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Networking Bizz Website Design helped create this beautiful and fun site for an up and coming franchise of Breakfast restaurants. We helped re-design a friendly and yummier experience for users visiting the website. The old website was a very simple 4 page site with large images and a menu. We helped to redesign website by adding custom full-width sliders and more elements that define more information on the restaurant. 

Our methodology for restaurant website design is to showcase pictures and colors that increase the appetite of users visiting the site. Also allowing easy navigation to contact information and maps for fast lead acquisition. Looking at records and countless studies on restaurant website design we came up with a simple yet multimedia rich experience for consumers. The restaurant website is also equipped with a store locator function that allows users to view all locations and map locations close to their own. This allows users visiting the area to easily reach or contact any of our locations. 

Social Media

We are very proud of our efforts to redesign the site and will be working with client to develop Social Media funnels and digital marketing to boost visits. We have currently separated Instagram profiles and segmented them to their own cities. This allows more powerful Instagram actions, since we are focusing on interacting with local clientele. All of our interactions in every profile have yielded way better results then focusing on only one profile. The proof is in the data we are acquiring and the messaging interactions we are partaking with potential local customers. ( see images ). We are yielding and trying new ideas such as paid and influencer marketing that are yielding good results. 

Custom sliders with custom photography 
Website Locator pages
Website Store locator system
Geo targeting of instagram followers - Local interactions


Redesigning their old website to have a more fresh and dynamic feel with new and professional photography. Increasing engagement and SEO organic reach. Refreshing the brand standards of the franchise. 


We redesigned the website to be responsive in all mobile and tablet devices, and deliver the most relevant and quick information possible, as well as creating a more appetizing feel to the site. Segmenting and activating separate social media profiles to deliver content to local  and more potential customers. 


After launch of website, bounce rate is down by 35% and new user visits are up by 60%. Traffic to all pages is up linearly, and total traffic is up by 150% in combination with new social media  and yelp efforts. We are still gathering data please check back soon. Social media Instagram engagement is up by 300% and local engagement is delivering actionable results. 

Website Custom Re-Design

Custom Mapping functionalities

Social Media Instagram segmentation strategy

From The Client

“Networking Bizz and Lui are my go-to guys for anything online even controlling my reputation on Yelp. They deliver reports and are very professional”

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