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Networking Bizz SEO News

6 Actions You Must Take After an SEO Audit.

By | Networking Bizz SEO News

Want to improve the organic search visibility of your website?

Step one is commonly an SEO audit.

An SEO audit can produce valuable insights. It reveals past SEO strategy and tactics – or lack thereof – and is a fresh way to get started with a new partner

The best audits are done in-depth and focused on aspects across the three key areas of SEO:

  • Technical.
  • On-page.
  • Off-page.

They also use some keyword or goal-oriented focuses to compare against. This allows for a deeper analysis of keyword performance and competitor comparison.

When investing time, energy, and actual dollars in an SEO audit, you are probably doing it with the goal of taking action afterward. Perhaps you’re looking to get a return on investment or jump-start ranking, traffic, and conversion goal improvements.

So what comes next?

Here are some specific next steps you should take after the audit is completed to build momentum and ensure your time and investment isn’t wasted.

1. Develop a List of Insights

A detailed, handcrafted audit report often includes:

  • The list of SEO items audited.
  • What the status is of those items weighed against best practices, audience, and competitive filters.
  • Recommendations of aspects to correct or improve.

These are often woven throughout the report and sometimes are summarized in an executive summary or conclusion section.

For lighter or more automated audits, this section of findings might be lacking clarity or depth.

Your first step after the SEO audit is to get to the short (or possibly long) list of specific insights and things that need action.

2. Prioritize Based on Level of Impact

Using the list that was included in the audit report, or the insights you compiled, it’s time to begin the planning phase.

If you have the option to go back to the person or team (internally or externally) who conducted the audit or do a post-audit meeting, this is the time to learn and understand the expected level of impact of each of the items on the insights list.

Not all corrective or optimization actions will have the same magnitude of impact. While SEO professionals are pressed to avoid promises due to the uncertain nature of the industry, there should be a scale and objective way to prioritize the list based on how big issues are.

Setting expectations of what the impact could be, even when they are based on benchmarks and where you want to be, will be helpful later for measurement of actual impact.

For example, resolving the issue of missing title and meta description tags on every page of the site by writing custom, helpful, keyword focused tags will likely have more impact and should have higher priority than implementing schema structured data for a contact us page.

3. Determine Necessary Resources

With a prioritized list of action items based on the level of impact, you can now determine the necessary time, budget, and resources needed to tackle each item.

Some updates can be made in minutes by a single person with little training. Others might require the assistance of other departments, individuals, or outside vendors.

Something like the implementation of a sophisticated canonical tag strategy might require a good technical SEO mind plus the skills of a web developer. Those resources may cost money and have to be slotted into schedules.

Once you know how long it will take to implement each item, what it will cost in time and resources, coupled with the level of impact from the previous step, you can filter the list and re-prioritize.

4. Develop a Timeline

You now have an outline of the work and needs in front of you. This is not the time to take your foot off the gas.

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Pushing forward on the SEO plan can be daunting due to time, resource, and budget constraints. However, SEO is a long-term commitment that is fueled by short-term activities and tactical execution.

At this point, you should be able to see what the all-in investment is for implementing all of the items on the list.

Based on budgeting, pacing, and the ability to commit, it should be possible to know how much time overall it will take to work through everything.

With this in hand, you can develop a timeline with specific milestones, goals, and reporting cycles to measure the impact of the effort.

5. Create an Action Plan

Putting the plan in motion, you’ll need to find the right systems to ensure that:

  • Collaboration is easy.
  • Tasks are scheduled and assigned.
  • Accountability is attached.

Whether that is a workflow program, SEO tool, or project management suite, treating this as a real project or campaign following the audit is one of the best things you can do to give it a fair shot.

Heaping a big stack of tasks or assignments on an individual, team, or group of roles with no expectation or accountability is a big risk for failure. Setting the tone with a plan and an expectation of it being organized and completed on budget and on time is critical.

Not all stakeholders and roles will understand the potential impact of improving SEO if they only have a small role in certain pieces.

The IT manager (no offense) probably won’t care much about why you want them to change 302 redirects to 301s or set a canonical version of the root domain.

Without some education and a clear assignment with a due date that tucks into the plan, it might go into an IT queue with low priority and never get done.

6. Achieve Success

How are you going to know what SEO success looks like and that this effort was worthwhile?

Tying back into the goals and expectations you set in the first post-audit step of assessing the best estimate possible of the level of impact of the action items identified, you can measure performance.

Using baseline or benchmark data, you can isolate the project schedule and see where average position, impressions, traffic, and conversions changed during the project or campaign.

With a dedicated plan and concerted effort, you should be able to track specific improvements.

Be sure to use the annotation feature in Google Analytics and have regular reporting cycles monthly or weekly depending on how long your timeline is for implementing the plan.

This is a great way to track improvement over time and understand the actual impact versus the estimated level of impact and to make any agile revisions to the plan or to keep going with the original schedule.


The SEO audit process can be overwhelming.

Depending on the type of audit, and how much support and education you receive at the end of the process, it can be challenging to use the audit as a powerful tool to improve the optimization of a website.

Through working from insights to fully-actionable and measurable plan, you can achieve success and find ROI not just for the audit investment itself, but in leveraging SEO as a valuable digital marketing channel.

10 Dominating SEO Trends for 2019

By | Networking Bizz SEO News

As Google changes all year round, so does search engine optimization. Webmasters who want to keep their rankings and traffic (and potentially gain even more) are always on the lookout for the new ways to beat their competitors, thus setting new SEO trends. And now that 2018 is rapidly approaching its end, it’s time to ask ourselves: what can we expect from SEO in 2019?

1. Voice search domination

The list opens with the entry everybody saw coming. It’s hard not to, with so much talk about it! The bigger mobile Internet grows, the further we get removed from good old orthodox typing. Teaching computers to understand our speech – that’s what the future is about. And the path to this bright future lies through voice search SEO.

It is said that by 2020, half of all online traffic will be coming from spoken queries. I can only imagine what kind of futuristic technology will eventually come to replace voice search. Can you?

2. Video optimization

Voice search isn’t the only SEO trend taking over the Internet; videos are, too. They are an ever increasingly popular information medium, which makes them a rich source of customer traffic when you use them cleverly.

While your videos need to be excellent in order to rank on YouTube (any other quality standard is unacceptable there), they won’t be able to without being optimized for carefully picked keywords.

A different 2020 prediction says that videos will become a magnet for 75% of all Internet traffic. Get with the times or get crushed by the competition!

3. Mobile-first indexing

2018 was the year when Google finally rolled out their mobile-first index. How does it work? Simply put, websites are now ranked based on the quality of UX they provide on mobile devices. If a site has mobile and desktop versions, the index adds the mobile one; if there’s only the desktop version, it gets indexed the same as normal.

What does this tell us? You need to master mobile SEO! You must have a mobile-friendly version of your site, or else Google will index something you can’t show to mobile users. And a large chunk of traffic will go right past you.

4. Quality content development

Content is king, and high-quality content opens the path to high Google rankings; this is common knowledge. But what exactly does it mean? What kind of content counts as “high-quality”?

It’s actually pretty easy once you remember who the content is meant for: users. When they do a Google search, they hope to find something that will satisfy their needs 100% and then some more. When you take the users’ search intent into account, you can prepare a piece of content that does exactly that. The Internet will be dominated by people who are the best at getting into their audience’s mindset.

5. Protection of user data

Online security is a huge deal – and fortunately, the powers that be are taking it seriously. Earlier this year, the EU enacted the General Data Protection Regulation which entitles users to more control over their private information that’s used by sites. While it certainly works towards making user data safer, there are still many vulnerabilities that can be exploited by malicious third parties. It’s too early to celebrate just yet!

2019 will undoubtedly present us with more data protection initiatives, as well as more ways to make our online experience more secure.

6. Seamless user experience

The user experience on a website can make or break a deal of any magnitude. Therefore, business owners who would prefer to keep making a profit with their sites will do their best to guarantee a silky smooth UX. That means an easy-to-understand, intuitive design, a low page load time, and absolutely no technical issues.

A website gives a better impression of a business than any advertisement. Never let your most powerful assets tarnish your reputation.

7. Blockchain for SEO

Blockchain technology has uses in making the Internet more secure, which is why it’s been getting more popular lately. Webmasters are looking for ways to integrate it into their sites and potentially profit from it. It is expected that blockchain can also be used in SEO for things like validating backlinks.

The exact effect blockchain is going to have on SEO is not clear yet, but enthusiastic webmasters are already carrying out their experiments. We may see the fruits of their labor in 2019.

8. Influencer marketing

It’s always great to have someone important vouch for you. Especially in business, where there’s so much competition and you want people to know at least that you are here for them. What tricks do companies use to get an advantage? There are too many to list, but one of the most trending ones is to involve an influencer in your marketing campaign.

To do that, you need to connect with an influencer first. Fortunately, pretty much all of them use social media, so it’s only a matter of finding a way to get their approval of what you do. Did you know that 99% of all influencers spend their time on Instagram? There’s your easiest chance to connect with a few.

9. Long and in-depth content

Everyone can agree that the more time users spend on your website, the better. Long content obviously takes more time to consume, which makes it seem like the ideal solution. In reality, size doesn’t matter. Or rather, you can’t expect users to be satisfied with size alone.

And yet the websites ranking on the first page of Google tend to have over 2000 words. If their secret is not the length of their content, that logically leaves its depth and quality. Content that is not just long, but also engaging keeps its status as the page one ranking winner even in 2019.

10. Artificial intelligence

AI technology has massive potential. It’s little wonder businesses are actively looking for ways to use it in their work. The same goes for Google, and if (or rather when) they figure out how to make it work, it will inevitably affect SEO.

As an example of how artificial intelligence could be integrated into Google’s ranking algorithm, it can be used to more effectively sniff out websites practicing black-hat SEO.

SEO trends 2019: infographic

SEO is Dead: Long Live OC/DC

By | Networking Bizz SEO News

This may come as a surprise to many since I am the resident SEO guy at networkingbizz and very active in the SEO community.

But for the past two years I have felt that the entire concept of SEO, while an important part of online marketing, had a very “spammy” connotation.

The term too often aligns our work with unprofessional practices like link buying and web spamming for article placement.

And with the recent issues around the SEO effort of Rap Genius, and the resulting negative impressions about SEO with the wider public, I have made it my mission for 2014 to eradicate the term SEO once and for all.

Yes, SEO is officially dead. Not the practice, but the term.

But what term should take its place?

One that more accurately defines what people really mean when they say “SEO.”

So … what do we really mean when we say “SEO”?

Talk with any professional expert in SEO and you will quickly find they rarely just spend time optimizing a site for a search engine.

In fact, most people who started out as SEO experts have morphed their services over the years to encompass the full spectrum of content marketing activity.

Make no mistake: legitimate SEO tactics still matter today as part of any content marketing campaign.

The problem is that the terms themselves — SEO and search optimization — are used when discussing what is actually the broader strategy of content marketing.

Introducing “OC/DC” — the replacement for SEO

What people really mean when they say “SEO” is the idea of optimizing content for discovery and conversion across a wide spectrum of the web … not just search engines.

Think about it: When you optimize your site, is it just so that it will rank in Google … or are your goals wider than that?

Absolutely, for many sites, traffic from Google is important. But sites get traffic from a variety of sources — social media, related blogs, and so forth.

Are search engines the only source of valuable traffic? Of course not. Yet we still call the tactics of optimizing for organic traffic “SEO.”

Silly isn’t it?

Optimizing Content for Discovery and Conversion, or “OC/DC” for short, encapsulates this idea of amplifying the overall reach and results of content creation.

OC/DC defines a new role for the former SEO activities, broadening the scope and applicability to what a professional online marketer actually does.

The real rock stars of search optimization have always known that it took a lot more than just getting the top result in Google to measure the success of their work.

Now is the time for OC/DC to replace SEO in the online marketing lexicon … and leave the spammers and link buyers in the dustbin of history.

How should OC/DC be defined?

OC/DC can be thought of as two distinct areas of focus:

  1. External optimization
  2. On-site optimization

External optimization refers to traffic generated to your site, and the research and refinement necessary to improve its quantity and quality.

The external part of OC/DC includes numerous traffic sources — search engines, social media sites, blogs, as well as aggregation sites like Slideshare.net and content syndication sources like Business Insider.

On-site optimization makes the most of these external efforts. This matters because improving the quantity and quality of your traffic only helps you if visitors take the action you want when they find your site.

Load times, usefulness of content, responsive design, and ease of conversion are all encompassed within the on-site portion of OC/DC.

Once you understand the breadth of what OC/DC entails, it is easy to see how it plays a crucial role in the execution of a smart content marketing strategy.

Here’s what OC/DC looks like in practice

Armed with this new and better concept, how can we apply it to our online marketing?

Below are six tactics you can implement right now as part of your effort to optimize content discovery and conversion.

1. Improve content symmetry

All pieces of content on your site should work seamlessly together.

If you have been active in creating content, this may be a good time to stop and re-edit your existing content.

For example …

  • Edit headlines — We talk a lot about the importance of headlines, so it may not come as a surprise that we routinely edit published headlines . If you have under-performing articles, take some time to rethink and optimize your existing headlines. (And grab this handy tool for when you do.)
  • Review in-links — More than likely, your earlier published content doesn’t link to the latest articles you have been publishing. Take a look through your early articles that are drawing the most traffic, and find ways to link from that content to your best recent work. (Remember: time on site matters for conversion, so the more links to other internal resources, the better to keep the user on-site.)
  • Improve calls to action — Who cares if you are getting a lot of visitors if those visitors don’t take the actions you want? Take a hard look at the way you are including your calls to action. Test different wording and designs for improved conversion.
  • Convert list posts into individual posts — The numbered listis a tried and true format for drawing more traffic. If you’re looking for new content ideas, consider mining your successful list posts, breaking them down and expanding them into new individual posts, and using internal links to stitch them together.
  • Revamp keywords — The Google Hummingbird update placed a new emphasis on the context of keywords within your content. Once again, spend some time reviewing your old posts, then use a tool like Scribe to make sure you are doing a good job of building out the keyword context across your site.

2. Consider mobile responsive design a requirement

Web traffic from mobile devices keeps growing.

If your site is not properly rendering for the myriad mobile devices out there, then you are severely limiting your OC/DC efforts.

Luckily, there are many pain-free ways to optimize a site for mobile devices. Using the Rainmaker Platform is one of them. StudioPress also has lots of mobile responsive designs that work beautifully for WordPress.

3. Target a 3-second load time (max)

OC/DC practitioners appreciate the fact that a site loading slowly equals the loss of business.

If you are using WordPress, consider a fast, secure, reliable managed hosting provider.

Of equal importance is the code that is running on the server.

Spend time reviewing the loading of your site using tools like WebPageTest.org and find ways to optimize your page loads.

4. Repurpose your existing content

One of my favorite sites to visit networkingbizz is Business Insider. A tactic they use is to republish existing content from other sites directly on the Business Insider site.

No, they are not stealing the content. And no, search engines do not penalize Business Insider or the original publisher for duplicate content.

What Business Insider is doing, as well as a lot of other sites, is reposting existing content from reputable sites and using the “rel=canonical” meta tag to link back to the original post (with permission of course).

For example, check out this post at Business Insider by Belle Beth Cooper from Buffer.

If you look at the source code of the page, you will quickly see that the content originally appeared on the Buffer blog.

By syndicating its existing content to other sites, Buffer can increase its exposure online … while sites like Business Insider can serve more content to their visitors.

It’s a win-win strategy for all involved.

So if you have posts that have done well, don’t be afraid to find sites that would be willing to syndicate the content using the “rel=canonical” tag.

This is a simple tactic for optimizing content discovery if your site has authority.

5. Create your own research

Here is a unique idea to become a real rock star with OC/DC.

Most sites love to publish original research reports within their industry. In the past, creating a research report would take a lot of time and money.

However, with services from Google and SurveyMonkey, creating a research report is much simpler.

The trick is how you publish the data.

Once you have your survey completed and some basic analysis done, you can repurpose that research in a variety of ways:

  • Downloadable report from your site
  • Infographic highlighting the key data points
  • Presentation deck uploaded to sites like SlideShare.net
  • Narrated presentation deck on YouTube
  • Webinar discussing the results of the analysis
  • Press release detailing the analysis
  • Guest posts on the results of the research
  • In-person speaking opportunities to present the data

For an expenditure of a few hundred dollars, you have at least eight ways to generate content … from just one piece of research.

That is true optimization of content discovery.

OC/DC is here to stay

I hope you will join me in my crusade to remove the scourge of online marketing — the term “SEO” — from our lexicon.

SEO not only has a negative connotation, it is too often used inaccurately to explain a wide breadth of services and tactics that have nothing to do with search engines.

Optimizing Content for Discovery and Conversion, OC/DC, is a more accurate term, describing exactly what a content marketing strategy must encompass to be successful.

So … if you are a reformed SEO practitioner like me, join our cause and rock on with OC/DC!

51% of web site hacks related to SEO spam

By | Networking Bizz SEO News

report released by Sucuri states that over half of sites hacked in 2018 were done so for SEO reasons. These hacks target web sites in order to try to manipulate the success of a site’s SEO campaign and boost its rankings in Google, Bing or other search engines.

The report shows that 51.3 percent of all infection cases in 2018 were related to SEO spam campaigns, which is up 7.3 percent from the previous year, making it one of the fastest growing families of hacks in the past year. The “SEO Spam family” as Sucuri defines it “is comprised of attacks that specifically target the manipulation of search engine optimization.”

The growth. Year-over-year, SEO related hacks grew 7.3 percent, this is up from up from 44 percent in 2017. The blue line in the chart below shows the growth of spam attacks over the past year by quarter, which includes SEO spam, backdoor and malware injections:

Hard to detect. The security company said this form of hacking extremely hard to detect. “They are difficult to detect and have a strong economic engine driven by impression-based affiliate marketing,” per the report.

Search Engine Poisoning. The most use method is what is called “Search Engine Poisoning (SEP)” attacks. This is where attackers attempts to abuse a site rankings in the search results in order to monetize the site. It typically occurs via PHP, database injections, or .htaccess redirects.

“Websites impacted by SEO attacks often become infected with spam content or redirect visitors to spam-specific pages. Unwanted content is regularly found in the form of pharmaceutical ad placements but may also include injected content for other popular industries like fashion or entertainment (i.e. pornographic material, essay writing, fashion brands, loans, and online gambling),” the report explained.

Why you should care. It may be that your web site is hacked and you don’t even know it. Google is pretty good at notifying site owners of potential hacks via Google Search Console, so verifying your property with Search Console is a first step. Bing Web Master Tools has similar notifications.  In addition, it is recommended you keep your web site up-to-date and on the latest security patches to reduce the chance of your site getting hacked.

If your site is hacked, it can not only hurt your rankings in search, but it can potentially hurt your web site visitors.

SEO Website Audit: Website Need One?

By | Networking Bizz SEO News

Do you really need an SEO website audit?

It’s amazing how many businesses put their heart, souls and (often) a lot of money into creating a website but then neglect to monitor how it’s performing, especially when it’s been established for a while.

This means that issues such as broken links, slow page loading times, duplicate content, and missing meta data can all go unnoticed while collectively chipping away at the website’s rankings.

Ask yourself how much you know about your website right now.

  • How many backlinks do you have?
  • Do you know your site’s Domain Authority?
  • Which are the highest domain sites linking back to yours?
  • Are there broken links on your site?
  • Are you using temporary or permanent redirects in the appropriate places?
  • Are you using Schema Markup?
  • Could your URL structure be hurting your SEO efforts?
  • Does every page have a focus keyword and relevant meta data that follows best practice (e.g. right length, call to action, reflecting accurately what the page is about)?
  • Is your site mobile-friendly?

If you’re not able to answer these questions then you probably need an SEO website audit.

In fact, I would always recommend conducting a website audit before you create or make changes to your SEO strategy.

It will help you to form a better picture of what you’re already doing well and where there is room for improvement. You can also hone in on the most critical issues, helping you to prioritise what needs to be done next.

The goals behind an SEO website audit.

It’s crucial to have clear goals behind your SEO website audit and subsequent SEO strategy so you know why you’re doing what you’re doing.

I think the following three goals work well for most businesses:

  1. Increase the targeted organic traffic coming to the website via search engines
  2. Improve the website’s conversion rates, i.e. visitors performing certain actions such as signing up for a free download, filling out an enquiry form or making a purchase
  3. Grow the revenue created by the website

You might also want to add a goal that’s about ranking higher than your local competitors, out-performing them for specific keywords or occupying a niche for which they don’t cater.

What’s covered in an SEO website audit?

As you’re probably aware, the search engines’ algorithms are constantly evolving and being tweaked to return the best search results.

Google, for example, has never published a definitive list of the hundreds of factors that can affect rankings, although – through a process of research, analysis and observation – we can make some sensible assumptions about some of the key ranking signals.

For this reason, SEO professionals may present website audits differently and focus on different factors, depending on what they feel are the most relevant to achieving your goals.

Broadly speaking though, a professional SEO website audit will cover topics/issues such as:

  • Crawl diagnostics
  • Page speed
  • Mobile usability
  • On-site optimisation
  • Off-site optimisation

Let’s take a look at these topics in more detail:

  • Crawl diagnostics

Could there be any issues that are affecting how search engines are able to crawl some or all pages of your website?

Technical issues such as ‘Page not found’ messages or pages with incorrect redirects can send both users and search engines to the wrong URL, negatively affecting how they interact with your site.

Google has what is known as a ‘Crawl budget’, which it defines as ‘the number of URLs Googlebot can and wants to crawl’ on each website. It’s a balancing act between not putting too much strain on your host server and meeting the crawl demand for your site based on how popular it is versus how much stale content you have.

To make the most of the crawl budget allocated to your site, it’s important to make crawling your pages as quick, easy and logical as possible.

Duplicate content is another common issue usually caused by:

  1. Issues with the technical build of the site; or
  2. Physical content that is the same on two or more pages of your site.When, for example, websites can be accessed by https://www.domain.com or https://domain.com (without the www), search engines will see this as two separate versions of the site, unless told otherwise. This means every page could count as duplicate content that may have its rankings penalised as a result.In order to fix duplicate content issues, you’ll need to specify which of the duplicates is the “correct” one.

    There are three main ways to do this:

    1. Setting up a 301 redirect from the “duplicate” page to the original content page
    2. Applying a canonical tag (e.g. rel canonical) to the master versions of each page that you dowant search engines to index
    3. Using the parameter handling tool in Google Search Console.

    A website audit may also explore any design elements of your website that affect the user experience. This could include widgets, plugins, call to action button sizes and positions for mobile users, ad placements, external embedded media, image sizes and other issues.

    • Page speed

    How long does it take for your web pages to load? Are there any that are slower and what is causing this problem?

    The speed at which a web page fully loads can have a massive impact on your web traffic. Google has even confirmed in the past that Site Speed – and, consequently Page Speed – is a ranking signal.

    Pages with slow load times tend to have higher bounce rates and less dwell time. In fact, according to Yoast in April 2017:

    Google’s latest research shows that the chance of a bounce increases 32% when the page load time goes from 1s to 3s. 1s to 5s increases the chance to 90% and if your site takes up to 10s to load, the chance of a bounce increases to 123%.

    Therefore, addressing the issues that affect Page Speed must be a priority. A website audit should help you to identify the issues relevant to your site.

    • Mobile usability

    Google now does what it calls ‘mobile-first indexing’, which means that it crawls the mobile version of your site first, only crawling the desktop version if there isn’t a mobile alternative. This reflects the fact that more and more of us access the web via mobile devices.

    Is your website mobile friendly? Do you have a responsive design or, at the very least, identical mobile and desktop versions of the same site?

    If not, creating a good user experience (UX) for people viewing it on smartphone or tablets should be one of your priorities. A web audit will help you look at issues such as whether:

    • All of the elements of your mobile web page are crawlable and indexable (including images, videos and text)
    • Any of your content is wider than a mobile screen
    • Any of the clickable elements are too close together
    • Your URL structure is mobile friendly
    • Your website theme has been updated to the latest, most mobile-friendly version
    • web pages have good load speeds Google’s free mobile-friendly test tool can give you some top-level information about suggested changes you could make to your site but an in-depth audit is likely to address potential issues in more detail across your whole domain rather than by one URL at a time.
  • On-site optimisation

There are a number of on-site optimisation elements that can make a significant difference to your website’s click through rates from Google and also to how search engines understand the information on each of your web pages.

As I explored in my recent Keyword Research Guide, ideally each web page should have a targeted focus keyword or phrase – often medium-tail – that accurately sums up what the main topic of the page is about.

This target keyword should, if possible, appear in the SEO title for your page, the meta description, the H1 heading, one or more alt tags (only if appropriate) and other H2/H3 etc. heading tags.

Your meta data isn’t just about including the right keywords though. The SEO title should sum up what the page is about and the meta description should act as a call to action, showing the benefits of clicking through from SERPs to the page.

SEO titles and meta descriptions that are missing, too long or too short, or that simply don’t grab the reader’s attention can dent your SEO efforts.

Remember that, more often than not, an SEO title and meta description for one of your web pages will be the first thing that someone ever reads about your business – it’s important to make a good first impression. A website audit can help you find and plug gaps in your meta data.

Using a website audit as your starting point, you may also be able to build up a better picture of your current internal links and how you could develop your internal linking strategy to better tie related content together.

Let’s not forget too that an SEO website audit may include a section about your content quality and strategy. Which are your most successful blog articles? What search terms are people using to find your site? How can you increase the relevance of your content so that it’s more appealing to your audience?

  • Off-site optimisation

Your off-site optimisation is important to your SEO efforts too but sometimes harder to keep tabs on.

Google likes content that is shared because it’s an indication of trust, authority and relevance. Your social media presence and interactions such as likes, shares and retweets can give important signals to Google on this front so many website audits will include a section about social media within an SEO context.

The backlinks that your site gains from third party websites will also affect your rankings. Search engines view them as a vote of confidence so the more respected the source of the backlink is, the better for your site’s domain and page authorities.

A professional SEO website audit may well look at your current external linking strategy, linking domains and ways you can improve your domain authority.

A tailored SEO strategy

The findings of a professional audit typically form the basis of a tailored SEO strategy that highlights your priorities moving forwards. This may be broken down into urgent areas needing attention, new developments and areas for ongoing improvements and monitoring.

One of the many benefits of an SEO website audit is that it gives you tangible evidence upon which to base your SEO strategy. This means you know where to invest your budget rather than just taking a wild stab in the dark about what will work.

Is it possible to do a DIY SEO website audit?


There are some fantastic free or relatively inexpensive tools available, some of which I’ll link to below.

However, free tools have their limitations. When all is said and done, they’re marketing incentives to entice you to sign up to the provider’s mailing list and maybe invest in paid-for tools or support in the future.

This means that most free tools only provide top-level information or you have to audit your website one URL at a time, which can be time-consuming if you have a site with lots of pages.

SEO specialists have usually invested in powerful auditing tools that let them assess sites of all sizes and purposes. I know here at SEO+, we think nothing of auditing sites of 100,000+ pages because we have the tools that enable us to do this.

If you do want to carry out a DIY website audit, you might like the following tools:

  • Woorank
  • Screaming Frog SEO Spider
  • ContentKing
  • DeepCrawl
  • Oncrawl
  • Website Auditor

Local SEO an ‘artisanal’ discipline dominated by small agencies

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Roughly 53 percent of firms doing local SEO have 10 or fewer clients

A new survey from Bright-local offers a window into the state of agencies doing local SEO. The survey polled roughly 650 digital agencies, SEO freelancers and in-house marketers from small businesses and enterprises. The results overall describe a market segment that faces challenges but is upbeat — a reflection of the dynamic and constantly changing nature of organic search.

Agency size and revenues. A majority (54 percent) of those doing local SEO are smaller agencies and small businesses themselves. However, the number of large agencies involved with local SEO grew somewhat compared with two years ago.

The majority of respondents had fewer than 20 SEO clients, with 53 percent having fewer than 10. The largest group (65 percent) were making less than $1 million annually from their SEO customers (some much less); roughly 18 percent were making between $1 million and $5 million and 6 percent were making more than $5 million annually. And 18 percent said they didn’t know how much they were making from local SEO clients.

Monthly retainer amounts were all over the place, but the bulk (59 percent) were in the $100 to $1,000 range. In terms of hourly rates, 30 percent of respondents were charging between $50 and $100, and 34 percent charged between $100 and $150, with 28 percent charging more than that. The vast majority of practitioners (83 percent) were making $100,000 or less in salary, with 17 percent earning over that amount.

Results hard to deliver. A majority (56 percent) said it will be more challenging to deliver local SEO results for clients this year, but that number is actually down from 2017. In other words, more SEOs are upbeat about potential performance. Indeed, 93 percent of the marketers surveyed said they are “fairly optimistic” or “very optimistic” about the outlook for the SEO industry overall.

The local search marketing services most in demand from clients were:

  1. Web design.
  2. On-site optimization.
  3. SEO audits and analysis.
  4. PPC
  5. GMB optimization.
  6. Social media.
  7. Reputation management.
  8. Citation management.
  9. Link building and content outreach.
  10. Content creation and optimization.

Asked about how they got new clients, practitioners responded that word of mouth was the leading source, followed by SEO itself. Content marketing was number three, local business groups was next, followed by PPC advertising, then conferences and Facebook. The latter dropped as a source of new business from number three last year to number seven this year.

Why you should care. Far from being dead, SEO business appears to be growing for the agencies participating in the survey. However, local SEO is a sub-segment that, for the moment, is dominated by smaller firms and smaller dollars.

Many people in the industry treat local SEO as a niche or see it purely as a concern for small business. However, the truth is the opposite; it’s something that every business or brand that sells through physical stores or service outlets should be focused on.

Four E-Commerce SEO Trends To Prepare For In 2019

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Tech giants like Google and Facebook continue to invest time, money and energy into the development of their algorithms. As a result, search engine optimization (SEO) trends and marketing tactics are constantly changing.

Meanwhile, e-commerce businesses that already have SEO marketing strategies in place need to also adapt to these changes if they want to remain relevant and dominate their respective markets. Make one SEO mistake, and you could set your business back significantly.

That’s why it’s important to maintain a firm grasp on the latest e-commerce SEO trends as they emerge and leverage them so you can start 2019 at the top.

1. Voice Search

While most people were still sleeping on voice technology, trailblazers like Gary VaynerchU.K., owner of VaynerMedia and author of Crushing It! (highly recommended read), were already advising business owners to hop on these platforms.

If you’re one of the lucky few who listened and became an early adopter, then you’re probably starting to reap the benefits. Alexa, Siri and Cortana are fast becoming an indelible part of our daily experience, as you can now interact with them on your phone, in your car and at home.

You can apply the 24/7 access this technology gives you to your customers by using smart SEO tactics. Start by working on optimizing your questions. When you use voice search, most searches are in the form of questions, not disconnected phrases. For instance, rather than saying “winter jackets Toronto,” most users will search “Where can I find a winter wear store in Toronto?” Therefore, it is essential to structure your website content in such a way that it answers your potential customers’ questions, incorporates trigger words (e.g., how, what, best, etc.) and avoids flatly feeding in keywords.

In a voice-search-dominated world, one of the most important things will be obtaining the featured snippet spot (or position zero). For Google, the snippet is the zero-result, and it places it higher than any other search result in a query. To further optimize your content for featured snippets, remember to include the most relevant keywords in the page URL, title and H1 tag. When using voice search, people tend to place a query in the way they speak in their day-to-day life. Google shows that about 70% of voice searches are in a natural language, unlike the keywords people usually type in.

2. Brand-Building And Conversions

For a business-oriented e-commerce site owner, I believe conversions trump rankings every time. That’s because while rankings are great at attracting traffic, conversions are what put money on the table.

Link-building has always been an essential aspect of any e-commerce store owner’s SEO marketing arsenal — and it still is. The only difference is that, moving forward, it will focus more on creating brand-building relationships with website owners and bloggers that are in your niche. Link-building should be done not only for SEO purposes but also to get referral traffic, which increases the overall traffic of the website.

As author and entrepreneur Tony Robbins once said, “The quality of your life is in direct proportion to the quality of your relationships,” and in this case, we can substitute the word “business” for “life” By forming strategic partnerships with similar entities, you can boost your brand profile and generate even more links. You may also want to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) technology to run your link-building campaigns.

3. User Experience

Google has always emphasized the value of user experience (UX). The ranking algorithm allots precedence to websites that are speedy, coherent and simple to operate. Research shows that websites with more than three seconds of loading time lose out on 40% of their website visitors.

Even if it isn’t a matter of internet speed, a fast-loading website with a confusing layout or user interface will end up losing visitors. They will simply bounce without wasting their time. This is why the readability of your website is so important. Content that is difficult to understand and mechanically filled with keywords is less likely to see returning visitors. But a good user experience extends the time a user spends on the website.

The focus should be on the user at all times. Therefore, it is pivotal to provide a consistent and flawless user experience for desktop and mobile. The number of searches on mobile devices has become significantly high and will only keep on growing. So, websites need to be optimized for use across all devices.

4. Website Security

These days, users aren’t likely to waste their time visiting a website that doesn’t have an HTTPS, or a green “secure” sign before the address. To most consumers on the web, HTTPS means that the website is safe enough to enter and share sensitive information, like banking details, at the checkout page.

Plus, Google rewards safe websites with good rankings and better visibility on the search engine results page, which gives e-commerce site owners a better chance of reaping rewards from their SEO strategies. Fortunately, there are many detailed guides available on how to migrate your website from HTTP to HTTPS to provide a safe browsing experience for your visitors.

The year 2018 bought us quite a few developments on the SEO front, and e-commerce business owners will do well to follow these trends if they want to finish strong this year. These trends can also give companies an added edge by the time 2019 arrives, which is right around the corner.

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How to Grow Your Facebook Fans Without a Budget

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Wish to improve the scale of your Fb neighborhood?

Need to keep away from pricey Fb adverts?

While you develop relationships with others in your area of interest and consultants, your Fb web page can simply develop with out promoting.

On this article you’ll uncover 3 ways to develop your Fb fan base with out adverts.

 #1: Visitor Curate for Different Pages

Curating content material for different pages is an effective way to community with different individuals in your trade, whereas growing your personal visibility and attain.

Select 5 to 10 profitable Fb pages run by firms providing companies complementary to yours, since they share your audience. Your experience will provide actual worth to their followers. Then provide to curate content material for them as soon as every week in return for credit score on their web page.

For instance, the CEO of an organization was a speaker at a advertising and promoting course, which spent some huge cash selling its personal Fb web page. Each week on “Mobile Wednesday,” this CEO could be the visitor curator on the course’s web page, and share fascinating articles on the subject.

On the finish of every replace there was a shout-out: “Posts today are curated by OnTheMob.” In addition they included a hyperlink to the corporate’s Fb web page. The results of this easy method was just a few thousand new Fb likes a month.

Curate content material for comparable pages to get observed by their followers.

To get began, merely ship every of your focused Fb pages a message providing to curate content material below a particular class for them as soon as every week. You’ll be able to even do that a couple of times a month. Nonetheless, the extra publicity, the faster the outcomes. The pages you method ought to admire the chance to combine up their content material and take a few of the stress off from posting.

Bear in mind, the pages you attain out to must be complementary, not competitors. Any direct opponents probably received’t permit you to use their Fb web page to advertise your self.

#2: Search Out Promotional Swaps

Seek for and checklist about 30 to 40 Fb pages for merchandise, companies or communities which might be complementary to yours. As above, these complementary pages doubtless share your target market and have roughly the identical variety of followers.

Right here’s the Excel spreadsheet template I take advantage of to trace partnerships.
excel spreadsheet template image

Make a listing of Fb pages that share your target market. Monitor responses on a spreadsheet.

After getting a great listing, ship every web page a message, explaining a bit about your self and your Fb standing (reminiscent of web page likes and engagement). Supply to say their Fb web page to your followers on a Fb replace in the event that they point out yours in return.

Here’s a pattern intro message to adapt to your promotional outreach.

Hello (Identify of web page admin),

How are you?

My identify is (your title) and I’m (title of name)’s Fb web page supervisor. I’d love so that you can think about a promotional partnership with our web page. I believe we will each profit.

Our firm’s Fb web page targets principally (audience together with: gender, age, occupation, curiosity), and we submit largely content material about (kind of content material you publish).

We have now (variety of followers) with first rate engagement charges. You may verify our web page out right here (URL of your Fb web page).

It seems like we goal an analogous viewers with totally different merchandise.

Would you think about doing a promo swap between our pages? You’d point out us to your followers and we’ll point out you. That approach we will each get some recent likes from actual folks in our target market.

Please let me know if this appears fascinating to you. Ship me a message so we will make clear the remainder of the small print.

Thanks on your consideration.

(Your Title)

When you attain an settlement, share your cross-promotional posts. Monitor outcomes so you understand which companions are good to work with sooner or later.

Promotional swaps between pages are an efficient option to get new followers.

I first heard about this method from Neil Patel on a content material hackathon. He praised this method because the one he used to develop his Fb web page for his new experiment,Nutritious Dwelling. Utilizing this idea, pages have obtained nice preliminary outcomes: 1,200 new likes in lower than two weeks.

Word: For this idea to work, it’s good to start out with three,000 to four,000 likes in your Fb web page. In case your web page continues to be gentle on followers, chances are you’ll need to attain out to your electronic mail record or take into account doing a reasonable Fb promoting marketing campaign to extend your fan base.

#three: Conduct Q&A Classes With a Twist

As soon as Fb launched the Reply possibility, conducting a Q&A grew to become just a little extra fascinating.

Invite completely different consultants in your subject to reply questions in your Fb web page and rally customers to indicate up and ask questions in actual time. Followers can ask questions and interviewees can reply inline, making the Q&A simple to comply with.
q and a image shutter stock 19450945

Give your followers the chance to get solutions to questions from consultants. Picture: Shutterstock.

The get essentially the most traction for an knowledgeable interview, don’t rely solely on selling it via standing updates, though you need to try this too. Create a Fb occasion. It’s simpler and extra pure for Fb customers to share and invite pals to an occasion they discover thrilling or fascinating.

First, ship out a request to an knowledgeable or a star in your subject. Ask if she or he is fascinated with taking part in a Fb Q&A in your web page.


Right here’s a pattern letter to adapt in your Q&A requests.

Topic line: Reside Q and A on our Fb Web page

Hello (skilled’s identify),

How are you?

I’m an enormous fan of (weblog). I actually loved your article about (article subject + hyperlink). I particularly preferred your ideas on (slender matter).

I’m (identify of your organization)’s head of selling, and as part of that, I run all the firm’s content material advertising and marketing and social media efforts.

As a part of our Fb technique, we host one business professional a month for a reside Q and A at a selected time and date on our Fb web page. Our followers can take part within the occasion and ask their favourite consultants inquiries to discover ways to be higher at what they do.

I’m reaching out to you as a result of I’d like to have you ever on our Fb Q and A session subsequent month.

There are not any preparations wanted in your half, and though you’re welcome to share the occasion, we’ll do a lot of the promotion. You merely want to indicate up on the set date and time and reply questions for 45 minutes.

What do you say?

I do know you’re very busy, however we’d find it irresistible if you can also make time for a fast Q and A.

(Your Title)

Upon getting your visitor secured, create an occasion and begin selling it to your followers. As a part of the invite, ask individuals to love your Fb web page and share the occasion. Create a public occasion on your knowledgeable interview.

Announce the occasion in your Fb web page. Embody a hyperlink and pin it to prime of your web page. For additional impression, replace your web page’s cowl picture with a graphic of your visitor and occasion particulars.

Promote the occasion on Fb and different social networks, ship it to your e-mail listing and advertise by means of related Fb teams. Except it’s your personal Fb group, test the rules or ask permission earlier than posting.

Ultimate Ideas

Whereas there’s nobody magic approach to improve the variety of natural likes to your Fb web page, there are many ways you possibly can attempt to develop your viewers.

Simply have persistence and apply these strategies to your Fb advertising and marketing plan. The followers will observe.

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Top 10 April Fools 2016 tech company pranks

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Although not a legal holiday, April Fools’ Day is celebrated around the world as a day filled with jokes and general silliness. How did this tradition begin? well in all honesty it remains a mystery, some claim it correlates to an ancient holiday related to Easter. You may want to be a little more cautious or skeptical on April 1, since family members, friends, neighbors, co-workers and even teachers may try to tickle your funny bone with a practical joke or a hoax of some kind.

We have compiled a list for you, of the TOP 10 April Fools 2016 tech ( and some maybe not so tech ) pranks that may give you a chuckle, but be warned…can cause loud uncontrollable laughter at work ( which will make people think your very weird indeed)

1.Your Butt deserves the best: Artisanal Toilet Paper

This is single handedly one of the best April Fools practical jokes. Now you maybe telling yourself; this is not a tech company!. We know, but this is honestly pretty funny stuff. In all honesty, when does a company joke about its main product ( or only product for that matter )

We follow the hipster trend of artisanal/organic and you never know where it will lead you. Well with artisanal toilet paper, it can’t get any more organic than this. Check out the commercial below for some lolz!

2. Star Wars on Netflix ( Live action series ) By IGN

As a Star Wars fan I was screaming like a little girl in a candy store when I saw the trailer, but alas a practical joke by IGN. They gorgeously produced a live action trailer sneak peek named: Fury of Darth Maul Series. A very good joke by IGN. You caught us all and hit us where it hurts, in the heart…

april fools 2016

3. New Experience on YouTube, Introducing SnoopaVision 360, in HD

Now everyone can watch their favorite and lovable rapper – watching your favorite YouTube videos (yes like it sounds, watch someone, watch your videos). Don’t really know how this works, but sounds pretty interesting, sign me up! If you’ve noticed every video on Youtube has a new icon that does quite resemble SnoopDogg ( see below ), press it for more information and feast your eyes on this  “New and Revolutionary” Tech. This will truly be world changing technology. Great job YouTube…

snoopavision icon

snoopavision icon

4. Introducing the Silent Loo App! Be embarrassed of your poo- No More!

You never know when nature calls, specially after stuffing your craw with all those street corner tacos and tequila. We all know how smelly and loud explosive diarrhea can be, well now let an app help you with the loud part of this equation. Introducing Silent Loo App, available now in the App Store near your phone!

5. Introducing OpenTable Taste – Lickable Photos?

Food Porn on your phone! Start tasting your food before you book a restaurant on OpenTable! Ok maybe this is pretty far fetched but its a pretty good idea if it was real! lol April Fools!

6. Google Cardboard…..plastic?

What’s realer than reality? This product does not just raise philosophical questions, it puts you in the middle. Pretty funny how you can make a serious sounding video and dupe half the people around the world lol

7. Sony develops the worlds first- Proton Pack!

If you grew up watching Ghost Busters, you already know where this is going. If you did not watch the video and be amazed. Actually it’s not one of the best pranks since the movie is coming out, its actually quite lazy. But anywho it is quite interesting specially if you want to catch things not from this universe!

8. Google Express – Instant Parachute Delivery

The future of home delivery arrives today. From above. Google Express offers fast delivery of things you need from stores you love. With the new delivery technology, packages will arrive even faster and land anywhere you want them – whether you’re at the beach, in the woods, or even on a run. This may be a pretty dumb idea, but it’s setting us up for the very real DRONE DELIVERY Service….Coming soon….maybe.

9. Revolutionary Lexus V-LCRO Technology

Ok this on is pretty damn funny. When you drive your car at the edge of your seat make sure to stay in place. see video for some good laughs

10. Introducing the self-driving bicycle in the Netherlands

This spring, Google is introducing the self-driving bicycle in Amsterdam, the world’s premier cycling city. The Dutch cycle more than any other nation in the world, almost 900 kilometres per year per person, amounting to over 15 billion kilometres annually. The self-driving bicycle enables safe navigation through the city for Amsterdam residents, and furthers Google’s ambition to improve urban mobility with technology.

So this is one of my favorites and possibly setting us up for self driving vehicles? the world may never know… But the biggest invention, since the invention of the bicycle itself might be a bit of an understatement.

BONUS: Donald Trump….Trumps us all…Wait could this be real???

Thank you for reading and enjoy your day! contact us if you need any Ecommerce, or Digital marketing services!

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What exactly is domain authority? A quick infographic to explain it all

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So you’ve heard the term coined out there. Domain Authority or as other digital marketing experts / seo’s like to paraphrase -DA is now the single most important team to rank on all search engines. As of 2015 Google announced a whole new algorithm named Panda / hummingbird. This changed the whole game, and all of a sudden SEO and ranking tactics changed. It’s all about creating top quality content because essentially search engines want to deliver the fastest high quality information at command of a search query. A new ranking factor completely changed the name of the game. Domain authority invented by MOZ was quickly adapted as the top signal to rank. Building backlinks was always the top go-to way for SEO to quickly rank, once DA came into play this was just a small factor in a more intricate algorithm.

Obviously if you are a high authority or if you receive links from high domain authority sites search engines start looking at your website as having high “domain authority” and greatly reward you for it.

So here is  a quick infographic if you know absolutely nothing about domain authority. Contact us if you need a high quality digital marketing strategy, we pride ourselves in working closely to develop a high yield and return digital marketing strategy! Contact Networking Bizz Digital Marketing 


domain authority seo pasadena

domain authority seo pasadena


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16 Valentine’s Day Advertising Decide-Up Meme’s

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Searching for a sizzling date this Valentine’s Day? Need to interrupt the ice with that cute marketer at work? Want a superb one-liner for that lovey-dovey card you are making your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or spouse?

Why not open with a corny (but endearing) advertising pick-up line?!

As you understand, Valentine’s Day is tomorrow. And belief me, we take love fairly significantly right here at HubSpot. In truth, all the things we do is for the love of promoting. That is why we created this record of 16 ridiculous but hilarious Valentine’s Day pick-up strains (with memes!) that can assist you unfold the love together with your advertising and marketing colleagues. Assume you will have a very good pick-up line so as to add to this record? Share it within the feedback! (We like getting love, too.)

So what do you say? Are you prepared to your coronary heart to blow up with heat, fuzzy emotions? Listed below are 16 ridiculously tacky pick-up traces, simply in time for Valentine’s Day.

Disclaimer: We offer no assure that these pick-up traces will really work, and are due to this fact not liable for any failed pick-up makes an attempt, relationship functions, and even marriage proposals.

16 Tacky (However Lovable) Advertising Decide-Up Traces

1) “If men were landing pages, I’d only want to convert on you.” Tweet This Pick-Up Line

If men were landing pages, I'd only want to convert on you.

2) “You could spam me all night and I still wouldn’t unsubscribe.” Tweet This Pick-Up Line

You could spam me all night and I still wouldn’t unsubscribe.

three) “What do you say we bounce like a bad email?” Tweet This Pick-Up Line

What do you say we bounce like a bad email?

four) “I love you like a marketer loves reporting.” Tweet This Pick-Up Line

I love you like a marketer loves reporting.

5) “You’re like a style guide … you add consistency to my life.” Tweet This Pick-Up Line

You're like a style guide... you add consistency to my life.

6) “Baby, you can give me a call-to-action anytime …” Tweet This Pick-Up Line

Baby, you can give me a call-to-action anytime.

7) “I don’t need to look at more data. What I’m feeling with you is already statistically significant.” Tweet This Pick-Up Line

I don’t need to look at more data. What I’m feeling with you is already statistically significant.

eight) “Do you have a privacy policy? Cause I’d love to see your fine print.” Tweet This Pick-Up Line

Do you have a privacy policy? Cause I’d love to see your fine print.

9) “Me without you is like a marketer without analytics. Lost, visionless, and confused.” Tweet This Pick-Up Line

Me without you is like a marketer without analytics. Lost, visionless, and confused.

10) “How would you like to make a 301 redirect to my heart?” Tweet This Pick-Up Line

How would you like to make a 301 redirect to my heart?

11) “You must be an inbound marketer … cause you sure attracted me!” Tweet This Pick-Up Line

You must be an inbound marketer … cause you sure attracted me!

12) “What do you say we opt-out of here and opt-in to my jacuzzi?” Tweet This Pick-Up Line

What do you say we opt-out of here and opt-in to my jacuzzi?

13) “Just like your paid search campaign, you’ve made quite the impression on me.” Tweet This Pick-Up Line

Just like your paid search campaign, you’ve made quite the impression on me.

14) “What do you say we wrap up this blog post back at my place?” Tweet This Pick-Up Line

What do you say we wrap up this blog post back at my place?

15) “If I told you you had a nice pipeline, would you hold it against me?” Tweet This Pick-Up Line

If I told you you had a nice pipeline, would you hold it against me?

16) “You must be an SEO expert, because you rank #1 on my list!” Tweet This Pick-Up Line

You must be an SEO expert, because you rank #1 on my list!

Have Any extra? inform us!

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Is Search Engine Submission Crucial?

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The easy reply isn’t any – search engine submission isn’t vital. The vast majority of serps these days (most notably Google) crawl and index pages by following hyperlinks. Utilizing that logic, a single inbound hyperlink from any already-indexed web page will determine your web page to the engine. Subsequently, if that web page hyperlinks to different pages inside your web site, they may even be listed… and so forth.

Because of this, inbound linking is essential. In truth, buying back-links could also be an important of web optimization. In principle although, a web site proprietor shouldn’t should ’scout’ or ‘hunt’ for hyperlinks. If the offered content material is of curiosity, helpful, and/or necessary, there’s a pure tendency amongst internet customers to hyperlink to data. That is the idea for the Google PageRank algorithm.

With all due respect, submitting your web site to the major search engines can’t damage. Plus, it solely entails about 5 minutes of added work assuming you solely undergo the massive guys. And as soon as is sufficient… you don’t have to submit your website greater than as soon as. It doesn’t assist or get your website crawled any faster or extra usually.

It must be famous that submitting your website to Google, Yahoo, MSN, and plenty of others doesn’t value a price. Many website positioning corporations assert that that you must pay to be listed. This isn’t the case and I’d avoid these corporations. They’re cash hungry and aren’t searching on your finest curiosity.

Would you ever take into account occurring a trip throughout the nation with out bringing a map? It’s laborious sufficient to seek out your means in some locations with a map. How laborious would it not be in the event you tried this journey with out one? But, that is precisely what folks do each single day within the on-line world. They tried to construct their very own companies on-line with out having a roadmap to success. Then, after months or years of simply wandering round on-line, they provide up in frustration and give up. They stroll away saying that the Web does not work for them. The explanation it did not work is that they did not choose up a map and comply with it!

You do not have to finish up misplaced within the on-line shuffle. Beneath I offers you ten steps that will help you map out your course and get you began in the precise route. It is not all the things that you should know by any stretch of the creativeness, nevertheless it gives you a primary basis to construct upon.

Contemplate it your newbie’s map to Web advertising earnings.

1. Select a focused market

The largest mistake most individuals make when beginning a enterprise is that they select a product after which attempt to discover individuals who need to purchase it. If that’s the path you might be ranging from in your journey, then you’re going the wrong way out of your vacation spot. Sensible companies function from a distinct idea. They choose a market first, after which they decide a product these individuals are trying to find. In different phrases, as an alternative of looking for results in promote their product to, they discover focused leads after which ask them what they’re wanting to purchase.

Do not even think about beginning a enterprise till you already know precisely the place you’re going to get your leads from. Suppose focused clients first. Then, you may give you a product for these people. Would you reasonably have 1,000 hits a day at your website of a common viewers OR 10 hits a day of people who find themselves determined and prepared to pay any worth to purchase your merchandise? In case you are sensible, you’ll select the people who find themselves prepared to purchase!

2. Develop a Product

Subsequent, it’s essential develop a services or products for this market. Do not simply leap on the bandwagon of affiliate packages while you come to this step. There are three main methods to promoting a product on-line:

a. You create your individual unique product.

That is the perfect alternative you could have. In the event you develop your personal product, you may decide it is value, promote reprint rights to others, arrange an associates program, and many others. Do not inform me you possibly can’t do that. Tens of hundreds of progressive entrepreneurs have used their very own data merchandise to get their careers began. You’ll be able to to.

All through your life, I’m positive that there’s something you’ve gotten realized you can share in a How-To product. Perhaps you already know another person who has the fitting data for a How-To product and you would provide to assist them create a product in the event you each shared the rights to it. Do not simply bounce previous this chance and say it might’t be completed.

b. You purchase the rights to a product otherwise you JV for an offline product.

You should buy the rights to profitable merchandise for $500 – $20,000. If another person has created a product that you already know your focused market is eager about, supply them a big up-front price for the rights to it. This manner you may get your personal product and by no means need to pay a penny in royalties. You may as well search via magazines your focused market reads and search for merchandise persons are promoting. Then, give them a name and ask for the unique Web rights to their product for a sure proportion of the earnings or an up-front charge.

c. You be part of an associates program.

If you’re simply beginning out on-line, this could be a sensible choice. You do have to remember although that it does not supply fairly the revenue potential that creating your individual product or acquiring rights to at least one has.When selecting an associates program, make it possible for it’s one thing your focused market can’t be with out. They completely must have it. Additionally pay particular consideration to the earnings you obtain from every sale.

In case you are solely be paid 5% commissions on the gross sales of $10 books, you’ll solely be making 50 cents per buyer. It will take 2,000 clients simply to product $1,000 in income. You can not generate profits like this on-line! Search for larger priced merchandise and better commissions…particularly commissions within the 25% or larger vary.

three. Create a USP

Create a Distinctive Promoting Place in your services or products. Too many firms are simply making an attempt to be me-too corporations on-line. You can’t be identical to the following man and anticipate to make a revenue in a worldwide economic system. Simply going to the subsequent man’s website to order is simply too straightforward in your prospects.

It’s a must to create a Uniqueness to your product or supply. What are you able to provide that nobody else can? Are you able to provide higher ensures, higher customer support, extra technical help, quicker transport, or decrease costs. Consider one thing that can set you aside from all your on-line rivals and inform in full element what it’s.

four. Decide a Area Identify and Internet hosting Service

The following step is to choose a site title that describes your organization, USP, and supply. Attempt to preserve them as brief and descriptive about your corporation as doable. Keep away from utilizing dashes or misspellings of your product. Each of this stuff will trigger individuals to depart out a part of your area in the event that they kind it in. Another person will likely be getting free visitors that you just labored laborious to acquire.

For internet hosting, I personally select to make use of Virtualis since they’ve the Quickest customer support and technical help within the trade. Take a look at them out. They may reply to you throughout the hour…anytime 24 hours a day. No different firm I’ve ever been with has even come shut!

5. Develop a Buyer Pleasant Web site

The subsequent step within the course of is to develop your website and put it up for the world to see. If you’re planning to personal a full-time Web enterprise, I like to recommend that you simply discover ways to design the location your self utilizing one among dozens of applications that are available at any software program retailer.

You’ll save a lot cash if you are able to do the work your self on simply the enhancing alone as your website grows. In case your principal enterprise is offline and you’re simply including a secondary earnings, then it’s possible you’ll need to take into account having knowledgeable do your website for you.

When designing your website, preserve the shopper in thoughts all the time. Present order varieties for on-line bank card orders. Make the entire hyperlinks straightforward to know. Attempt to maintain your website easy. Suppose like a buyer, not the enterprise proprietor.

Your clients will not be almost as keen on your enterprise as you’re. Ensure to place the advantages of your web site and your USP proper on prime of the location. Greater than half of the online surfers by no means drop down previous the primary display full of data. So, it’s a must to give them the knowledge they want as rapidly as doable. The foundations for any sort of enterprise are Advantages, Advantages, and extra Advantages.

6. Supply a Freebie

One of many main keys to growing site visitors and gross sales at your web site is to all the time supply some sort of freebie as a drawing issue. For instance, I provide dozens of free stories, climate stories, information, and extra. My biggest drawing issue all through the previous eight months although has been the 2 free e-books which we provide on our web site to individuals who subscribe to this text.

It’s essential give you a freebie it doesn’t matter what sort of enterprise you might be in. Create a free report and provides it away. Add in a message board or another kind of CGI program in your web site. Give a free demo of your software program. Create one thing you can give away totally free in your website to attract within the guests.

7. Begin Your Personal Choose-In Checklist

Nearly each full-time Web marketer I do know has developed their very own Choose-in electronic mail listing of some sort. For many of them, it’s a weekly publication they ship out by electronic mail. For others, it could be a Tip of the Day. Different folks would possibly simply have an inventory that they ship out essential updates to.

It doesn’t matter what you select to do, odds can be in your facet in case you think about constructing a listing of loyal e-mail subscribers. Very hardly ever do prospects buy from you the primary time they go to your web site. Most of them will get in your listing, hang around for a number of weeks or months, after which they purchase from you. They should get to know you earlier than they’re keen to spend their cash with you.

I’ve discovered that the simplest leads come from offline promoting. For instance, you would buy advertisements in a preferred focused journal for your online business. You could possibly additionally buy a postcard in one of many card decks. Begin up a co-op and get 10 different individuals to promote with you and run your individual adverts without cost. Offline leads which come to your website typically prove to comprise a a lot increased proportion of consumers than any of the internet advertising strategies.
As soon as you place our brief 10 step define collectively you might have a primary map to creating your individual Web success story. You would not take into account occurring a visit with no map. So do not attempt to go it alone on-line and not using a map.
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Can Any Inbound Linking Harm My Rating?

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The reply is easy – inbound linking can not harm your search rating. How is that this recognized for sure? Effectively, for one, if inbound had been to harm your rank, your opponents would constantly hyperlink to your website from hyperlink farms. Such a state of affairs is past your management. Because of this, Google can’t penalize your web site for any inbound linking.

However, you might be penalized for illegitimate exterior linking. It’s extremely suggested that you simply not hyperlink to any web site or group of web sites that could be concerned in shady or unethical search practices. Doing so may end in being black-listed by Google, in the end ruining your website positioning technique. Keep away from this example in any respect prices and be sure that all exterior hyperlinks level to trusted and dependable sources.

Having been concerned within the web trade for a big a part of my working life, I’ve spent numerous time researching and shopping the web and studying web sites, primarily for consumer design analysis, but additionally for infrequent private use. The one factor that I discover most disappointing, is the obvious lack of thought going into web site creation and it is goal, which in flip creates a missed alternative for a lot of e-businesses to develop into profitable.

My private perspective on e-businesses and their web sites, is that if they do not take pleasure of their web sites and present to their clients a ardour for what they do, chances are high, they will not take pleasure of their merchandise, and the eagerness for offering good customer support may also be lacking.

What you could keep in mind, is that your site is a direct reflection of you and your corporation. The looks of your website is an important think about figuring out your potential success price. Briefly, in case your web site would not look skilled or pleasing to the eyes at first look, nearly all of individuals will assume your merchandise and/or providers to be of comparable poor normal.

On the different finish of the size, you could possibly fall into the lure of going overboard with the design and over complicate issues with incorporating excessive costing flashy graphics. It’s possible you’ll find yourself with an amazing wanting and extremely aesthetic site, however the hazard with that is that your web site could show unreliable and at instances could take too lengthy to load. There may be nothing worse for a buyer than attempting to go to a gradual loading web site, and most will shut the browser window in full frustration. As i am certain it is possible for you to to work out, this may in the end value you enterprise.

The opposite main consideration (if not an important) when designing an internet site is your content material. Not simply hyperlinks, however content material with ardour, relativity, and understanding to the client. When somebody is trying to find one thing specifically and so they go to your website online, they’re visiting for a purpose. Your website has one thing they need, Whether or not this be your product, service, and/or info. If they’re unable to acquire what they’re searching for, they transfer on to the following web site and so forth. To have the ability to get your guests to remain and go searching your web site, you could give them a cause to. Offering them with high quality content material will obtain this aim.

There have been numerous different lists and articles with regards to web site designing errors, however I’ve compiled my very own listing, from a designer’s perspective, of some pitfalls to look out for when contemplating both designing a web site or buying a template. Do not forget that the easy, clear, informative and nicely designed websites are probably the most profitable. If you’re a present e-business and your gross sales aren’t what you had hoped, take into account the above and take a while to look brazenly and actually at your website. Spending cash on bettering your web site is a a lot better funding than throwing cash away on attempting to promote and market a website that simply is not ok to promote your product or providers.

In case you are on the lookout for a template or a customized web site, pay attention to the above and be ready to ask your chosen designer or template supplier questions to make sure that your hard-earned cash would not go to waste on an inferior design, which incorporates any of the above. Asking questions will not value you a penny, and in doing so might truly prevent some huge cash over the long run. Getting your web site proper first time is significant when it comes to saving time and money. The sooner your web site is up and working correctly, the faster it is possible for you to to reap the rewards of a profitable e-business.

The prime mistake Newbies make is to place their web site identify into the Anchor Textual content. Until your web site accommodates your key phrases this can be a waste of a superbly good hyperlink. Do not forget that Google places a really large significance on these Anchor texts and they need to all the time use your key phrases.

The second mistake is making an attempt to place each single key phrase into your anchor textual content and provides that to everybody. There are two errors with this system. 1.) Google assigns weight to every phrase in anchor textual content so if there are plenty of filler phrases (frequent in lengthy sentences), they’ll “dilute” your goal phrases.

In keeping with two current surveys, performed by Forrester Analysis and Gartner Group, ecommerce websites are shedding $1.1 to $1.three billion in income every year resulting from clients click- away brought on by sluggish loading websites. If a web page takes too lengthy to load, your potential buyer won’t wait. Finally costing you enterprise.

Ensure you embody correct META tags within the HTML of every web page of your website. META tags are HTML code that allow the major search engines to find out what key phrases are related to a particular website. About 80 % of all web page visitors originates from the eight main serps. It will be a good suggestion to be sure to’ve performed your homework and totally perceive the right way to optimize your net pages previous to designing your web site. It will prevent plenty of complications in the long term. For additional info on META tags learn the tutorial entitled, “Building Your Site.”

Be cautious when choosing your background and textual content colours. Busy backgrounds make textual content troublesome to learn and draw the eye away from the textual content. At all times be constant along with your background theme on every web page of your website. Your website ought to be properly organized and uniform all through. Have in mind, colours have an effect on your temper and can have an have an effect on in your guests as nicely. Brilliant colours comparable to yellow and orange, trigger you to turn into extra cheerful or comfortable, whereas colours reminiscent of blue and purple have a chilled impact. Darkish colours equivalent to brown and black have a miserable impact. A great rule of thumb can be to make use of colours based mostly upon the kind of impact you are attempting to realize.

Your primary web page ought to particularly let your guests know precisely what you are providing. What number of instances have you ever visited a website and by no means found out precisely what they have been promoting? In case your potential buyer cannot discover your services or products, they undoubtedly will not waste lots of time searching for it. They’re going to go on to the subsequent web site and possibly by no means return. They’re visiting your website for a selected function. They need one thing your website provides. Whether or not it’s data, a services or products.

Design your website to be simply navigated. Place your navigation hyperlinks collectively on the prime, backside, left or proper aspect of the web page. Use tables to neatly align your hyperlinks. If you’re planning on utilizing graphic buttons to navigate your website, needless to say with every graphic you add to your web page, it’ll take that for much longer to your web page to load. If you happen to solely have a handful of navigational hyperlinks, utilizing graphic buttons can be positive. When you’ve got over six hyperlinks, it might be sensible to easily use textual content hyperlinks to maintain your load time down.

In the event you should use frames, use them sparingly. Frames, if not correctly used, could make your website look unprofessional. Keep away from making your guests should scroll backward and forward to view your content material. This may be very irritating and trigger your guests to go away. Should you should use frames, provide your guests a alternative. Frames verses No Frames. Attempt to preserve the variety of clicks required to get out of your essential web page to some other web page in your website right down to 4. Remember, your guests could enter your web site from pages aside from your most important. At all times have good navigational hyperlinks on each web page and place your organization brand on every web page.

Design a high quality e-book to present to your guests. It isn’t as troublesome because it sounds. If you happen to can create an online web page, you may create an e-book. The main target of your e-book ought to praise your site. Merely write about your ardour. In case your ardour is gross sales, then you can share a few of your information and expertise by designing your e-book to offer an entire gross sales coaching information. In case your ardour is dwelling primarily based enterprise, you possibly can write an e-book about the best way to begin your individual residence primarily based enterprise. If you happen to’re writing about your true ardour then you should not have any hassle developing with one thing to put in writing about. For additional data on e-books, learn the article entitled, “How to Create an E-book and Drive Massive Traffic to Your Site by Giving It Away.”

Having been concerned within the web trade for a big a part of my working life, I’ve spent quite a lot of time researching and looking the web and studying web sites, primarily for shopper design analysis, but in addition for infrequent private use. The one factor that I discover most disappointing, is the obvious lack of thought going into web site creation and it is goal, which in flip creates a missed alternative for a lot of e-businesses to turn into profitable.

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The Significance of Anchor Textual content in Again-links

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The significance of anchor textual content with respect to a linking technique can’t be overstated. Again-links are an enormous a part of the search engine algorithm. When initiating a linking marketing campaign, it is important that exterior websites hyperlink utilizing the suitable key phrases and phrases within the anchor textual content.

Nearly all the time, linking candidates will use the corporate identify as anchor textual content. This doesn’t present any kind of description of the goal firm’s services or products. Certain, it could be nice for branding functions, but it surely isn’t often wanted. Usually, firms already rank very excessive (if not first) for searches that incorporate their model.

Right here is an instance utilizing fictional firm “Acme Plumbing Supplies”:

Most individuals will hyperlink merely utilizing the phrases “Acme”. That is alright, however it doesn’t describe the corporate’s services or products, nor present any context. By including the phrase “plumbing” or time period “plumbing supplies” (i.e. “Acme Plumbing” or “Acme Plumbing Supplies”), you could possibly drive further visitors that won’t have in any other case attained the company website.

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Absolute Hyperlinks vs. Relative Hyperlinks – search engine optimization Worth

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The talk between absolute hyperlinks and relative hyperlinks continues to dwell on within the website positioning world. The person significance of every has been contested, however it’s broadly regarded that absolute hyperlinks present higher search engine marketing worth on the entire than relative hyperlinks.

Many imagine that absolute hyperlinks have much less potential for getting tousled when engines like google index your web page. It shouldn’t actually make a distinction, however many conclude that that is purpose sufficient.

Moreover, content material scrapers and RSS companies might ‘repurpose’ your content material legitimately (or not). In both case, shouldn’t a correct back-link be attributed to your website? This example favours absolute hyperlinks. Though this can be a minor argument, it’s nonetheless value contemplating.

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Strategic Use of Photographs in Search Engine Optimization

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When assessing web page construction and structure, there’s a delicate, but strategic method to make use of photographs in an Website positioning-friendly method (past ALT tags) that improves your search rank whereas permitting you to combine the mandatory advertising and marketing message(s). Confused? Let’s have a look at an instance:

Suppose you use a journey website and also you wish to optimize a given web page for the time period “Las Vegas hotel”. Suppose that you simply additionally wish to embody an attractive advertising message similar to “Book now and save 20%!”. The aforementioned tagline lacks descriptive textual content, however possesses persuasive traits. That being stated, you could need to place the tagline in a picture and the important thing phrase (i.e. Las Vegas resort) in a header tag. This locations emphasis on the specified time period, but nonetheless offers a advertising alternative with out compromising key phrase consistency.

In different phrases, photos are an excellent place to insert advertising messages that lack the required key phrases and phrases. Leveraging this system will be sure that descriptive textual content is listed, whereas much less advertising jargon is missed. The mix of keyword-rich content material and engaging messaging will fulfill each side of the strategic equation.

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Google now reductions all reciprocal hyperlinks

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For a very long time, reciprocal hyperlinks have remained on the forefront of most inbound linking methods. That is going to have to alter. Google now reductions all reciprocal hyperlinks. The algorithm has been altered to establish the alternate of hyperlinks by two events for the aim of accelerating their variety of inbound hyperlinks.

The idea of reciprocal linking defies Google’s authentic intention with the algorithm. High quality content material ought to entice hyperlinks. The trade of hyperlinks is nothing greater than a mutual settlement to unjustifiably promote others’ content material with the tip aim of selling your personal. Google doesn’t notably like this (see Hyperlink Schemes).

Some even declare that Google is now capable of determine three-way linking schemes (i.e. web site A hyperlinks to web site B, who hyperlinks to web site C, who hyperlinks again to A). Whether or not that is true or not is tough to say. One factor is for sure although: inbound linking methods ought to NOT be centered round reciprocal linking. This manufactured type of hyperlink creation shouldn’t be well-received and is finally a waste of time. As an alternative, deal with creating distinctive, high-quality content material in a given area of interest. The hyperlinks will ensue.

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