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This website was designed to attract customers for this fashionable ecommerce store. It's layout is mostly lined with pictures of models promoting the different articles of clothing the store has as well as pictures of accessories and other merchandise. Each section of their merchandise is categorized in the website header, making navigation through the site simple and easier for one click shopping. The website reflects the Partnering and leveraging 3rd party technology to achieve an Omnichannel POS system, interlocking inventory for two retail stores and one ecommerce website store. The website comes complete with inventory control, and an integrated promotions system for online and in-store marketing. Fast growth digital/social media strategies allow for explosive results in Ecommerce website sales, guaranteeing the success of the store.

Average of $32-$35k per month 
30.8k Instagram followers
90 days revenue report for Online E Commerce Website Sales 
30.8k Instagram followers


To build an E-commerce system that controls inventory, interlocking E-commerce and Retail store environment. To launch company E-commerce store and achieve rapid sales results while building a large Social Media presence for further promotion.


Partnering and leveraging 3rd party technology to achieve an Omnichannel POS system, interlocking 2 retail stores and 1 E-commerce store complete with inventory and warehouse control system. For promotion we followed a strict Social Media strategy for great growth on Instagram to reach new potential followers along with Facebook-Instagram Digital Ad campaigns to grow audience. 


Launch of E-commerce yielded the following results:

  1. 55% of total business sales starting in first quarter
  2. Average of $30k-35k in sales per month (E-commerce only- last few months)
  3. E-mail marketing List acquisition: 5000 subscribed emails for weekly e-blast
  4. POS system inventory management with Ecommerce website design
  5. POS/ Ecommerce website promotion system

Planned integrated digital/social marketing campaign yielded the following results:

  1. 71.2 k followers on instagram
  2. 65.7k pageviews per month
  3. 420.68% more sessions than benchmarked normal sessions 
  4. 222.80% more New Users than benchmarked normal user acquisition rate
  5. Over 45-65% referral traffic from Social Networks ( Instagram )

82.2k Instagram Followers

$74-95k total sales average / month

440.68% more sessions

From The Client

“Without their expertise we would not have started with such traction, we really owe it to them, their services are essential to our company's success .”

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