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Networking Bizz created this website for a client selling tactical baggage and carry cases. It was designed to be efficient and concise, reflecting the tactical appearance of the goods being marketed. The layout is simple; numerous clearly labeled buttons redirect consumers to the desired part of the website, which serves well due to the amount of web based traffic that other tools bring in. The Ecommerce web site was built with a specially tailored high-traffic capacity server and fulfillment tracking dashboard system. Using SEM Campaigns & Facebook Ads targeting specific cohorts, we promoted the website according to interests and demographics found through Facebook and Youtube. Additionally, the site leveraged a successful Social Media strategy that gained lots of sales traction and exposure to the ecommerce website

23.6k Followers on Twitter 
55,954 Followers on Facebook
1067 Subscribers to Youtube
Over 70k pageviews attributed to SEM 


To build an Ecommerce website system that can sustain high traffic and that can document and communicate all stages of fulfillment to customers. To create Brand awareness for a brand new company on Social Media that can drive Ecommerce web site sales causing explosive growth in all channels. 


We built a custom Ecommerce website solution with a powerful server to process all high traffic bandwidth. Launched a few paid Digital Marketing, Search Engine Marketing campaigns on Social including, Youtube Campaign ( Tru-view), Facebook cohort/ demographics targeted advertising, Twitter SEM campaign to create Brand awareness and drive traffic to sales channels.


Launch of E-commerce yielded the following results:

  1. Average of $55k in sales per month attributed to SEM strategy
  2. ROI of 40% on SEM traffic
  3. No server crashes to date
  4. Fast business explosive growth
  5. Develop all the systems for Drop shipping with large suppliers 

Planned integrated digital/social marketing campaign yielded the following results:

  1. 25.2k Twitter Followers 
  2. 50k pageviews per month
  3. 55k Facebook Followers & Brand Loyalists 
  4. 1061 YouTube Subscribers

$55k SEM sales

25.2k Twitter followers

55k Facebook Followers

From The Client

“The skys the limit with these guys. Give them a shot at your next project.”

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