E-Commerce Pay Per Click Management

In this increasingly digital world, e-commerce is growing every day. In fact, most companies rely on some form of e-commerce to sell their products and services.
And although e-commerce opens doors for customers to purchase products and services more conveniently, it is also highly competitive. That’s why businesses need to get on board with an effective PPC campaign that will help boost their business

Google Shopping Ads

Ever search a product on Google and the engine takes you directly to a page you can purchase various products from? That’s Google Shopping. Brands need to be featured on this platform to stay competitive. Our PPC strategies will ensure your products are prominently featured on Google Shopping pages to increase conversions.

GoDataFeed Integration

Go Data Feed automatically feeds product data to syndicate your digital catalog to major search engines like Google Shopping and Bing Shopping. It also provides processing reports and syncs inventory updates. This is another tool we can use to make it easier for you to sell on marketplaces.

Additional fees apply, starting at $30/mo. GoDataFeed only supports certain ecommerce platforms.

Shopping Feed Setup

In order to make your Google Shopping Ads as effective as possible, you need a well created product data feed. Our experts create shopping feeds and fine tune existing shopping feeds so that they are up to industry standards and will maximize your ROI.

Access to Your Stats at All Times

The Networking Bizz Client Dashboard is our proprietary, real-time reporting system built to streamline your data and give you access to information most other agencies keep hidden behind lock and key. Say farewell to ambiguous reports with unknown ROI and say hello to transparency and simplicity!

Your Own Google Ads Account

We believe in building a trusting relationship with our clients. That’s why our system gives you access to real-time reporting anytime, anywhere. With a few clicks on a keyboard, or taps on a screen, you can see a simple report that will let you know exactly how your ads are doing. There is no more waiting for a monthly report or wading through ambiguous text. This is an easy to read report available any time you connect.

Call Analytics & Recordings

Phone calls are still an important part of the marketing process. We use a leading analytics platform so we can accurately attribute phone calls to the channel, advertisement or even keyword or impression that led consumers to your company.

A Team You Can Connect With

In this world of technology, it is refreshing to know that Networking Bizz still understands the value of a human connection. Our skilled staff will be working hard to make sure there is a solid strategy behind your campaign that is being executed according to our high standards. Your team will be available to you when you need them via conference calls, Skype and Google Hangouts.

Remarketing Ads

Remarketing is a valuable part of the sales funnel. Our remarketing strategy works by dropping a cookie on the browser of anyone who has visited your site. We use that cookie to show these potential customers customized ad images that will draw them back in to your site to increase chances of conversions

Tracking Code Installation

Another tool that helps you determine how effective your ads are, our Google Ads and Analytics Conversions tracking will allow you to see what keywords and campaigns are converting. We use this information to our advantage to optimize ads to grow your business.

Networking Bizz Digital Marketing and Digital Advertising

Why Networking Bizz

If you are an e-commerce company, national PPC is necessary. Since you are selling on the world wide web, your target audience is far-reaching, and you want to make sure your online visibility is such that it reaches all your potential customers. However, e-commerce PPC is necessary as well. As opposed to National PPC, it is directed more at optimizing conversions driving sales through their web site and online ordering systems. It is also tailored to different channels like Google Shopping, Google Data Snippets Optimization, Online Reviews Aggregation, and SEO. Networking Bizz can help you create an effective e-commerce PPC campaign that will help your company boost conversions. Contact us to find out how we can increase your bottom line.

Feature your products on Google!

If you are an E-commerce business owner looking to promote through Google Ads, Networking Bizz can help. We can create the most effective ads possible so that so you can get more traffic, more customers and a higher conversion rate via Google Paid Channels like Google search, Display and Google Shopping. If you are looking to grow your business by using this valuable tool, call us first.

Fill out the form or call our office 1(213)792-4577 Please note that this is our E-Commerce PPC package. Please contact us to schedule a Free Consultation & Report worth $600, we will provide you the best solution based on your website business, your products, and your business goals.

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