Loaded Cafe Restaurants Free Crepe Social Media Campaign

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As part of our Social Media strategy for Loaded Cafe we create a monthly LTO to promote on all channels available to client. We came up with 1 Free specialty crepe to promote the new creme menu lineup. Channels used for promotion were the following:

  1. Email Marketing
  2. SMS blast
  3. Paid Facebook / IG Ads
  4. Website organic traffic 
  5. Website pop-up
  6. Website Hero Slider
  7. Yelp & other check in sites
  8. Instagram Automation
  9. Instagram Direct Messaging

Campaign proved to be very successful in promotion of the new menu bringing in an additional 350-400+ people per restaurant (stats according to Yelp metrics ) while only spending $300 on ads, the rest leveraging organic and automated methods. POS systems report around 450-500 uses of coupons ( this statistic is not 100% accurate as 2 restaurants POS systems did not capture ) 

Overall Facebook Results Local Awareness at 0.02/engagement - Micro Campaign Ads Management
 Yelp Check In Results Yielded 1020 People across 3 restaurants!!!
Facebook Cover Graphics 
Facebook Ads Samples ( Not showing variations )
Instagram Post Samples ( Not showing variations )


To develop a good marketable LTO


To promote the new crepe menu what better than to give a sample to try! We gave 1 free crepe per person that came in and showed coupons or checked in.


Over 450-500 uses per restaurant for only $300 ad spend. We calculated there was an extra 18k per restaurant x 3 restaurants which puts it around 54k extra revenue directly related to campaign.

Promotion of new Crepe Menu

Marketable LTO 

Utilizing all of the clients channels

From The Client

“Very knowledgeable staff, glad we are working with them”

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