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We helped create a beautiful grid custom web site powered by WooCommerce framework. Client was interested in being conveyed as the leader in their very niche industry of custom lighting fixtures and chic specialty interior design elements and decor. They wanted a site that conveyed the brands playful and colorful dynamic design. We spent time building the actual design elements and wireframe for the best user experience. This site is featured in magazines such as Interior Designer and Dezeen

We are currently implementing advanced API integration with our partner ORDORO which will help usher site into their current system and allow advanced dynamic and analytics capabilities for shipping and warehousing. This will allow greater and more efficient inventory control. 

Clean minimalist design to showcase product categories
Product showcase page 
Custom banners in collaboration with Interior designer photographer
Design Schematics presented to client - Based on Digital Assets of Company Branding
Design Wireframes presented to client


Building an Ecommerce website that is pleasing to the eye, has good functions and great user experience design.


We spent lots of time on the design and user experience to enhance product pages, product lines showcase pages, and great brand aesthetics. This design translated to a user friendly website launch. 


Please check back for analytics results 

Ecommerce Website Custom Design

User Experience Design

Advanced API

From The Client

“Very knowledgeable staff, glad we are working with them”

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