The One Hundred Trillion Greenback Storage Exhausting Drive….”Yottabyte”


The Yottabyte is sort of spectacular, specifically the scale and capability however based on Moore’s regulation see this statistic:

So this 100 Trillion greenback Yottabyte array will solely get cheaper and smaller.

December 2011- $50 Trillion and half dimension

June 2013 – $25 Trillion and be 1/four the scale.

December 2014 – $12.5 Trillion 1/eight measurement

June 2016 – $6.25 Trillion, 1/16 dimension

December 2017 – $three.125 Trillion, 1/32 measurement

June 2019 – $1. 6 Trillion, 1/64 dimension

So yeah in 10 years when somebody may want a yottabyte it’s gonna be much less of a giant deal.

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