Solaryna Solar Energy website re-design

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Networking Bizz was hired to design this beautiful solar company website. Client was interested in creating a fully Locally SEO'd website with advanced structure and structured snippets for Search Engines. Our Challenge was to create a heavily SEO'd website and capture some market share in a very competitive Search Engine Space. We created custom design and branding in the Wordpress Framework. We also implemented speed and catching technology to make a large website load faster. 

Site has locally optimized landing pages and an advanced SEO structure. Pages started showing within 2 months in a highly competitive niche and location. Our SEO strategy consisted of high page optimization and Off Page SEO Optimization. 

We also build a Solar Calculator that was easy for client to update and change parameters. Website Solar Calculator is connected to Google Maps API. It allows for lead and form generation and is currently used in promotions 

10600 Followers on Facebook
Average of 87,000 impressions per week. 348,000 impressions per month avg.

Custom Website Design & Development

Advanced SEO Structure

SERPS started showing new web page in 2 months

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