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Local Digital Ads Frequently Asked Questions

We make it very easy and simple to get started with your Digital Ads Management Plan. Simply go to our Digital Ads / PPC page and pick your service, after that pick the package that best fits your needs and go directly to our sign up page where you can add your info and begin the whole process.

Once you have purchased it your project manager will send an intro email and a specialized questionnaire from our project management system.

The signup process is short and simple, we simply ask a few key questions, logins if you have any accounts, and any content uploads like bio, descriptions and media. The more complete the information you provide, the better result you’ll receive and the faster we can finish your work.

You should receive a questionnaire right away so we can begin collecting all the information and our project managers can get you set up and your project started.

For Digital Ads: We will have your access panel, reporting dashboard, and accounts fully set up within 5 days or less (depending on the content you provide) we will email you / contact you if we have any additional details missing. Your campaign should be built out within 5-10 days. Please note that Google also has an approval process that takes 24-48 hours for any ads to begin running.

We mainly use Google Ads search campaigns to bring you qualified leads to your landing page. In some cases we do click to call ad campaigns that connects prospects to your business right away. We track all conversions to make sure google ads are reporting correctly and google can learn more and use its AI to deliver better results over time.

Depending on which plan you choose, we will focus on google, bing – Microsoft ads, and facebook / instagram lead gen ads.

We include the following with all of our digital ads packages
1. Reporting Dashboard
2. Weekly reports
3. Campaign management
4. Tracking numbers
5. Form tracking
6. Livechat tracking
7. Ads creation and rotation

See the types of ads we focus on:
1. Search Ads ( Google / Bing )
2. Phone Click to Call Lead Ads
3. Lead Form Ads
4. Retargeting Ads
5. Youtube (Retargeting / Pay Per View Ads ) – Coming Soon
6. Facebook / Instagram Lead Gen Ads

Yes! we begin by setting up your Google tag manager, google analytics, google business profile, and google search console to fully optimize the ads experience and get the most out of your ads.

Absolutely! When upgrading or downgrading your website plan, you will receive either a prorated charge or refund, depending on the cost of your new plan. Please note to downgrade plan you must at least let 3 billing cycles pass before downgrading.

Canceling is an easy process. It’s done online right from your Account Billing page, or you can open up a support ticket in our Customer Help Section, or simply email or contact us.

If you are not properly tracking calls on campaigns then they are not working! We deliver awesome call tracking software included with your management price. We offer dynamic number insertion for your ads, local and toll free numbers, call forwarding, call recording texting, tracking and much more!
Please note that we do charge an extra for all minutes used in campaigns .06 cents per minute

1. Search Campaign ( Call Ads / Search Text Ads / Responsive Ads / Local Ads )
2. Performance Max ( Ecommerce )
3. Display / Retargeting
4. Youtube Video (Views / Retargeting) – Coming Soon
5. App – Coming Soon

Yes we do, since larger budgets require more time, optimization and strategy those take more time so require more management budget to operate. Our thresholds on spending are as follows:
Starter Plan – $200-$300 per month of spend
Business Plan – $300-$800 per month of spend
Business Plus – $600 – $1200 per month of spend
If you require more spend, we can create a custom package for you. Just set up a meeting and we can go over all your needs.

Yes! unfortunately our providers also bill us for usage, so we pass the savings on to you – at just .06 cents per minute most clients are spending an average of $50 per month

Yes! we have many add ons which can be added a-la-carte, such as retargeting campaigns, facebook campaigns, crms.

Yes we have this as an a-la-carte add on for $150 a month additional. This is an extra feature in case you need a 1on1 status meeting every month.

Yes, although we do not encourage it, you are free to take off any add ons at any time, please note that charges are not refunded for remainder of monthly term.

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By making sure your local listing is optimized for local search engines, you can make sure that searches nearby will be more likely to find your business first. In addition, local listings act as backlinks to your website, which can help boost its visibility and rankings even further. Investing in an effective local SEO service will help ensure that your business is always at the top of the list when potential customers search for what you offer on a local level.

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With all this in mind, it is clear that investing in a reliable local SEO service is essential for any business looking to succeed online. A quality local SEO service will provide you with the tools and resources needed to maximize your local search engine visibility, helping your business stay ahead of the competition.

By taking advantage of the expertise offered by experienced Local SEO Service providers, businesses can ensure their listings are kept up to date and accurate, helping them rank higher in search engine results pages. This can lead to more customers and ultimately more revenue for businesses. Investing in an effective Local SEO Service will help take your business to the next level. If you want your business to be successful in today’s digital landscape, make sure you get the right help to create a comprehensive and accurate listing.

For businesses looking to take advantage of local SEO, having an accurate and up-to-date local listing is essential. Local listings are the information about your business – such as address, phone number, website URL, hours of operation, etc. – that appear on directories and platforms (such as Google My Business or Apple Maps). These listings help you gain visibility in local search engine results pages when people are searching for products/services you offer in a specific area.

Local digital ads are a powerful way to connect with customers in the local area. Through tailored messaging, businesses can showcase their support for local events, restaurants and shops. Local digital ads give businesses the ability to reach their target audience more effectively and precisely. Digital promotional outlets such as social media campaigns, search engine results, display banners, videos and email campaigns are all ways to reach prospective customers in the local area. Local digital ads help businesses get noticed and create greater brand visibility, leading to more conversions and sales. By investing in local digital advertising services, businesses can benefit from increased engagement and loyalty from their local customer base.

Local digital ads offer a unique opportunity for businesses to reach their desired local target market and drive more customers through their doors. With a strategic approach and comprehensive digital advertising plan, businesses can connect with local prospects, build customer relationships and grow their business. Local digital advertising services enable businesses to reach their desired audience in the most targeted way possible, ensuring that they get maximum value out of every ad spend.

Take advantage of Local Digital Advertising services to ensure your message reaches the right people in the local area. With precision targeting and tailored messaging, Local Digital Ads are an effective way to promote your business and reach prospective customers. Investing in Local Digital Advertising can help you get noticed, build customer relationships and increase sales. Leverage Local Digital Ads today to take your business to the next level.

Local digital ads are an effective way for businesses to promote their products or services in the local market. Local digital ads allow businesses to get their message out to the right audience, at the right time, and with greater precision than ever before. Local digital ads can be used to target potential customers who are looking for specific products or services, as well as those who are interested in local events, restaurants and shops. Local digital ads also offer businesses the ability to monitor their ad campaigns, gathering data on how well their ads are performing and making adjustments as needed to ensure maximum reach and effectiveness. With local digital advertising services, businesses can create powerful campaigns that will draw attention from the right customers. By utilizing local digital ads, businesses can increase their customer base and reach more people than ever before. Local digital advertising services offer the perfect solution for businesses looking to make a lasting impression in the local market.

Local digital ads offer businesses unique opportunities to reach out to their local target market in ways that weren’t previously possible. Digital outlets like social media, search engines and display networks are now available for businesses to optimise their campaigns and ensure their messages connect with local prospects. Local digital ads can also be used to support local landmark events, restaurants and shops in the area, further making sure that the business reaches its desired market. Local digital advertisements allow businesses to take their promotion to the next level and ensure maximum exposure for their organisation. Through investing in local digital ads, businesses can get the most out of their marketing campaign and ensure they reach their desired outcomes in a cost-effective way. Local Digital Ads are the perfect way for businesses to get the most out of their marketing efforts and ensure they reach local audiences. Investing in Local Digital Ads can help to drive customers to your business and increase brand awareness. Local Digital Ads provide businesses with the opportunity to target their local market and ensure they get the best results from their advertising efforts.