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Monthly Archives

December 2017

5 Tools to Automate your Facebook Posting Efforts

By | Networking Bizz digital marketing

The life of the social media marketer is never a simple one. Not exclusively do you need to oversee one of the biggest gatherings of people in online history, you need to do it with components like diminished natural hunt and web-based social networking trolls, factors that can truly wreck your diligent work.

Also, let’s be realistic: Many web-based social networking chiefs have extra errands they have to deal with as opposed to scouring Facebook throughout the day. The present web-based social networking chief is responsible for numerous stages, composes web journals and online substance, is associated with business improvement, and needs to report numbers and figures to the enormous folks. How might they make their employment somewhat less demanding? By utilizing apparatuses that take every necessary step for them.

Sometime after the birth, Facebook for business come computerization assets that started to make the procedure much smoother. Today, you should merely connect with, calendar, and hit send, facilitating your workload and enabling you to focus on essential measurements like ROI.

In case you’re engaged with any Facebook administration and need to streamline the procedure, look at these fives apparatuses which can help you to robotize your posting endeavors.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a planning apparatus that can enable you to oversee, post, to screen, and break down your Facebook account. Overbooking, you can likewise answer and screen messages on the informal community. Additionally, Sprout Social enables you to abbreviate joins, connect photographs, focus on your gathering of people on Facebook, and tweak your posts. In this way, when you’re mechanizing your posting endeavors, you never need to leave Sprout Social to abbreviate a connection or discover who might want content the best — everything is housed in one stage.

Despite the fact that the huge bolster of Sprout Social is that it accompanies a cost, there is a 30-day free trial which can help you to check whether it’s affecting your Facebook promoting. Likewise, since it additionally offers investigation to perceive what’s working for you, it might be justified regardless of the additional cost.


In case you’re in advertising, I’m certain you’ve known about HubSpot, a standout amongst the most mainstream apparatuses in the amusement. On the off chance that you have missed it, HubSpot connects to your contact database, shading codes your clients and leads, causes you organize your reactions, and conveys genuine social ROI. As indicated by Hubspot themselves, it’s the device you have to quit sitting around idly with generic associations and disengaged discussions, especially on Facebook.

Not exclusively does HubSpot enable you to distribute to individual and brand pages, it likewise enables you to plan posts, connect content, and furnish you with the hard information you have to approve your Facebook endeavors. Additionally, with portable and in a hurry capacities, HubSpot remains with you wherever, at whatever point.


Not in stages like Sprout Social or HubSpot? For what reason does not look at Buffer, an apparatus which lets you rapidly share substance to Facebook from your PC or cell phone. As indicated by their site, once you “top off” your Buffer with content, the device will consequently post for you for the day.

What’s more, Buffer empowers custom booking, takes into account various records, colleague get to, and point by point investigation. With more than 1.2 million clients around the globe, you might need to take a gander at this useful device.


Hootsuite is an online networking administration instrument which enables you to remain opportune and over your Facebook gathering of people. Notwithstanding being a Facebook relationship stage, Hootsuite gives you a chance to dispatch advertising efforts, recognize and develop your collection of people, and disseminate focused on messages utilizing an online networking dashboard. Another emerge apparatus? Hootsuite gives you a chance to can contact gatherings of people with geo-focusing on usefulness, genuinely honing your group of onlookers and remaining over the discussion.


AgoraPulse is an across the board stage to deal with your Facebook page. The immense thing about AgoraPulse is that online networking supervisors can do numerous things with the stage, including the accompanying:

  • Applications attract more fans to your page and engage them with fully customizable viral applications. These include quizzes, photo contests, sweepstakes, fan votes, and much more

  • Advanced Statistics use real-time statistics to measure the performance of your Facebook page. You can also compare your advanced statistics to your competitors, which let’s you see where you stack up.

  • Moderation tools allow you to use tools to manage and moderate your timeline

  • Qualification collects and exports tons of information to your CRM and email software, turning your fans into clients

There you have it: Five magnificent apparatuses you can use to mechanize your Facebook posting endeavors truly. While each organization is extraordinary, try these apparatuses out whenever you need to facilitate your Facebook administration.

The Basics of Lead Generation Using Facebook

By | Networking Bizz digital marketing

In just a short period of time Facebook has taken the world by storm, changing the face of the online world as people know it. A company headed by Mark Zuckerberg that is now worth more than 135 billion dollars, Facebook built up a community of online users that has already surpassed the 1.23 billion mark.

These are simply practical reasons why business owners and digital marketers should use Facebook for lead generation. It has become a very useful tool for marketing and advertising, levelling the playing field for any business regardless of size, industry or even country of origin. The following describes the basic ways on how you can use Facebook for lead generation and attract targeted customers through its FREE or PAID promotion channels.

FREE Facebook Lead Generation Methods

Facebook, and the rest of the social media network community for that matter, rely on the power of word-of-mouth. Although it does not really involve actual speaking (except the video chat facility), word-of-mouth propagation exists within the various social activities users can participate in to engage with brands, products and services.

These are free services that people can leverage on to reach their targeted markets within Facebook. But just like any other methods or tools available, there are certain procedures and techniques to follow so you can get the best results from your campaign.

1. Abide by the Facebook Rules of Engagement

Social media is all about engagement and Facebook is THE Social Network. Social interaction abound within its framework and users must abide by proper rules of engagement. With lots of scammers, trolls, spammers and other undesirables online, people have the natural tendency to engage only with people they know and trust. As a business owner or digital marketer, you can build up and establish this trust through proper engagement and giving your targeted audiences value for what they need.

2. Set Up Your Facebook Pages

Pages are great channels for marketing your brand within Facebook. It’s like your own website within Facebook where you can develop a following and interact with them through social signals and other available features available through your page. Customization is a bit limited though but you can make use of third-party tools and apps to improve your Page just a bit more.

3. Set Up Your Facebook Groups

Groups is Facebook’s equivalent of an Online Forum or Discussion Board and is very useful for generating leads and potential customers. Groups can focus only on one topic or genre depending on how you intended them to be. You can setup your Group as a member-only community, or have it Open for greater attraction of targeted audiences interested in the theme or topic of your Group.

4. Set Up a Good Vanity URL for Your Facebook Groups and Pages

Attract organic leads from online users looking for the kind of topic or theme discussed or presented in your Facebook Pages or Groups by using an appropriate vanity URL. That’s one of the personalizations Facebook allow users which is similar to the subdomains offered by free blog and website platforms. Make sure that you set a vanity URL that is relevant and can immediately identify your brand, product or services – making it easy for targeted audiences to find you at Facebook.

5. Post Quality Content on Your Profile, Pages and Groups

Quality content that your targeted audiences will be interested in should fill your profile pages and groups – it’s what social networking is all about. This could be a great article coming from your blog or website, complete with compelling graphics, pictures or video. You could also post a link to your Infographic and generate more leads. Post something that your targeted audiences will enjoy – enough for them to want to share it with others. You also need to post useful and relevant posts and content from other related websites so that your readers won’t find your posts self-serving.

You should also be consistent with your postings and do it on a regular basis. This is important particularly if you’re already building up followers for your brand. Keep your postings relevant, but at the same time your post should also generate excitement that feeds your targeted audiences’ need to be amused, curiosity-satisfied, and entertained.

6. Interact and Reciprocate

One of the mistakes people are doing right now in social media (not just on Facebook) is that they only care about promoting their contents while not paying attention in interacting with other liked-minded individuals which is actually the true sense of social media. Social media is about interacting with your targeted audience and like-minded people that may potentially turn on as a lead or as someone who may be interested in your products and services. The idea here is to connect with liked-minded people and if possible influencers in your niche or market then interact with them on their posts and share them to all your social media accounts. Slowly but surely these people will notice you and reciprocate your efforts of sharing their posts to your own accounts.

Let me also be clear that there is no guarantee that by doing this idea, those people will return the favor to you. It also should be noted that if other people are sharing and promoting your contents that you should reciprocate them by also sharing their contents and even thank or appreciate them for what they have done.

PAID Facebook Lead Generation Methods

Just like other Pay-Per-Click Advertising channels (such as Google Adwords) can generate highly targeted leads to your website or landing pages, Facebook’s paid advertising can significantly increase your reach in this social network, generating more targeted leads in the process. Not just any lead, but valuable leads that may eventually convert into a loyal paying customer – if you do the process right.

The right process of lead generation on Facebook using paid methods.

  1. Identify your target market (age bracket, gender, location, educational level, user device, profile interest). This process is very important, because targeting people not interested in your products and services will just waste your time and your precious advertising budget.
  2. Decide if you wanted to directly promote your products and services or create a lead generation sales and marketing funnel.
  3.  Split Test everything (ad messages, landing page, interests and images) and analyze the actual data. This is also an important part of the process because this is where you will see what’s working and what performs better.

Organically (meaning normal free posts), a regular post can only reach a maximum of 16% of your network. Using Facebook Ads however will boost this by as much as 70% — generating more social signals (likes, comments, shares, etc) to your posts, links, photos, video, questions, and other content. The following can guide you on how you can set this up.

Standard Guide for Setting Up a Facebook Ad

  • You can either promote a Page or just a particular post when you make use of a Facebook Ad.
  • When you promote a Facebook Page, social signals such as likes and shares will increase as your posts generate more reach.
  • When you promote a particular post, you can do it directly by clicking on the Boost Post tab. Only page admins can see this tab which is found on every post.

fb boost post

  • The maximum reach of your ad depends on the maximum daily budget you specified. You should also specify what particular Facebook users – your targeted audiences – should be shown these ads.

fb boost post targeting

  • The higher the budget would of course mean greater reach – and bigger possibilities for generating leads. You can pay by credit card or through Paypal.
  • To maximize the effectiveness of Facebook ads in generating leads, make sure that your links and posts will eventually drive your targeted audiences to your landing pages. Just be creative in how you can incorporate this with the compelling content that you share

Facebook Paid Advertising Models

Different businesses have different ways of generating leads. Their targeted audiences vary in so many ways, so it is important that digital marketers make use of a particular Facebook Paid Advertising Model that will attract their targeted audiences. You can choose from any of the ones available below:

Paid Post Engagement – You can set this up by either using the ad manager or directly boost through the Boost Post tab integrated with your post which is only visible through your page’s timeline. The process is simple and straightforward as follows:

  • Select a post you want to promote
  • Click on Boost Post tab
  • Set your daily budget
  • Select your targeted audiences (either target friends of friend of your fans or target people based on Interest)
  • Place your order
  • Wait for leads or inquiries to come in!

Page Likes – Subscribers to your Facebook Page joined in by clicking on the “Like” tab. Page Likes not only provide an indication of the current reach of your page but it will also create greater awareness of your brand. This in turn may generate more leads from people who are already interested in your type of business, topic or theme.

Clicks to Website – Just like PPC advertising, Facebook Ads can also be used for generating clicks to your website or landing page.

Website Conversions – You can also promote not only your website as a whole but also the specific action you intend your audiences to take when they visit your pages.

App Installs – Facebook Ads is a great way of promoting a new App you have just created, enticing targeted audiences to install.

App Engagement – Installing your app should not only be the action you would like targeted audiences to take, but it should also generate engagement from users.

Event Responses – Facebook Events is a great way for promoting a particular event, either online or physical, and you can use Facebook Ads to generate even more Event Responses.

Offer Claims – Facebook Offers is also a great way of establishing your branding and increasing reach to targeted audiences. Facebook Ads can be used to generate more Offer Claims that will generate traffic that will eventually join your Offers.

Facebook is a very effective tool for marketing and generating leads that has successfully integrated the social aspect that is very important in this current online atmosphere. Unlike traditional media marketing that has no or one-way interaction, Facebook caters to the inherent human need to socialize – even through online methods – generating highly valuable leads for your business.

Digital Ad Spending 2018 Forecast

Digital Ad Spending 2018 Forecast

By | Networking Bizz news

Well, it finally happened.


2017 is going to go down as the first year in history when more money was spent by advertisers on digital and online media compared to traditional television advertising.


Yes, you are reading it correctly. For the first time ever, advertisers spent billions of dollars more on online in digital advertising compared to traditional television advertising, and the gap is expected to only continue to grow larger and larger in years to come.

Digital Ad Spending 2018 Forecast

According to research coming out of the advertising industry, digital and online advertising topped $209 billion around the world. This represented 41% of the entire advertising market, whereas television advertising only brought in 35% of the market – with ad spends of $178 billion globally.


Some believe this is a doom and gloom kind of situation for traditional television advertising, but it ends up that nothing could be further from the truth. Television advertising rates aren’t dropping right through the floor – they aren’t dropping at all – but are instead growing very slowly or holding steady.


It’s just that so many more advertisers are pouring a significant chunk of their advertising budget into the online market that the digital realm of advertising is growing so much faster than the television advertising market ever could hope to.


Research published by the Magna Research Group backs this data up. By the end of 2018, this research group expects online and digital advertising to grow by another 13% all the way up to $240 billion or so. Television advertising is expected to grow as well, by a much more modest 2.5% (coming in at close to $185 billion) – but all are expected to grow.


Things could be shaken up considerably across the board, however, as the Olympics will television and a big presence online throughout 2018 and the US midterm elections will also be a big story. Television advertising could grow significantly faster because of these unique “one-off” kinds of situations, but online is also expected to spike because of these situations as well.


Digital advertising is growing faster than everyone could have expected

It’s almost impossible to imagine now that there were some pretty smart, pretty strategic, and pretty savvy businesses, investors, entrepreneurs, as well as advertisers and marketers that believed the online experience to be nothing more than a fad and a tool that would NEVER become a powerful force for business just a few short years ago.


The internet 20 years ago was a completely different place than it is today, with it becoming such a big part of the fabric of our day to day lives. It’s impossible to imagine the world without the internet as it is right now, just as it’s impossible to know what the digital world is going to look like in another 20 years.

Major online advertising platforms – especially those run by Google, Facebook, and the like – are seeing significant growth in all of the online advertising channels that they make available. Google in particular has a bit of a stranglehold on online advertising, as they were one of the earliest adapters to this format and one of the few major technology company that built their foundation almost completely on the back of online advertising before it was popular to do so.


Researchers expect digital advertising rates to grow considerably over the next 10 years, especially as more data becomes available to better laser targeted advertising. Major companies like Google and Facebook have been leveraging data collection tools that give their advertisers an almost unbelievable advantage, but smaller companies, smaller media channels, and smaller digital platforms are starting to be able to utilize the same kind of technology as well.


Digital spending isn’t going to slam the brakes on television advertising anytime soon


Yes, we are seeing a fundamental shift away from television today in a way that most wouldn’t have been able to predict, and in a way that many legacy television companies almost refused to accept.


Just as Steve Jobs turned the music industry on its head when he unveiled the iTunes operation, new companies – companies like Netflix, for example – are turning the traditional television industry on its head as well with more and more people cutting cords left and right and abandoning traditional television along the way.

Digital Ad Spending 2018 Forecast

At the same time, live TV shows (particularly sporting events) still make advertising on television attractive enough for a large media purchasers. The rates for these advertisements are dropping across the board – though marquee events like the Super Bowl are still charging higher and higher fees for advertisements every year – and TV advertising definitely isn’t going away anytime soon.


There has been some cannibalization of television advertising budgets, but the overwhelming majority of companies are looking for new ways to spend the same amount of money on television while at the same time pouring new money into digital media.


Digital media does have a significant advantage over legacy channels


There is a huge advantage that digital media and digital advertisers have over those legacy channels like television, and that is the ease and efficiency of tracking, measuring, and optimizing advertisements that are placed in the digital realm.


Digital advertising offers marketers and advertisers the opportunity to track and measure their progress in a way that legacy media never could. Thanks in large part to technology, digital advertisements are more measured, more optimized, and more targeted than traditional media ever was, and it ends up that it’s a lot more efficient to modify and adapt major digital campaign compared to more traditional television spots.


It will be very interesting to see how the advertising spend is split in the future between digital media and national television media. As more and more companies jump on board digital media, the television media may become less cluttered and less crowded – with rates (ideally) dropping at the same time.


The prices on televised media drop considerably, more people may begin to take advantage of media – and with less competition in the space these advertisements may become more effective.


One thing is for certain, however. Digital advertising and going anywhere anytime soon.


Social Media Trends 2018

How to Build Social Media Trends 2018

By | Networking Bizz digital marketing

Since the inception of the internet, it has given birth to a lot of new online trends that has wrapped the world in its charm. But the one thing that has undergone a drastic change after the advent of the internet is the world of marketing. Today, because of the internet there are hundreds of marketing tricks or strategies that have come into existence. And not to mention that these new marketing strategies have proved to be much better than the traditional ones. After all, these online marketing strategies are more successful in grabbing the attention of the customers and also it is comparatively more cost-effective than the traditional marketing strategies. Today, in this article we are going to discuss one such marketing trend that is capable of generating customers like a machine gun! It is also among the top social media trends 2018.

Social Media Trends 2018

High Converting Websites

For businesses that have their own website, they always have to come up with something new in order to generate more clients or customers. And therefore, they are always busy improving their website so that they have something interesting to offer every time their potential customers visit their site. If you are among one of that businessman who is in a desperate state of looking for a way to turn his website into a customer generating machine then, you have come to the right place.

The problem with most of the websites these days are that they either look as if all the contents are just put in it in a very hasty manner or as if the website was built to show off the graphic masterpiece. And the worst part is most business owners don’t even realize this. You see it; your customers don’t find what they are looking for on your website then they will simply lose interest in it and shift to some other website. If you don’t want that to happen with your website then, you have to make sure that your website is up to the mark. In order to do so, you may have to redesign your website so that it can be turned into a customer luring machine!

Steps To Build a High Converting Website Design

With a few easy steps, even you can turn your website into a customer magnet. All you need is a bit of professional help, and that’s all. For your knowledge Networking, Bizz is one of the top Pasadena web design companies that you can take help from. For any website design related stuff you can hire the mentioned company which is Pasadena social media e-commerce top designing firm and get the best of the services. Now let’s learn the steps to create a high converting website design.

You need to start with:

  1. Focus on Your Website Foundation: A website cannot be successful without a good foundation and therefore, there is every need for you to focus your attention on it. What is the point of having a website if, people are going just to visit and leave within a few minutes, unsatisfied? In order to make your website up to the mark, you need the following things:


  • An Eye-Catching Design: Having an attractive website design indicates that you are serious about your business. And if, you are serious about your business then, your customers will also take you seriously. And this is where the need for a professionally designed website comes in. Remember, your first impression is the last impression so better make it a good one.


  • Keep It Well Maintained: In order to keep your website running smoothly, you need to make sure that you maintain it properly.


  • Make Important Things Easy To Find: The whole point of having a website is to provide relevant information to the customers. Therefore, the most important things on your website should be easy to locate otherwise your customers may simply lose interest from your website.

Social Media Trends 2018


  1. Drive the Customers towards Your Business Goals: The main purpose of owning a website is to lure your customers in order to fulfill your business goals. Because that’s where the key to success lies. You may have a great looking website and all but what’s the point of all that if you are unable to lure your customers towards your goals? In order to do so, you need to make sure that you have all the required elements on your website. And also, don’t forget to keep your homepage interesting because that’s the best way to grab a customer’s attention.

Social Media Trends 2018 

  1. Keep the Search Engines Satisfied: By search engine optimization, what most people think is Google. But you see that is not actually true. With all the changes that have taken place in the search algorithms over the past few years, the scenario has changed quite a lot. Today, search engine optimization is all about your visitors. So when we say to keep your search engines happy we also mean to keep your visitors and customers happy too. In order to do so, you need to keep your website mobile ready at all times. That’s because with the number of increasing mobile users the mobile search has already overtaken the desktop search. Also, you need to tweak your website pages in order to get more traffic.

 Social Media Trends 2018

  1. Build Your Email List: Apart from your website, your email list is also very important. That’s because with the help of these email you can directly contact the people who have allowed you to contact them via email. And not to mention, email is also one of the most effective sales channels. Therefore, you should never make the mistake of ignoring your email list. That’s one of your biggest assets in the field of business.

 Social Media Trends 2018

With these four above mentioned steps, you can easily generate more and more customers via your website. To stay in the race, you need to follow all the social media marketing trends that are on the rise because that’s the secret to success.


Christmas Marketing

Six Of The Best Christmas Marketing Ideas For E-commerce

By | Networking Bizz digital marketing

Christmas Marketing

Christmas is the busiest time of year for those who work in e-commerce, and getting your marketing strategy in place can help generate leads which convert to sales. In fact, the Christmas selling period online is also one of the best times to attract new customers and retain them throughout the year. This could be the best Christmas gift you get, as these newly gained customers can provide you with all year round sales and purchases.


So, what are the 6 best Christmas marketing ideas for the festive period? Read on to discover how you too can generate leads, gain repeat customers and make the most of the online shopping frenzy.


1 – Social Media Giveaways

Social media has a reach to more than 1 billion potential customers. The problem is, how do you get your Christmas marketing campaign in the limelight? The answer is simple. The most successful campaigns on Facebook involve a competition where one or two lucky winners will receive a prize for participating.


First, come up with an eye-catching image, which is relevant to your e-store and what you sell. Keep it as festive as possible. Next, write a short caption with the store URL, and then add in the terms of the competition. A simple ‘Like our page, share this post, and comment with a hashtag’ is sufficient to gain popularity.


Ensure you push the campaign and offer some great prizes. Every day you can add a few links to the comments section to further boost traffic to your sales pages and hopefully increase your customer base.


2 – Fresh Blog Content

While site SEO is important, one of the best ways to draw attention to your e-commerce store during the festive season is by posting daily content on your blogs and website highlighting your Christmas items and promotions. Blogs and articles can be written with SEO and are one of the best, if not the best way to draw people to your store.


The thing to remember when it comes to Christmas marketing with articles and blogs are the 3 C’s ‘Creative-Custom-Content’. If you are not a fan of writing yourself, you can look to hire an article writing company to produce your creative custom content for you. It’s important to get your thoughts and ideas across and then leave it to the professionals to do the rest on your behalf.


Try to focus your creative custom content on the festive season. Think along the lines of gift buying guides, product reviews, and the history of products or how they are made. If you have in-house writers, ensure that their article writing & proofreading is top notch. The absolute main point to take home is that you need content, content, content, and lot’s of it every day.


3 – Email Christmas Marketing Campaigns

If you have a newsletter Signup button on your e-commerce site then you can begin to send out a weekly Christmas marketing newsletter. Your newsletter can feature your current Christmas stock, any sales that are upcoming, and discount codes for purchases over the festive period.


A newsletter is also a great way to send out a call to action, and getting people to forward and refer their friends and family can be a brilliant way to boost leads and sales. No matter what it is you decide to write in your email newsletter, keep it to the point and friendly and ensure you highlight your main sales areas. Lastly, always include several URL’s to your site and keep the content festive and cheery.


4 – Opt For Paid Media

If you want to make an impact on the amount of traffic you get to your site, then paid media is the way to go. Paid media consists of Ads, which can be run across several platforms at once. The biggest site for Ads is Facebook, where an Ad can go viral and end up drawing in thousands more people than you had hoped for.


When coming up with an Ad, there are target words which act as a call to action and really seem to work, especially over the Christmas period when people are more likely to purchase goods than at any other time of the year. Keywords for Ads can be ‘Act Now’ ‘Last Day Of Sale’ ‘Christmas Bargains For 24 Hours’.


5 – Website Referrals

This is a great way to further boost your site’s visibility and get it out to a broader audience. The best way to find websites to provide referrals for you is to either find a paid referral service or direct email the company yourself. You can offer to refer them in exchange for them referring you. This not only allows you to target a wider audience, but it also helps build your backlinks and improves your site’s visibility in the search engine results.


6- Offer On-site Flash Sales Promotions – Then Share

If you are looking at generating sales leads this Christmas, then the final fantastic way of doing so is by providing ‘flash sales’ and then using a little bit of social media magic. A great example is by creating a flash sale at 3 pm every day for 1 hour only. You can use old stock in the flash sale and knock prices down by 50% or more.


Once you have your sale set, put together an eye-catching image advertising it and place in your e-stores URL. Show a teaser item if possible and make it clear about the huge discount. Then all you need to do is post it on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and let the magic happen. The thing is that even if people don’t want the item on sale, the rest of your store can be used to cross-promote items and help generate a huge increase in leads and conversions.


Final Thought


So, there you have it. Six fantastic ways to improve your Christmas Marketing campaign and improve leads and sales. Why not give them a go and watch as your sales go through the roof, right before Santa comes down the chimney.

Black Friday Online

Entrepreneurs Made a Fortune on Black Friday Online

By | Networking Bizz digital marketing

Most people just can’t resist shopping on Black Friday. They are hardwired to anticipate amazing deals on this special day of the year. Black Friday marketing inevitably pushes online shoppers into fast-paced “feeding frenzies”.

Experts believe that a staggering twenty billion dollars were spent during the 2017 Thanksgiving/Black Friday weekend!


Some consumers go all out by purchasing a variety of different goods from an array of online retailers, while others focus on just one deal which matters the most to them…such as buying a huge “4K” TV with a cut-rate price tag!


In order to maximize profits from Black Friday online, Web-based entrepreneurs need to have the right basics in place. This means impressive online shops which are are attractive, functional and designed to showcase products, product descriptions and slashed Black Friday product prices to perfection. Online shops need to offer a clean and simple interface for online shopping. People who shop on Black Friday are usually in a big hurry to lock down deals, so they don’t want to jump through a lot of hoops in order to finalize purchases. They are likely to bounce out of websites which make buying too complex or long-winded.



Entrepreneurs who choose Shopify as their preferred selling platform tend to make a killing each and every Black Friday. Their shops are first-rate and they have the “Shopify look” that consumers are so familiar with (and have grown to trust!). As well, they have streamlined e-commerce interfaces which make it so easy for Black Friday shoppers to select items and then check out.


Consumers enjoy patronizing Shopify retail outlets and they seek out deals at these outlets during the Black Friday retail bonanza.


To help you understand why Shopify is such a popular hub for Black Friday shoppers, let’s look at some Shopify stats for Black Friday 2017.


Shopify Stats for Black Friday 2017


Shopify merchants raked in a big chunk of the overall takings for Black Friday 2017. They earned over a billion dollars on Black Friday. This means that they grabbed one-twentieth of ALL proceeds for Black Friday 2017. When you consider the breadth and depth of e-commerce, that’s an amazing achievement. It shows that consumers do love the Shopify platform. They are comfortable with it and quite willing to spend their dollars at Shopify virtual storefronts.


So, which product categories dominated on Black Friday, at Shopify online retailers? Clothing was at number one. Over one million and four hundred thousand pieces of clothing were purchased via Shopify retailers. Next up was accessories. Over nine hundred and seventeen thousand accessories were bought. At number three was housewares, which racked up over five hundred and thirty thousand purchases. In fourth position was footwear, with over two hundred and two thousand pairs purchased! Next up were makeup and electronics. Food and games were the last two big performers at Shopify on Black Friday.


Where Did Customers Buy?

black friday online

Some cities were “hot spots” for shopping on Black Friday, via Shopify stores. New York City topped the list, followed by London, England, Los Angeles, USA and Brooklyn, USA. Chicago, Toronto, Houston, San Francisco, Portland and San Diego were also hot spots for Black Friday retail activity at Shopify.


During the Thanksgiving/Black Friday weekend, merchants at Shopify shipped out packages to a total distance of over twelve billion miles!


Smart Marketing for Black Friday


Shopify entrepreneurs utilized a range of trusted marketing methods in order to stand out during the Black Friday madness! Some promoted their shops via their YouTube channels, while others put information about Black Friday deals out there on their social media accounts, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. There are tons of channels for free advertising, most of which are social media networks. Some Shopify entrepreneurs hedged their bets by purchasing paid traffic (PPC campaigns, paid ads on social media).


These smart and savvy entrepreneurs also promoted directly via their Shopify virtual storefronts.

Black Friday Online

Shopify is a cost-effective platform which takes a lot of the guesswork out of promoting and performing search engine optimization. It makes life easier for entrepreneurs and this is why Shopify revenue went up by eighty-six percent between 2015 and 2016. The platform delivers for ambitious online entrepreneurs.


For example, when you sign on as a Shopify plan member (a free, fourteen-day trial is available), you’ll access a coupon and discount feature, which allows you to make and assign discount codes which help you to generate more buzz and more profits. Obviously, this feature was a popular choice with Shopify merchants during Black Friday!


Shopify isn’t the only multi-channel e-commerce platform which is cloud-based. However, as our statistics from Black Friday show, it may be the best of them all. The growth of this company is exponential and shows no signs of slowing down. As more and more entrepreneurs discover the reach of Shopify, as well as its appeal to Black Friday shoppers (and year-round shoppers), it’s safe to say that this platform for Web-based merchants is going to continue to dominate.


Black Friday is Important


Seasoned online retailers know that they need to rack up significant profits on the most important retail days of the year, including Black Friday. Black Friday is important and it’s easier to grab Black Friday sales at Shopify. If you’re not using this cloud-based electronic commerce platform right now, you may want to consider using it in the future. Switching is easy and you’ll find full details on how to join Shopify at the official Shopify website. If you’re planning a startup and you want a virtual storefront which is the perfect place to do business online, Shopify will also meet your needs.

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Now that you know more about how Shopify entrepreneurs made a fortune on Black Friday, you’ll be ready to get primed for a successful Black Friday 2018. This platform gives Web-based merchants the opportunity to connect with a massive global pool of prospective customers, who already know and trust the Shopify interface.


So, why not sign up for a free Shopify trial today?

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