El Sushi Loco SMM Project

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We built a high converting, highly optimized restaurant website with a specially tailored high-traffic capacity server and customer rewards list building acquisition programs. Leveraged social media growth funnels to increase traffic and website buzz to restaurant. Social Media management yielded 11k followers on La Puente Restaurant Facebook page 2k followers on Downey and 22,700 followers on main corporate instagram. Social Media traffic accounts for 45% of all incoming NEW traffic. Unique strategies were used such as aggressive Local SEO and Email "VIP" list building, link-building, and other growth hack methods to grow at a fast rate. 

11,000 Followers on Facebook
18k Instagram Followers
Results of SEO to Yelp pages (Growth Hacking ) Profit of $189,168 Yelp channel alone
highly targeted SEO caused explosive growth across all channels
12688 Sessions with 48% from Organic search
40% of traffic from Social Media Referrals
Working with Social Media influencers
Working with Social Media influencers


To build a brand new website for El Sushi Loco Inc, which is a fusion west-coast Sushi-Mex franchise. Attract attention from Social Media, buzz and launch geo-graphic social ad campaigns to drive more brand awareness and increase interest and drive traffic into restaurant website. Our challenge was virtually a brand new name, no following, and also a brand new style of cuisine to market.


We built a website that has conversion tracking built in for a reservation system. We leveraged Social Media to drive more Brand awareness and further conversions into local landing pages for actionable results. Grew Social Media following virtually from the ground up following a basic engagement strategy, aggressive SEO and leveraging other influencers such as musicians ( specially Instagram ) 


Launch of www.elsushiloco.com Web presence yielded the following results:

  1. 22k Followers Instagram
  2. 11k Followers on Facebook
  3. 12,688 Total Sessions / 43,123 Total Sessions ( per month)
  4. 70.80% of all visits are from New Visitors
  5. 8189 Sessions from Google Organic Search
  6. High Conversion Rate on Reservation pages assisted in actionable results
  7. Email Acquisition strategy has yielded over 3000 subscriptions per month 
  8. 3rd party SurveyMonkey used to quality control guest visits http://bit.ly/sushiloco
  9. Maintaining Average of 448,000 impressions per month Instagram alone
  10. Direct SEO to Yelp pages had massive actionable results worth close to $250,000 to restaurant this year
  11. Instagram and Social Campaigns allowed Networking Bizz to reach out and work with instagram influencers in partnership postings

124,654 total sessions

22k Instagram followers 

11k Facebook Followers

From The Client

“Networking Bizz are my go-to guys when I am having a marketing problem, they are pretty much my strategic marketing department in a way.”

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