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Networking Bizz was hired to re-design this Up and Coming Salsa Brand website. ( Please see old website and New Website Comparison ) We decided to go with a custom Branding design to showcase each individual product and qualities of each product. All pages have been SEO'd to specific keywords related to specific products for better search engine visibility. Website is fully custom and built on the Shopify framework. We moved client from the un-connected BigCartel Ecommerce network to more functional network that can track sales and specific metrics of the website. 

Specific Functions

Website is complete with the following:

  1. Custom Single Product pages 
  2. Custom individual Branding for each product
  3. Custom Shopping Cart
  4. Branding Development
  5. In-Depth SEO for each individual page and keyword targetting
  6. Mobile Optimized ( multi-platform )
  7. Social Media integration
  8. Multi-Marketplace Integration




Redesigning their old website to have a more fresh and dynamic feel, and launching products into a multi-marketplace system. Client was interested in launching in multiple marketplaces and managing everything from system. 


We created a fresh and colorful website to show the wonderful aspects of Salsa Cosecha Brand. Along with creation and targeting of specific keywords for Individual product pages. Branding Development and Photography was also done in-house to align with creative goals. 


After launch of website, sales are up by 600%. Digital Marketing and Social Media Campaigns yielded higher results, along with launch of Amazon Marketplace, which is managed by Shopify Sales App Management. Products are published into Amazon Marketplace and Ecommerce in one click. 

Website Custom Re-Design

Multi-marketplace system

Custom Webpage Branding

From The Client

“They created great artwork for Salsa Cosecha, I use it everywhere now to create a unified feel to the branding”

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