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We helped create a beautiful grid custom expression engine site. Client was interested in being conveyed as the leader in their very niche industry of custom lighting design and manufacturing. They wanted to build a website that was not focused too much on actual design as this company is also in the manufacturing sector. We spent time building the menu navigation and planning on the user experience.

We are currently launching SEO services campaign and strategy to target different client niches in this industry such as, "casino lighting", "church lighting", "hotel lighting" and other. We are currently working on a Google Local large city markets SEO strategy exploiting google places with independent representative locations - please check back on this page for ongoing updates

Overall Facebook Results Local Awareness at 0.02/engagement - Micro Campaign Ads Management
 Yelp Check In Results Yielded 1020 People across 3 restaurants!!!
Facebook Cover Graphics 
Facebook Ads Samples ( Not showing variations )
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Building a website which conveys a lighting design company, but also a manufacturing company to potential design partners and potential clientele in a very niche market.


We spent lots of time on the design and user experience to enhance client landing pages. We are currently modifying pages for stage 2 SEO strategy. We are also conducting an SEO Google places strategy. SEO services strategy currently ongoing.


Please check back for SEO strategy results

Website Custom Design

SEO Strategy (Current)

SEO Local search strategy ( ongoing)

From The Client

“Very knowledgeable staff, glad we are working with them”

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