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What is Google AdWords and how can it help my business?

You might be surprised at the number of people who are searching Google for exactly what you have to offer! Let's make sure they find you fast and right on time. When a prospective customer searches for the products or services you offer, your ad is eligible to appear on their results page ( right at the top!) - whether it be in Google Maps, or Google Search, mobile or display. What it costs it's up to you. Start seeing results instantly! You pay only if somebody actually clicks on your ad to get more information. What's great is that you will reach people who need your services, at the right time, and right place, whether its mobile, tablet, desktop.

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How can I access the $100 Google Coupon Offer?

Customers are entitled to a $100 introductory offer for Google AdWords. Please note: you'll need to spend $25 first before the $100 in additional advertising bonus kicks in. Please fill out information and your code will be generated and sent to you via your input email.

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Key Benefits of Google Advertising

  • Affordable, effective and controllable online advertising for businesses of all sizes.
  • Can specify the geographic locations or service areas ads should appear in.
  • Can change their campaigns as often as needed.
  • Pay only when prospects click on your ads.
  • Track how your ads and campaigns are doing, as well as how much you are spending.
  • Can control where your ads show up, on search or CLICK to CALL ( mobile ) only!
  • You decide how much you want to spend! All on your budget!

What are you waiting for? Start getting leads TODAY! Google Adwords is so effective we are giving YOU $100 to try it out. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED!

Need help with your account setup?

Everyone needs help sometime. If you need help with our account setup
we charge a $150 Flat Fee to help set it up! No gimmicks or strings attached!

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Setup includes up to 3 ad groups Limit. 10 KW's per ad group. No Landing Page creation / modification, No KW's research, or negative KW's modifications. No ad extensions setup. No conversion tracking setup. 

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Claim my FREE google local advertising coupon

* This offer is valid only for customers with a legal billing address in the fifty (50) United States (including District of Columbia) or Canada. In order to activate this offer, you need to enter the promotional code through the Billing tab in your account before December 31, 2016. Promotional codes have no promotional value and entry of the promotional code serves only to begin your qualification for the associated promotional credit. To qualify for the promotional credit you must accrue advertising charges in the amount of $25 within 31 days of entering your promotional code. For example, if you enter the code on November 1, 2016 you'll have until November 30, 2016 to accrue advertising charges in the amount of $25. In all circumstances, you must enter your promotional code before December 31, 2016 in order to activate this offer. Your account must be successfully billed by AdWords and remain in good standing in order to qualify for a promotional credit. The promotional credit will be applied within approximately 5 days of your account reaching the threshold for accrued advertising charges specified above, as long as you've activated your account using the promotional code and fulfilled all requirements stated in the offer. Once applied, the promotional credit will appear on the Billing summary page in your account. For the complete terms and conditions, see: