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Local SEO Packages Frequently Asked Questions

We make it very easy and simple to get started with your SEO package process. Simply go to our seo packages page and pick your website package, after that pick the package that best fits your needs, you go directly to our sign up page where you can add your info and begin the whole process.

Once you have purchased it your project manager will send an intro email and a specialized questionnaire from our project management system.

The signup process is short and simple, we simply ask a few key questions, logins if you have any google accounts, and any content uploads like bio, descriptions and media. The more complete the information you provide, the better result you’ll receive and the faster we can finish your work.

You should receive an SEO questionnaire right away so we can begin collecting all the information and our project managers can get you set up and your project started.

For SEO: We will have your access panel, reporting dashboard and accounts set up within 5 days or less ( depending on the content you provide ) and we will email you / contact you if we have any additional details needed. Our SEO content creator will be in contact with you via email within 5 days to go over content. Content will be ready towards end of the month. So I your plan starts early in the month it will be ready in about 2-3 weeks. If your project begins end of the month your content will be ready in 1-2 weeks.

Networking Bizz website experts has a unique way to request a free SEO audit. Please use our appointment booking link to schedule an appointment where we will share our screen with you and go over a quick keyword research to uncover low competition high traffic keywords, we will uncover how long it will take to rank, best content ideas to create and also what your local competition is doing in SEO, and Digital Ads lead generation. Schedule a free SEO consultation today!

We Focus on 3 Tiers of areas depending on package. Check sample of our Local SEO grid report https://www.local-marketing-reports.com/location-dashboard/ade604f866bca6e09d47b82dc62f11bf39456b6d/lsg/view?keyword=tire+shops&runId=9f158faf-8b2d-409b-b7b7-22ed2e1a51f4&timeline=12Months

  1. Zip code and surrounding areas
  2. City and surrounding Zip Codes
  3. County Area with many city clusters

Our SEO plans focus on optimizing all your local listings including Google Business Listing so it shows up and begins generating leads and local business.

Our Local SEO products and packages are tailored to create the most bang for your buck the fastest. We do this by extensive keyword research, out of this research we determine the best content ideas for your business. On a monthly basis we create SEO optimized content so you can rank for your focus keywords and keywords that are related to your main topic/product.

We go a step further by creating a video based on the monthly articles which we upload to youtube to create an SEO content rich article.

Plans are paid monthly. It’s simple to get started building your website and just as simple to cancel if you ever decide we are not the right fit. All of our plans are month to month, with absolutely no contracts. We feel we do not need to tie you in to a contract in order to establish a great long term business partnership, our services and value speak for themselves.

Absolutely! When upgrading or downgrading your website plan, you will receive either a prorated charge or refund, depending on the cost of your new plan. Please note to downgrade plan you must at least let 3 billing cycles pass before downgrading.

Canceling is an easy process. It’s done online right from your Account Billing page, or you can open up a support ticket in our Customer Help Section, or simply email or contact us.

Our Local SEO packages are stacked with unique features see list below:
• Monthly SEO articles / content
• Monthly SEO rich video creation
• Blogs / Dynamic Content
• Content Strategy See sample https://www.crowncitytire.com/blog/
• Monthly Social Media Sharing to all channels
• Google Business Profile and Local Listings creation
• Citation Linkbuilding
• Local SEO On-page optimization
• Monthly Reputation Management
• Online Dashboard with login
• Weekly reporting and Status reports
• Local Search Specialist

We post on all the channels that contribute ranking signals to your website: Google Business Profile, Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, and Yelp

A powerful SEO strategy is not complete without a linkbuilding strategy. Our Business plus seo plan offers monthly linkbuilding, business listings creation, fixing duplicate listings, map citations and brand logo sharing.

Not only do we offer weekly reporting, we also have an online dashboard which you can log in at anytime and look at realtime data.

Yes! our Business plus packages have a built in reviews aggregator as well as a reputation management system part of your SEO dashboard panel see sample here https://www.local-marketing-reports.com/location-dashboard/ade604f866bca6e09d47b82dc62f11bf39456b6d/rm/view

Yes! our unique SEO plans come with a base core services but we offer many add ones as a-la-carte services depending on your needs, since not every client is similar, some require more services than others so we let you choose the best set of services. From extra articles, to extra citations we offer many add-ons.

We begin by listing your business on Google and Google search engines. Then we create a listing campaign where we build out your local listings on apple maps, facebook and 50+ platforms. We make monthly improvements and check your website seo presence on a monthly basis. Our website packages do include an seo dashboard panel so you can check your business SEO details in realtime. See sample here: https://www.local-marketing-reports.com/location-dashboard/ade604f866bca6e09d47b82dc62f11bf39456b6d/summary

Also we go above and beyond with our SEO by creating a Google search console account for you and connecting it to our SEO panel to gather extra information about your SEO.

It’s exactly what it sounds like! A rank tracker lets you monitor the rankings of selected keywords in search engine results, based on location, across a period of time.

Not sure what local keywords are right for you? Check our guide to local keyword research.

Tracking local rankings is as simple as setting up a Local Rank Tracker report in BrightLocal. If you want to track your rankings yourself, without a tool, you’ll need to do this manually, which can be incredibly time-consuming and hard to do.

Local Rank Tracker allows you to monitor the rankings of 100 different keywords based on up-to-date rankings directly from Google Search and Google Maps.

Local search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your local listing and website so they can rank more effectively in search results with a local intent.

It’s important to understand that local SEO is a little different from traditional SEO. You’ll need to spend time working on your Google Business Profile, getting reviews, and building citations to give your business the best chance of ranking locally.

Local search grid is a geolocation rank tracker. What’s one of those, I hear you cry? It’s a more granular way of tracking a business’s local rankings.

It shows rankings across the local area, broken up into a grid. This lets a business see how well it ranks in all of the areas around that business, to see the real picture in its neighborhood, town, or city. Once a business knows exactly how it’s ranking across the local area, it can focus its efforts accordingly, or work out who its real competitors are.

With BrightLocal, you have a few different options. If you’re just after a quick, ad-hoc look, then try our free Local Search Results Checker.

For more detailed long-term tracking we have two options. Local Search Grid, and the more traditional Local Rank Tracker. Both tools come as standard in all our BrightLocal local SEO plans and offer the perfect blend of breadth and depth in your local rank tracking.

A geolocation rank tracker, like Local Search Grid, gives you a hyperlocal overview of local ranking performance across a particular area. It differs from other local rank tracking tools as these focus on local ranking performance from a single location only.

Finding citations yourself can be incredibly time-consuming. You’ll need to go on a hunt for business directories. Fortunately, you’ll find a full list of business directories on the BrightLocal site.

Keeping track of these citations is tricky, though. There are so many that keeping on top of them can become an ongoing, laborious task. When you use BrightLocal’s Citation Tracker, all the hard work is done for you. The tool helps you see where you’re listed and what needs updating or changing.

There are a few different ways to build citations. Two of the most common are by manually building them on citation sites yourself, or by submitting business data to a local data aggregator.

Both can be time-consuming and expensive, but at BrightLocal we’ve created a simple Citation Building service where we do all the hard work and manual submissions for you.

Not only that, but we also offer a local data aggregator service that submits to the major aggregator networks, too.

A citation audit is a full, top-down view of your citation profile. When you use Citation Tracker, you’ll be provided with a full report that includes:

  • Existing citations
  • A full NAP audit – What is NAP?
  • Duplicate listings
  • Missing citation sites you can add your business to, including those that your competitors are listed on, which you aren’t!

A citation audit will let you work out exactly what you need to do for your citation profile.

Citation Tracker lets you do exactly this. All you need to do is set up a Citation Tracker report.

Once you’ve set it up,you can read our guide on show to understand your Citation Tracker report, which will let you know what you can do with this data.

Local Search Audit allows you to assess how well your business is optimized for local search. It will provide you with easy-to-understand insights into every aspect of your business’s local visibility.

It looks at your rankings, reviews, business listings, on-page SEO, links, Google Business Profile and hundreds of other factors, then provides you with simple, actionable insights based on these data points. There are many local SEO ranking factors that you’ll want to be familiar with, and Local Search Audit allows you to understand all of them at a glance.

Performing a local search audit yourself could take countless hours. Our reports are fully automated and simple to set up.

Learn how to create a Local Search Audit in BrightLocal.

If you want to know more about the process, read our guide on local SEO auditing.

Yes, you can! While Local Search Audit gives you a top-level view of your overall status in local search, you can also use our Google Business Profile (GBP) Audit to get a more in-depth look into the performance of your GBP listing.

Google Business Profile (GBP) is a platform that helps businesses to market to their customers within Google applications like Search and Maps. It allows you to store all your important business information in one place, both for your customers, and for Google itself, to reference.

Google uses this profile to provide searchers, and potential customers, accurate information on your business

Learn more in our Learning Hub all about Google Business Profile. For a more detailed answer head to “What is Google Business Profile?” to check our detailed guide.

There is no difference between these two Google tools. Google My Business (GMB) is simply the old name for the tool that, in November 2021, became Google Business Profile.

You can do this easily with our Google Business Profile Audit. If you’re not sure how to get started, read our guide on how to create a Google Business Profile Audit report.

You can read our guide on setting up a Google Business Profile. Both the guide, and your GBP, are completely free! You’ll need to start by creating a Google business account.

Once you have completed a Google Business Profile Audit, you’ll need to start optimizing your profile. Our reports will help you understand the areas that need improving, and you can use our Google Business Profile optimization guide to get started.

You’ll need to make sure that each individual area, from your GBP description and GBP category through to your attributes and posts, are up to scratch.

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Local SEO is more important than ever for businesses to stay ahead of the competition in their local area. With an effective Local SEO service, businesses can boost their ranking in local search results and make sure they remain relevant and visible to potential customers. Local SEO involves optimizing content such as blog posts, images, videos, and other media with keywords that are relevant to the local area being targeted. It also includes claiming or creating listings on major search engines like Google My Business and Bing Places for Business. By optimizing content with localized keywords, businesses can ensure they stand out among their competitors in local searches. An effective Local SEO service can help generate more leads and conversions by increasing visibility within a specific geographic region. Investing in a comprehensive Local SEO strategy is essential for businesses that want to remain competitive and increase their chances of success in the local arena.

By leveraging a professional Local SEO service, businesses can benefit from improved search engine rankings, increased brand awareness and recognition, and better customer engagement in their local area. With effective strategies for optimizing online content with localized keywords, businesses can ensure they are seen as relevant and legitimate within search results. Investing in a comprehensive Local SEO strategy is essential for businesses looking to grow their presence in the local market. By enhancing visibility with specialized services tailored to reach customers within specific geographies, businesses can gain an advantage over their competitors and stay ahead of the curve in today’s digital landscape.

Localized SEO services help build strong relationships between businesses and customers in their local market. By targeting relevant keywords, businesses can ensure that potential customers find them when searching for products or services in their area. Additionally, utilizing specialized Local SEO strategies helps to increase trustworthiness and credibility as well as providing opportunities for customer engagement. With an effective Local SEO service, businesses have the opportunity to maximize their online presence in a cost-effective manner while increasing leads and conversions from local searchers. Investing in a comprehensive Local SEO strategy is critical for any business that wants to stay ahead of the competition in its local area.

By investing in quality Local SEO services, businesses can benefit from improved visibility in local search results, increased brand awareness and recognition, stronger customer relationships, better customer engagement, and higher leads and conversions. An effective Local SEO strategy is essential for businesses that want to remain competitive in their local market. By leveraging specialized services tailored to reach customers within specific geographies, businesses can gain an advantage over their competitors and stay ahead of the curve in today’s digital landscape. With a comprehensive Local SEO service, businesses can maximize their online presence and ensure they are seen as relevant and legitimate within local searches. Investing in a quality Local SEO strategy is key for any business looking to grow its presence in the local arena.

This article provides insight into why investing in an effective Local SEO service is important for businesses that want to increase visibility within local search results and stay ahead of the competition in their area. By optimizing content with localized keywords, businesses can ensure they stand out among their competitors in local searches. An effective Local SEO strategy is critical for any business that wants to remain competitive and maximize its online presence in the local market. By targeting relevant keywords and leveraging specialized services tailored to reach customers within specific geographies, businesses have the opportunity to stay ahead of the curve in today’s digital landscape and gain an advantage over their competitors. Investing in quality Local SEO strategies is essential for businesses looking to grow their presence in the local arena.

Local digital advertising services offer businesses powerful tools and insights that enable them to reach their local target customers more effectively and get the most out of their ad spend. By leveraging the power of local digital ads, businesses can optimize their campaigns, engage customers on a deeper level, and drive results within their local market. Local digital marketing services provide businesses with access to important metrics that will help them craft effective messages for maximum return. Local digital ads are an invaluable tool for businesses looking to establish and grow their presence in a competitive marketplace. With the help of these services, businesses can succeed in reaching their local target market and building relationships within their community. Local digital advertising solutions offer businesses a valuable opportunity to connect with their local customers and maximize the impact of their marketing efforts.

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With Local Digital Ad services, businesses have access to a comprehensive suite of options including display ads, search engine marketing (SEM), social media campaigns and more. Local Digital Ads can be adapted to meet the needs of each business, allowing them to reach specific audiences in their geographic area with tailored messages. Local Digital Ads are an effective way to generate leads and increase brand recognition among local prospects.

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