A Rant On The Verge

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A Rant On The Verge

the verge

When The Verge first launched, in late 2011, it was an immediate success – and I’m not ashamed to admit that I absolutely loved chewing through all of their tech articles, videos, podcasts, and shows for a number of years.


However, over the last two years or so, The Verge has been in a disgusting nosedive that they aren’t showing any signs of pulling out of – killing off any of the brand loyalty that they had and alienating longtime readers and followers in a spectacular flame flameout that I don’t think anyone really expected.


Things aren’t like the good old days


Right out of the gate, it’s important for me to tell you that I am not someone that goes crazy over the “good old days”, and certainly aren’t some kind of Clint Eastwood Gran Torino yelling at The Verge to get off of my digital lawn just because I got older while The Verge stayed the same.


No, objectively I recognize the fact that the world of technology and media has changed so much in just the last seven years since The Verge first dove head first into the mix, and also recognize that the kinds of articles I was looking forward to back then aren’t exactly the same as they are right now.


At the same time, however, The Verge is absolute garbage compared to what it used to be in the past – and that’s not just my opinion, either!


It isn’t at all impossible over there or even difficult) to find online post after online post, Twitter tweet, or Facebook update talking about how The Verge has lost its way, how it has alienated its tech community, and how it has not only “going corporate” but how it’s also folded to the pressure of advertisers, PC media groups, and a whole host of other third-party actors that have no real interest whatsoever in sharing or updating anyone with the latest technology news and instead are only interested in pushing their own foolish agendas.


The Verge used to have some real teeth but has been neutered in the last few years

the verge

The big thing that drew people – myself included – to the The Verge site and The Verge media options was that this organization had some real teeth and wasn’t at all shy about going after some of the more established tech companies out there for stupid decisions, anti-consumer practices, and major foulups that the overwhelming majority of mainstream media simply wouldn’t touch with a 10 foot pole.


The Verge built its name on the back of this kind of approach to tech media, shining a light on all of the ugly underbelly sides of the tech world, reinforcing technology companies to be honest and transparent.


Today, nothing could be further from the truth.


This is clearly an organization just looking to gobble up as many advertising dollars as humanly possible, a company looking to squeeze every penny possible out of media buys and sponsored articles, and a company that has clipped the wings of its writers and its hosts to make sure that everything is neutral – which means everything is useless.


Click bait is running show

Unsurprisingly, The Verge has also fallen victim to the same kind of trap that the rest of the media world has, pumping out stupid articles, useless gossip, and asinine “information” designed to get clicks and pump advertisers for as much money as possible rather than actually write useful information for folks looking to learn about new tech, about the industry, and about the latest goings-on in the most important industry there is today.


Click bait has absolutely devastated our modern society in ways that we might never truly understand and we can’t really blame The Verge for being part of the absolute shit show that modern media has become today.


At the same time, it would have been nice to see an organization that used to be about transparency, trust, open discussion, and actual information regarding the world of technology to have at least attempted to steer clear of this kind of nonsense. But I guess that’s asking too much.


The Verge has also jumped on board the identity politics game, but they’ve done so only by allowing outside authors and posters to write on the The Verge platform without any vetting and without any editing – giving them a voice that’s now attributed to The Verge that a lot of people are souring across the board.


A recent appearance by Dr. Matt Taylor, a British astrophysicist employed by the European Space Agency, was absolutely hammered by the folks at The Verge simply because of a questionable fashion choice he decided to move forward with. But the fervor that they whipped up over this “scandal” is part of the sickness of modern media today and a big part of why The Verge is so absolute crap and will remain crap moving forward.


Jumping ship without any lifeboats insight

the verge

I guess, at the end of the day, the most damning thing I could say about The Verge as a whole is that it is so absolutely terrible that I’ve decided to abandon ship completely on this platform without any idea or any inkling of where I’m going to look for the tech news, articles, and podcasts that I used to enjoy so much in the past.


Sure, this is a lot like jumping out of an airplane without a parachute or throwing myself off of the cruise ship – a sinking cruise ship, no less – without any lifeboats insight, but The Verge is so absolutely chunk these days that I’d rather go it alone then try and “survive” on a vessel I know is only going to flameout spectacularly in the near future.


What used to be “THE” place to look for technology news, updates, articles, and entertainment is now an ugly little shell of itself. That’s too bad, really. The Verge used to be a game changer in the industry that it helped to solidify all on its own, and today it’s been reduced to a joke on social media, an organization pandering for clicks and advertising dollars, and an operation that’s sure to see more failure than success in the near future.



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