The Features and Benefits of Shopify as the Best eCommerce Platform Today

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The Features and Benefits of Shopify as the Best eCommerce Platform Today

What is Shopify?


If the current statistics are anything to go by, Shopify is the most extensive platform that has revolutionized how people make money on the internet today. It is undoubtedly the largest e-commerce platform that allows you to do what you love doing while making money on the internet. Sounds too good to be true; read on to find the fantastic benefits that Shopify has brought to today’s entrepreneur, providing an opportunity of a lifetime to make money on the most extensive network in the world currently. All upcoming entrepreneurs today are taking advantage of this self-hosting solution that comes with a whole bunch of useful tools to help you set up a retail space online.

Shopify acts as the reliable host by providing you with front-end design templates necessary to set up an e-commerce store and manage it effectively. The beauty of this e-commerce platform is its flexibility meaning whether you sell on the internet, in a brick and mortar store, on social media, or even at the trunk of your vehicle, this e-commerce platform has got you covered.

Who is an entrepreneur?

Another definition of an entrepreneur is someone who organizes, manages, and operates a business, going out of their way to take greater than usual financial risks in the hope of making a substantial amount of profit. You have to have made a conscious decision to economic freedom and independence. While the freedom does not come without a cost or some effort, you can make conscious choices along your journey and take responsibility to help you make it in the entrepreneur world with Shopify.

Benefits and Features of Shopify to an Entrepreneur Today

Free Trial – Probably one of the most attractive features of Shopify is the fact that you get to try it for free before committing your hard-earned cash. This gives you the freedom to explore as many e-commerce site templates as you possibly can. Gaining access to the back-end operations of Shopify before making a financial investment helps you explore a plethora of options for your online store once you can commit and get started.

A wide gamut of themes/templates to choose from – This platform provides you with over 50 templates to choose from for customization to give the exact look and feel of what you expect of your business. This means you can easily customize your online store in Shopify to match with the colors and logo designs of your actual store, thus creating brand uniformity.

No long-term commitment required – Another great benefit of Shopify that has made it quite popular with business people today is the fact that you can pay on a monthly basis for your subscription. You know how advantageous this is especially when you are starting out and just need to test the waters first before fully committing by incurring long-term expenses.

User-friendly – you do not have to be a web developer or a computer geek to use Shopify because you do not have to build websites when setting up your Shopify online store. The platform is the simplest you could ever get with many customizable templates that will get you up and running within minutes.

No loss of identity – you see when you have to build an online business; you rely on your domain name identity to get the word out there. What this means is that you do not have to lose your domain to work with Shopify, you can easily incorporate your e-commerce platform on your domain. This way, should you start getting links directed to your online store, they will remain permanently with you.

Easy payment processing – whatever mode of payment you want to integrate into your eCommerce platform; you can rest assured Shopify got you covered. Credit cards gateway and PayPal options will ensure you are fully covered when it comes to payment processing for your online business. Needless to mention, the platform is as secured as it can get to ensure you and your target audience are protected from any financial risks.

Safe and Secured checkout – closely related to the above point, Shopify allows you to offer your esteemed clients an SSL checkout which means all the templates are guaranteed to provide the most secured shopping experience.

Flexibility – should the need to upgrade your Shopify plan arise, as it sometimes does in the life of an entrepreneur, you can always upgrade your plan quickly and with no downtime meaning your customers will not lose your identity during the upgrade process.

Rewards for your customers – the moment you start generating sales and building a clientele base, you will want to start rewarding your loyal clients with discount codes. Shopify has made this process quite easy and straightforward.

Search Engine Optimization – you can take advantage of the fact that Shopify templates are well optimized for the search engines, not to mention the high rankings that the e-commerce website currently enjoys. By taking advantage of this simple fact, you can kick-start your online store business on the right footing without having to go through the arduous process of building ranks.

Business is Never complete today without Shopify

  • You get to take advantage of the shopify’s e-Bay partnership meaning you will gain access to over 171 million customers. Further, if you are in US, you can easily sell and list on eBay while managing your inventory easily in your shopify platform.

Our Shopify’s Ebay Integration:

  • You also get to utilize the shopify and amazon partnership and take advantage of the largest online marketplace to sell and market your products. It allows you to manage your inventory, create amazon listings as well as fulfill all your orders all from your shopify platform.

Our Shopify’s Amazon Integration:

  • Last but not least, shopify allows you to get social thanks to easy and straightforward facebook integration platform. This way, you can easily guide your target audience on how to generate more sales and reach their target audience using their social media facebook platform

Our Shopify Facebook Shop:




It has never been easier to start a business today thanks to Shopify. The fact that you get everything in one place means you enjoy a unified platform that allows you to manage and run your business efficiently. From the easy to manage products and inventory which by the way is unlimited, to the fully customizable online store; you can easily track your sales on the go and business growth and expansion. Further, the user-friendly platform allows you the opportunity to fulfill all your orders by a single straightforward step. This way, you can focus on growing your business as all other aspects are handled by the best e-commerce platform in the world today.


Networking Bizz is a Shopify partner and is in no way directly affiliated with Shopify.

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