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We helped create a beautiful custom web site design powered by Shopify Framework. Client wanted a playful and branded custom look to the site which is in the Childrens retail clothing niche. We came up with the concept color scheme and idea of layout and experience. The site offers an expanded menu, custom product pages and a branded cart as well as Social Media integration. 

We documented and set up everything for client from planning, idea, solutions, documentation, instruction. Client became knowledgeable on how to run their own ecommerce store after our documentation sessions. 

We are currently developing a post- web marketing plan for the store. Complete with Facebook and Social Media Campaigns. 



Building a custom Ecommerce theme design for a popular childrens clothing brand.


We designed a beautiful branded official site, using top notch CSS and design aesthetics.   


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Website Custom Design

Branding Design

Site Socumentation & Instruction

From The Client

“Very knowledgeable staff, glad we are working with them”

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