Local Google Ads Management

Social media is so important in the world of digital marketing. Facebook and Instagram are particularly effective due to the number of visitors they get each day as well as the advertising tools they provide to businesses. Networking Bizz can help you launch effective campaigns on these platforms to help you reach new audiences and re-engage consumers who have visited your site.

About Our Team

When you work with Networking Bizz, you get a team of real-life people who are on hand to answer your questions and provide you with the best service possible. Our staff includes:

Account Managers

Working with Networking Bizz means you work directly with a manager who is specifically assigned to your account. Their expertise will help you to create campaigns that encompass all possible factors when it comes to helping your reach your goals.

Social Advertising Specialists

Our dedicated specialists will collaborate to analyze your account on an ongoing basis and figure out what’s working and what’s not. Then they will adjust accordingly to make sure your campaign is successful.


Content is king. Our copywriters will create targeted messaging that represents your brand and connects with your target audience to boost engagement and conversions

Creative Services

The look of your ads is what will really turn heads. Our graphic and video designers will use graphics, videos, GIFs and more to make sure your ads stand out.

Transparent Reporting

With Networking Bizz, there is no more waiting for monthly reports that are difficult tor read and analyze. With us, you will be getting scheduled calls, Performance Reports via email and a Client Reporting Dashboard. This dashboard is a real-time reporting system that can give you round the clock direct access to your performance data, all in one place.

Own Your Facebook Account

Some marketing companies start a new Facebook account that they have complete control over. When you work with Networking Bizz, your account will be 100% yours. That way you can log in to see your stats and analyze your performance at any time.

Product Catalog Configuration

Our product feed set up will let you know how each of your products are performing. This is a crucial tool that will help your e-commerce business to be successful.

Conversion Tracking

With Networking Bizz, not only will you see your conversions increase, you’ll know exactly where those conversions came from. We will track all clicks and views. We’ll also set you up with Google Analytics, the Facebook Pixel and Facebook’s Business Manager to give you the tools to track activity that comes in from your website and ads. And more than that, we use call analytics to track where phone calls are coming in from as well.

Audience Targeting

Your marketing efforts may be wasted if you’re not targeting the people who are likely to buy your products. We use audience selection tools, specific demographics, locations, interests and more to find your target audience and make sure they are the ones seeing your ads.

Then we follow up with remarketing dropping a cookie in the browsers of those who have visited your site. We use this to place ads strategically to lure them back in to make conversions happen.

Custom Ad Creation

Our ads are not only customized to appeal to your target audience, they are designed to lure customers in no matter what part of their journey they may be on. Ads can be made to drive new traffic or re-engage potential customers. We provide reports that can let you know how your ads are performing and add GIFs and animated videos to make your content stand out.

Feature your products on Google!

Google Ads can be a very effective tool if you know how to use it to your advantage. Our team of experts will help you get the very most out of your investment so that you can bring in more leads and build revenue via Google Paid Channels. From building great ads, to getting them the right exposure, to management and reporting, with Networking Bizz, you are always in the right hands.

Fill out the form or call our office 1(213)792-4577 Please note that this is our Local Pay Per Click Management Services package. Please contact us to schedule a Free Consultation & Report worth $600, we will provide you the best solution based on your website business, your products, and your business goals.

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