Warning for Business Owners Using Chrome

Soon Chrome will be declared as a non-secure page where password and credit code inputs will be non-secure at the URL bar. Therefore, it is intended to notify the users about this fact so that they can be warned about updating the web browser from now on.

Enabling the Warning

As Chrome 56 is going to release in January 2017, every user has been warned about it beforehand. In order to get accustomed with the new version of Google, it is recommended to get experience by installing the updated Google Chrome Canary build.

In order to configure Chrome and get prepared for the upcoming version, you need to follow certain criteria-

  • Open chrome://flags/#mark-non-secure-as
  • Now, set the Mark non-secure origin.
  • The next step is to mark non-secure origins as a non-secure option for displaying verbose state when password or credit card fields are detected on the HTTP page.
  • Finally, you can relaunch your browser.

How to Resolve Warnings

While working, you don’t like to have repeated warnings, flashing on the screen. To resolve not secure warning appearing on the page, you should make sure that all your searching contains (input type=password). Once the entries are detected like the credit card fields that will appear on secure origin.

This denotes that the page you are looking for is of higher security zone as it comes with HTTPS. In case, any input is an iframe. That is also served over HTTPS.

In case the site you are looking for overlaps an HTTPS login frame over an HTTPS page, you can do two things-

  • Either you can use HTTPS for the entire site
  • Or you should redirect the browser window to an HTTPS page that has a login form.

Secure Your Site by Using HTTPS Everywhere

It is an unavoidable fact that Chrome will show the not secure warning always, even for the pages that are secured as HTTPS pages, no matter that page contains any sensitive input field. Still, if you want to increase the security of your page, you should use HTTPS immediately for your page.

How HTTPS Is More Secure Than HTTP

HTTPS is one of the most secured versions of HTTP. It is the safest protocol which helps in delivering data between the website and your browser and the main difference between ‘HTTP, ’ and ‘HTTPS’ is the letter ‘S’ which means secure. Once you find any site with ‘HTTPS,’ that means any conversation or your search over that site will be encrypted. In the case of high confidential online transactions, like online banking, social network surfing, online shopping, etc. it is very important to check whether the site is overly secure with HTTPS or not. How to get that a site is secured by HTTPS? You will find a padlock at the URL bar that denotes that the site is completely secured by HTTPS.

While you are running any business organization or searching anything on the internet, you need to provide certain personal information, like name, address and all. To secure those data and make your searching safe, HTTPS is really important.