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About K2 Auto Source

K2 Auto Source’s retailer site is your go-to for automotive source experts. They strive for quality throughout all their products and service. They have been one of the leading sources for aftermarket parts and accessories. Their services include tuning, performance parts, and upgrades for European makes and imports.

Increase in total bottom line sales after launch
increase in local search traffic attributed to website
increase in current calls
A design well done!

Prioritizing functionality without sacrificing the aesthetics

What We Did

We created a website for K2 Auto Source that’ll represent their quality products in a way that it deserves to look appealing to their target audiences. We made sure to give the company a branded look to set apart from its competitors. After collaborating with Networking Bizz, their company’s brand and vision were met. Its most popular products were emphasized on the website’s home page. We also implemented some positive customer feedback to influence new customers’ buying decisions.


K2 Auto Source realized they needed a well-designed working website to attract more new customers. Our goal was to help them deliver a reliable website that helps new customers find the products they need quicky. They can now search for their vehicle on the website and the matching parts they need. We helped this company achieve functions on the website that they didn’t think they were capable of before. Their mission is to help customers customize, modify, upgrade, repair, and replace their vehicles. With the website’s new features, every new customer will have a pleasant navigating experience. We’re looking forward to K2 Auto Source’s success!

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