AltaMed ACA Enrollment Digital Marketing Campaign

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The AltaMed site was constructed by Networking Bizz to better promote the health services of the company. The website serves to better educate the company's potential clients on their policies and benefits of their numerous programs. It is designed to assist the users. Each particular group of users is clearly labeled on the homepage of the website, providing quick and easy navigation through the healthy company's posted information and all of the potential programs are listed in each category once they are clicked. This website uses the 2014-2015 ACA Digital Marketing Strategy with the focus of enrollment, information, and conversions to bring potential patients into Health Resource centers. As a result, this website helps in creating Brand Awareness throughout Los Angeles County while aligning with the Marketing Branch company's actionable goals.

Landing Page Experience Design
Facebook Ads Experience
Display / Re-Marketing Artwork
Ad experience design


Promote and position AltaMed as ACA enrollment experts for Obamacare. Attract and drive qualified prospects to schedule a consultation appointment at an AltaMed Health Insurance Resource Centers. To support and blanket ongoing AltaMed Marketing campaigns with Digital Brand Awareness and remarketing.


SEM Campaigns across Google Search Network, Google Display Network, search ads with call extensions, keyword specific advertisements, Facebook geo-targetted ads and sample Youtube campaign. Geo-targeting search ads for competitive keywords with a 15% higher rate for mobile users


Launch of ACA SEM Campaign yielded the following results:

  1. Display yielded 25,647 clicks / 160 Leads from landing pages (Marketing qualified leads)
  2. 25% in website referral traffic meeting Brand Awareness Goals
  3. Search marketing yielded 1,162 / 5845 Leads from landing pages(MQL)
  4. Facebook Paid Event ads: 1986 clicks / 279 RSVP's 
  5. Facebook Dark Post: 7,981 clicks / 6391 social actions
  6. Youtube 2657 clicks / 6k views ( 1 video )
  7. 806 leads (469 forms / 337 click-to-call)
  8. 2.15% Conversion rate (Industry standard 0.9%-2%)

5,613,929 Total Impressions

806 Click-to-Call Leads 

25,647 Clicks to Landing Pages

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