Why is everyone so angry about the new Snapchat update?

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Snapchat Update

Why is everyone so angry about the new Snapchat update?

snapchat update

If the developers behind Snapchat were looking for a way to make their entire user base absolutely livid all at once – jumping on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to scream about how angry they are at every opportunity – they absolutely knocked it right out of the park with the most recent Snapchat update.


Flooding the web with anger, frustration, and vowing to abandon Snapchat completely, the latest Snapchat update has people over the moon with rage right now and it’s easy to see why.


Sure, people usually get angry when technology companies update their apps and their software and make any real fundamental changes to the user experience, the user interface, or the functionality – but the overwhelming majority of those users realize that the changes aren’t so bad, get used to the changes, and the voices of frustration died down pretty quickly.


People just have a natural tendency to overreact when it comes to change in the mobile application world in particular, and there’s really nothing wrong with it.


On the other hand, when you have a situation like the new Snapchat update – an update that is tanking usage in a way that most industry experts never would have expected, an update that is frankly driving people away from the platform – this isn’t overreaction whatsoever.


It’s obvious from the changes that Snapchat has made that they are valuing revenue generation over their user experience (a mistake other companies in this space have made and inevitably paid the ultimate price for), it doesn’t look like they are going to backtrack things anytime soon, either.


Can things really be THAT bad?

snapchat update

In a word – YES!


Originally alluding to changes that were going to give Snapchat a major facelift all the way back in October 2017, Snapchat in passing mention the fact that there would be new algorithms to help sort content and a change that would remove the incredibly popular Stories section of the app, all in an effort to prioritize content based on the people that you engage with most on this platform.


To be fair, a lot of other social media platforms have had a tremendous amount of success with this kind of change. Many of them have overhauled their “life feed” to provide content curated from the people that you engage with most as opposed to the people that you engage with least, things just aren’t implemented all that intelligently with the Snapchat change.


A merger of both Chat and Stories


The biggest change that has people up in arms is the removal of the incredibly popular Stories section – something that Instagram copied a few months back and is now using to steal millions of regular Snapchat users because Instagram isn’t planning on getting rid of that popular feature anytime soon.


By choosing to merge both the Chat and Stories sections under the new Friends screen, the algorithm that Snapchat users are presented with swords friends based on engagement rates rather than in chronological order and it has people going absolutely crazy.


The new Discovery tab is junk


Rather than help Snapchat users find interesting pieces of content from selected media partners and regular Snapchat users, the new Discovery section is just a mess of commercial peddling and pushing by Snapchat advertisers – one of the parts of the Snapchat update that people are absolutely sick and tired of.


People are okay with social media being used as a marketing and advertising channel when it is blatant or hammering them over the head – something that smart and savvy digital marketers understand better than anyone else – about Snapchat and the new update is more than a little heavy-handed.


At the end of the day, users are pouring into Instagram and away from Snapchat at an almost record pace with many of them promising never to return again until Snapchat reverts back to the way things used to be. If Snapchat continues to bleed users it might make this change, though only time will tell.

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