and experience. 

Unlike other website design companies, we actually focus on the planning of your business website, by mapping out your most important pages in a sitemap from a customer’s standpoint. We follow this by wireframing all the main pages and mapping out the most important content that not only will make your website design look awesome, but will also help you capture and convert more customers with your traffic.

Our account managers and digital strategists are also ready to guide you through the process by proving top-notch customer service.

3. Design is what sets your custom website apart.

Most amateur website design companies go straight into development mode without actually previewing how your end result will look like. Networking Bizz Digital Website Designers do not cut corners just to make more profit. The key to our 5 star satisfaction with our business website design package clients is in the details and extra leg-work we do, so the end result looks like the website of our dreams. Before we move into the Staging site and developing your website, we proof a desktop and mobile rendering of your most important pages, so you have a chance to give feedback during the actual website design process.

website design packages come with custom design
website design packages come with unlimited feedback

4. Unlimited feeback to make your website… perfect.

All of our small business website design packages include unlimited changes. Our project managers know how important it is to have the perfect website. that is why we will not nickel and dime you by charging you for every single change or feedback loop. We will collect your feedback and keep making changes to your website designs until they are perfect and approved ready to be developed. In fact we are the only website design company that has this system locked in, no other website design company delivers so much value for such a low monthly price.

5. Need more content? No Problem!

Content is usually where most projects get “bottlenecked”. As a business owner, content is usually the #1 item that delays any project. Such as missing content, or content that still needs to be produced. Fortunately, at Networking Bizz Digital we have the tools and manpower to push your project to completion should you need any content services such as photography, video, or copywriting. Our Website design packages include logo creation, stock images, videos, and a la carte photographer, videographer, and copywriter services. Check out our sample product photography and video projects.

6. Let’s get your website coded.

Once a design is fully approved it is now ready to be developed and coded on the staging website. Once you have fully approved your website design renderings, it is now ready to be fully coded and created on a staging site. Our staging site includes tools to make the process simple and intuitive by collecting and aggregating all the information. We code the website into our famous Drag and Drop editor, so once we hand over the keys, you will easily be able to fully edit and manage your own business website with extreme ease.

7. Premium Features to Choose From.

All of our website design packages come with amazing premium features as a standard. Think about how much application and software will cost your business as a separate item? All of our awesome website design packages come with premium features such as Social Media Feeds, Yelp Reviews Feeds, Blogs, Website Data Collection, Web Forms, Email Marketing, LiveChat, Hero Images, Appointment Forms Booking Calendar, GDPR Compliant, Site Search and (Coming Soon) Subscription Management System.

These premium apps and features will work to not only help your business capture more leads and customers, but to also help in managing your business all from one specific place.

our website design packages have premium features

Premium Website Design Features to Choose From (Standard on all of our website design packages)

Social Media Feeds

Newsletter Management System

Live Chat

Appointments Tracking

Google / Yelp Reviews

Accessibility Compliance

Hero Sliders

GDPR Friendly


Web Forms

Analytics Reports

Advanced Site Search

website design packages seo is industry standard

8. Our Website Design Packages include the Industry Standard in SEO.

SEO is one of the major benefits of having a business website done right. Luckily our website design packages include the industry standard when it comes to SEO infrastructure and frameworks. Not only that, all of our website design packages are guaranteed to deliver blazing top speed which helps with Google Markup and rankings. Take a look at our case studies to see some outcomes and measurements of our websites which are guaranteed to rank faster and deliver more traffic than any wordpress, html, or niche website framework.

Our website design packages also include awesome SEO tags creation, optimization, and keyword monitoring.

9. Let’s Get Your Website Launched.

As you will find out, website design projects have a lot of moving parts, which come together to create the business website of your dreams. Instead of just launching without any strategy or testing, we launch our websites after they have undergone our full finalized launch list inspection. Not only that but we will also make changes to the staging site until the website is perfect and all your content is beautifully placed. We include speed testing, CMS testing, Mobile testing, User Testing.

All of our websites come with a 1-month bug-free warranty. If you find any bugs or critical errors with your website within 1 month after launch, we will fix any bugs or critical errors no questions asked or additional billing required*. This ensures that your website will be perfect and stay working 24/7 making you look as professional as possible.

our website packages are guaranteed

Need us to maintain your business website? We can do that for $50/month (optional)

Focus on Managing and Growing Your Business! Let us take care of your website. 

  • 2 Support Tickets Per Month
  • Speed Optimization
  • Critical Database Cleanup
  • Monthly Security Planning
  • SSL Certificate
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Daily Backup
  • SEO Keyword Monitoring
  • Weekly Reporting

Our small business website design packages process.

February 25

Describe all your specs and website requests

Once you have requested to build your website, our Digital Strategist and Account Managers will diligently work to collect all the proper information, design assets, logins and information to have our production department begin your website design renderings, SEO project, or Google Ads Management Project.

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February 25

Let’s Get Your Project Planned and Created.

Our Digital Strategists and Project Managers will take your specs, content, details, requests, and ideas and turn them to our production department who will then begin working on your SEO, Website Design or Google Ads Campaign Launch. For Websites, we will create wireframes that will allow us to map out the content so the final product is to your liking.

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February 25

Launch and Maintenance.

Once the product is finalized, we will then launch, deploy, or keep building your campaign to meet certain key performance indicators. For example with SEO we will keep creating content, building citations, links and optimizing. For Google Ads Campaigns we will keep optimizing your campaigns for conversions. For Web, we will perform regular maintenance, reports, and make sure your website is performing to its optimal performance.

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Frequently Asked Website Design Package Questions

Call us to schedule your Website Maintenance Consultation 213-792-4577 we will determine the best solution for your business ☺️

Don’t hire an expensive Digital or Website Design Team.

If you are a small business looking to grow your customer base, you can’t afford not to give us a call. Our team has over 30 years combined experience building websites for small to large corporations, we have a team of in-house developers, website designers, graphic artists and videographers / photographers that can make your fully branded website experience a reality. Whats even better? We have a proven system to deliver you the lowest cost Fully Custom Website Design for your business while maximizing the full value.   Not only do we specialize in website design, Networking Bizz also specializes in Search SEO and Google Ads Management to bring you the best of all worlds, A beautiful website landing page + Traffic to give you the best results. Contact us to learn more about what could be the smartest business investment you will ever make! Talk to you soon ? Fill out the form below or call our office 1(213)792-4577  to schedule a Free Consultation.

I'm so happy I found these guys as my marketing team. I would highly recommend this company to any business that wants to succeed. They really dedicate their time to put you at the top. Special thanks to the entire team for all the help over these busy month!
Katie Thorpe
Katie Thorpe
08:54 20 Feb 20
Networking Bizz did a fantastic job with our company website. Lui is knowledgeable, professional and helpful. He understands how to build a great website. And he worked with us to make our website vision a reality!
Alya Haq
Alya Haq
04:21 17 Mar 20
Thanks to Networking Bizz, everyone in my area is aware of my business's social media. At first, my profile was very simple and plain since I didn't have the time to make the content and post consistently. The staff made it so easy for me to work with them and I couldn't thank them enough!
Alexandra Deffenain
Alexandra Deffenain
05:46 18 Jan 20
I'm a long-time client of Networking Bizz and they watched me from the beginning to now! It's so amazing to work with them. They really listen to your needs and answer you right away on any concerns you have. Forever thank you.
John Wigmanich
John Wigmanich
10:50 24 Jan 20
I'm selling men's clothing and needed help on advertising and marketing them. I was looking for a marketing team and found these guys who were so amazing to work with! They listened and understood my needs. I couldn't have done it without their help
Christa Gonzalez
Christa Gonzalez
18:14 20 Dec 19
I’ve been working with Lui for my new website. When I first called them for a quote he was very patient and nice. I looked for some other places and finally decide to have them design my webpage. I love the website we have now. It’s completely different vibe than previous one and I just love looking at it. Made my brand very professional and chic design. Thank you Lui and team members! Highly recommend !
Zhou Danni
Zhou Danni
17:04 15 Apr 21

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