Apps for our E-commerce POS Are Now Available! Makes your retail store online marketing powerful

Apps for our E-commerce POS Are Now Available! Makes your retail store online marketing powerful

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Apps for our Omnichanel POS, our iOS level of sale system, at the moment are accessible within the App Retailer. Just like the apps to your on-line retailer, these apps prolong the power of your POS and make it endlessly customizable. With only a few clicks in our App Retailer, you possibly can construct a customized POS system that has the distinctive mixture of options that you must use to run your small business.

“I’m excited for the thousands of small businesses that can’t justify spending $10K on a custom POS system,” says Jay Myers, co-founder of Daring Apps and one of many first to develop an app for our Omnichanel POS. “Sometimes just needing a small, extra feature means you’ll need to pay for a very expensive system.”

For rising retailers, shopping for an costly POS system just to get an additional function isn’t an choice. By turning these additional options into apps as an alternative, we’re supplying you with management over the price of your POS and selection over which options to incorporate in your system.

Methods to Set up and Use Apps for Shopify POS on the iPad

Retailers utilizing the iPad model of our POS can now set up apps for our POS. For at present’s launch, 5 apps are being launched—however anticipate many extra to change into accessible quickly.

  • Appcard – Construct a simple to make use of loyalty program immediately into your gross sales circulate, and reward your common buyers.

AppCard for our POS helps brick & mortar businesses, like yours, create long lasting customer relationships by offering a fresh approach to loyalty and data-driven marketing. The integrated solution allows you to identify/enroll loyal shoppers to both earn and redeem rewards directly from your POS.

By combining a multi-tiered loyalty program with actionable data analytics and real time business intelligence insights, AppCard enables you to send personalized offers, set up automated triggers based on your shoppers purchase data, and provides you with a dedicated account manager to help you create and execute marketing campaigns.

Communicating and building a relationship with your loyal shoppers has never been easier. Shoppers can be engaged with your brand before they visit the store—via your own digital storefront within the AppCard App and web account, as they conclude their transaction—through live digital receipts, and as they leave the store—personalized marketing messages via push notifications, text and email campaigns.

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  • Ultimate Sales Manager by Daring Apps – Run subtle gross sales in your retail retailer and handle all of it by means of your POS.

Run sophisticated sales in your retail store and manage it all through your POS. Timed Sales, BOGO, Buy X Get a Discount on something else, Spend $$ Get X Off and more! Calculates sales automatically so your staff don’t have to think!  We all know sales are the backbone of most retail stores. It’s rare to walk into a store and not see some type of a sale going on. For example, “Buy any two shirts, get one half price”, “Spend over $100 get a free hat”, “Spend $100 or more and get 10% off”, “50% off all mens swimwear”, “20% off between 9-10am” and the list goes on and on.

This app allows you to setup all these types of sales on your POS and calculates it for you when customers make a purchase! That is very powerful integration

The beautiful things about it is sales created with this app ONLY affect POS not the online commerce website side, and not your online store! It’s actually the only way you can run “POS Only” sales.

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  • Turnstyle – Use your visitor WiFi as a robust advertising and marketing software, from automated advertising messages to superior in-store analytics.

Use your guest WiFi as a powerful marketing tool. Your guest WiFi has the power to do more than simply connect your customers to the internet. It can also connect your customers to your business.

Turnstyle helps brick-and-mortar retailers get more value from their guest WiFi by enhancing it with marketing capabilities that allow you to collect customer contact information, automate marketing emails and messages, and conduct in-store analytics to help you determine the health of your business.

Thousands of venues have had success with Turnstyle’s WiFi marketing platform. It has proven to increase customer loyalty and visit frequency, as well as save ‘at risk’ customers from taking their business to the competition.

If you’d like to transform your monthly WiFi expense into a marketing asset, then Turnstyle is the solution for you.

Social WiFi – a better customer experience

Social WiFi gives your business a professional looking, branded log-in portal also known as your splash page. Easily customize the first page guests see to match the look and feel of your brand as well as to promote upcoming sales or daily deals with as many as three slider images – Let the expert website developers set it up!

This is also where you ask guests for some type of contact information instead of a password. You have the choice of offering one or all of the following options to connect:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Name and email address
  • Name and phone number
  • Guest

After your customers connect, redirect them to a website of your choice. This is a perfect opportunity to promote your online store or boost your social presence, by sending them to your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram page.

Emails and phone numbers can also be exported to an external platform to promote your business, or you can use Turnstyle’s Campaigns feature to automate your email and messaging for you…

  • Supple Wholesale – Provide wholesale reductions and most popular pricing to chose clients and on chosen collections.

Offer Discounts to selected customers and collections in the same shop as retail

Multiple Pricing Levels and Minimums e.g. Gold customers get 10% Off Shirts (each product minimum 12), and 20% Off Accessories (each product minimum 6)

The only solution Compatible with Sales Channels & 3rd party Inventory Management (see reviews)

  • Order Printer  – Simple to make use of app that lets you print customized invoices, labels, receipts, packing slips, and extra.

To set up an online ecommerce and in store POS system give the experts a call!