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About Covertum Group

Whether you are trying to buy, sell, or refinance a home at Covertum Group, they can help you with all your Real Estate needs. They believe in prioritizing customer satisfaction, and their objective is to cover all aspects of their client’s home buying & selling process. They’re prepared to help anyone in the area of the Real Estate Buying or selling commercial or residential properties. Also, they can help clients get the best interest rate to help save more money. They assist with blueprints to cities, doing a garage conversion, making new additions to houses, or legalizing current properties.

Increase in total of traffic after re-design
Increase in client calls since website launch
More form fills from all contact pages
A design well done!

Prioritizing functionality without sacrificing the aesthetics

What We Did

 Covertum Group wanted Networking Bizz to help them with website design development and connecting to MLS through IDX connection. So first of all, we made sure we asked Covertum Group precisely what they would want to see on their website. They provided us with great examples from their competitors, and we added our twist to it to make sure their look is unique. The good part is that they already have great content of their property designs. Immediately, anyone who visits their home page would be appealed to their amazing pictures. We also made it easy for visitors to reach them if they have any questions or inquiries.

Next, we focused on their website’s connection to MLS through IDX. All real estate professionals need to have this because it’ll give them a competitive advantage since it’s a useful tool to have. IDX is a software that helps add MLS listings to their website. It establishes a data connection between Covertum Group’s website and the MLS, imports listings, and displays them to their website. That way, they’re always on top of the newest listings for clients.


 Our goal was to help Covertum Group create a website that would make any user looking for real estate help feel understood. We even provided a map of properties so that users in the area can get an idea of what to look out for. And since Covertum Group has been in business for some while now, they already have great reviews that could make their website look more trustworthy. With all these elements in place, we’re looking forward to helping our client bring in more online traffic.

If you need a reliable website design agency to make updates on your business, Networking Bizz is a clear choice. Contact us at (213) 792-4577 to see how we can help you transform.

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