About Body Armor

Body Armor’s primary purpose is to offer low-priced, industry-standard medical supplies online for convenient delivery directly where they are needed most. They make it easy to find what customers might need, whether they’re at home on the computer, or on-the-go, with a tablet or mobile device. All of their products are FDA approved and/or cleared, with HCPCS codes assigned by PDAC. As a company founded by physicians, it is their responsibility to advise all customers to always follow the recommendations of a healthcare professional. Statements on their website are intended to describe their products and are not a substitute for evaluation by a medical professional.

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What We Did

 Body Armor was looking for eCommerce photography as well as website design and development. That’s where Networking Bizz comes into play and helped our client with product photography at our studio. It’s important to capture high-quality detail of all their products since the majority of their website visitors will have to trust what they’re selling online without testing it out first. These clear and improved images help any ideal customer know what to expect when they purchase from Body Armor. And for their new website look, we kept it sleek and simple. We displayed the most popular products on their front page and included all the benefits of what you’d get if you bought products from them. This is the first thing you see when visiting their website and it ensures any customer they’re making the right decision without any risk.


 When it comes to medical supplies, some people are more selective than others. Some people might want what they can afford. And some people might want the best of the best products. At Body Armor, they cater to both. So with their improved website, we made sure to let their customers know that. The home page is the most important page for them because it’ll take a few seconds for anyone to create a first impression. We want site visitors to trust our client and their products. In result of that, they’ll stay on their page longer and see what Body Armor has to offer. We’re looking forward to more online traffic and will continue to help them manage their website.

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