Google Releases Updated Holiday Advertising Playbook

Google Releases Updated Holiday Advertising Playbook

Google unveils updated holiday ad guide with new recommendations on AI, consumer behavior, and tools to help maximize shopping season results.

Google has published an updated version of its annual holiday advertising best practices guide, offering marketers several new recommendations to help maximize results.

The new guide highlights the growing role of AI in digital advertising and provides insights into evolving 2023 consumer behavior based on survey data.

Google encourages advertisers to take advantage of new integrations with ecommerce platforms and Google’s Product Studio suite of AI-powered imaging tools.

Additional guidance focuses on strategically using seasonality adjustments, implementing budget alerts, and leveraging product diagnostics.

What’s New In Google’s Holiday Advertising Guide

I noticed numerous additions after reviewing the new guide and comparing it to the previous version.

I found these new items the most notable:

  • Highlighting AI‚Äôs role in advertising.
  • Consumer behavior insights from 2023 survey data.
  • Highlighting Merchant Center integration with ecommerce platforms.
  • Mentioning the introduction of Product Studio.
  • Specific guidance on seasonality adjustments.
  • Suggesting using budget alerts.
  • Recommending using product diagnostics.

Here’s an overview of each addition to Google’s holiday advertising best practices guide.

Embracing AI In Advertising

In the updated guide, Google highlights the significant impact of artificial intelligence (AI) in advertising.

Integration With Ecommerce Platforms

Google highlights that businesses can manage their product feeds through ecommerce platforms.

Introduction Of Product Studio

Google’s updated guide introduces Product Studio, a suite of AI-powered tools to enhance product images.

Effective Use Of Seasonality Adjustments

Google advises businesses to utilize seasonality adjustments during short periods when a 30%+ increase in conversion rate is expected.

For example, businesses running a three-day flash sale can ‚Äúcapture increased demand during peaks by using seasonality adjustments in [their] campaigns.‚ÄĚ

Setting Up Budget Alerts

In the updated guide, Google advises businesses to adopt a proactive strategy to keep up with holiday demand.

The Value Of Product Diagnostics

The guide now recommends using product diagnostics in Google Ads to improve product performance.

Product diagnostics can give businesses detailed insights such as out-of-stock inventory, high bidding targets, or missing feed information.

In Summary

Google’s updated holiday advertising best practices guide provides marketers with helpful new recommendations.

Key takeaways include embracing AI, studying changing consumer behaviors, leveraging new tools like Product Studio, making strategic seasonal adjustments, and proactively managing budgets and diagnostics.

By following Google’s latest tips, advertisers can connect with customers and maximize results this holiday season.