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About Nature’s Anthem

Nature’s Anthem started with a dream to deliver the freshest and most delicious dates in the world. Their farms are located in the stunning Coachella Valley, just a few miles from the Coachella Valley music festival, golf and tennis activities, and beautiful resorts. Surrounded by the Santa Rosa and San Jacinto mountains, our farms are perfectly located to soak up the desert sun allowing us to grow the most delicious dates. They are a small farm but significant in their ideas and their passion for date farming.

 In this desert oasis, they grow the juiciest Medjool dates. They are committed to bringing their customers the freshest and finest quality dates. At Nature’s Anthem, they love dates, and they want you to enjoy this fantastic ancient fruit that’s now the new superfood!

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Prioritizing functionality without sacrificing the aesthetics

What We Did

Our client believes they deliver the finest dates that people can get their hands on in California. That’s why we decided to put a focus on their delicious products to showcase the quality and how appealing they look on their home page. Nature’s Anthem needed Networking Bizz to build an e-commerce Shopify design and custom development. They wanted us to help them make look like no other competitor’s website. And by doing that, we made sure to emphasize their delivery services. Because let’s face it, everyone loves getting what they want from the comfort of their own home nowadays. That’s what differentiates Nature’s Anthem.


Our main goal was to develop a simple yet modern looking website so that visitors can shop and navigate through it easily. We developed the necessary pages: Home, Shop, About, Blog, and Contact. Buying from Nature’s Anthem is no complicated process. Just an easy few clicks and the customer’s order will already be on their way. And if our client is consistent with their content and blogging, their website will be sure to bring in more traffic and attract more online viewers.

If you need a reliable website design agency to make updates on your business, Networking Bizz is a clear choice. Contact us at (213) 792-4577 to see how we can help you transform.

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