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May 2017

youtube growth

How To Create Youtube Growth

By | Networking Bizz Business advice

A channel is another word for your YouTube account. It’s the place your recordings dwell and we are going to share with you how to create Youtube growth.

A YouTube channel can be centered around a subject, yet it doesn’t need to be. It could likewise rotate around a conviction, a man, and so on. Your YouTube channel ought to be certain to focus on a particular gathering of individuals and convey a certain esteem.

Normal Mistakes

Individuals commit three major errors on YouTube. To begin with, many feel like they need a top of the line generation group and favor gear. You can grow an exceptionally fruitful channel with essential gear.

Your cell phone might be adequate, contingent upon the kind of substance you need to make, the group of onlookers you need to reach, and the picture you need to introduce for your image. Begin with what you have, and conceivably put resources into a focal point for your camera and an outside mouthpiece to cut into your telephone.

Infrequently, a full generation studio conflicts with you, in light of the fact that the general population have an alternate substance center and expect higher quality. YouTube watchers, then again, are exceptionally lenient of a temperamental handcam if the estimation of the substance is high.

recording on a smarphone

You don’t require expensive hardware to begin.

Second, individuals don’t give careful consideration to the titles and thumbnails of their recordings. The vast majority of your YouTube movement will originate from related recordings, recommended by YouTube, when clients are review other substance; a luring title and thumbnail drive those snaps.

A great deal of the top YouTube makers invest the same amount of energy, if not all the more, building up their title and thumbnail than they spend on the genuine substance.

Begin in view of your title and thumbnail before you begin shooting the video. This empowers you to catch the thumbnail you require. For instance, a video about what to look like better in front of an audience needs a thumbnail that depicts that; it could be as basic as a photo of a horde of individuals with a focus on the principle point of convergence in front of an audience.

On the off chance that you shoot the video first and make sense of the title later, the opening may not exactly interface with the title until more than two minutes into the video.

Invest energy making a connecting with title and thumbnail.

The third misstep individuals make is taking too long to snare watchers. When somebody clicks your video, you have 15 seconds most extreme to identify with the title and thumbnail. That way, watchers feel like they’re getting the esteem they were expecting when they tapped on your video.

Channel Strategy

It’s essential to know your intended interest group and be sure about the esteem you’re proposing to convey to them.

Before individuals will devour your substance, they need to know whether it’s for them and why they ought to think about it. To snare your watchers in the opening of your recordings, address your intended interest group by pitching the estimation of the video, do some speedy marking, and present yourself. At that point convey the esteem.

Step by step instructions to Customize Your Channel

Consider setting up your channel like you’re opening an eatery. You have to get the mind-set lighting right, set up frameworks to work well for clients, and request the majority of the tables and seats. After you open for business, you welcome individuals to come in. Ideally, they’ll have a decent ordeal and returned to your eatery.

A similar thing is valid for YouTube. You need to set it up so once individuals find your channel, they’ll stay, watch recordings, subscribe, and turn out to be a piece of your group.

Begin with the header picture at the highest point of your channel.

The vast majority don’t understand it, yet in the event that you take a gander at your YouTube Analytics under Subscribers, you’ll see that the dominant part of individuals subscribe by tapping the red Subscribe catch underneath the header picture, instead of the Subscribe catch underneath each video.

In your header picture, attempt to convey your incentive to your intended interest group as outwardly as could be allowed. While you can put message on your picture, a great many people simply look at it and proceed onward. He takes note of that the header realistic scales in view of which gadget somebody is utilizing (desktop, portable, savvy TV, and so forth.). To make sure your header scales well, download a PSD format from Google’s Help area, which has the principles of what appears on which sorts of gadgets.

A decent case is SORTEDFood, which makes a decent showing with regards to with their channel trailer, header picture, and channel setup.

The following component to focus on is your channel trailer. Trailers convey your incentivized offer in more detail (in around 30 to 45 seconds). Rapidly snare individuals toward the start with a welcome, and afterward pitch your esteem and offer a couple of cases. End with a solid invitation to take action to subscribe.

Ought to individuals simply stick their best video in the trailer spot? No. Individuals are basically on the front of your channel since they’re pondering subscribing. Taking one of your best recordings may give them a thought, however in the event that they’re there surprisingly and feel like you’re conversing with them, the impact is substantially more grounded.

We suggest delivering your trailer in an indistinguishable style from your recordings. Set the substance desire for the watcher and be steady with your style.

Another zone to concentrate on is the playlists underneath your trailer; these are cases for potential supporters. Albeit supportive for substance cohesiveness, the objective of playlists is to inspire individuals to begin viewing a video and after that watch three more. Make a playlist like, “New to my channel? Begin here.” We suggest including just five, six, or seven recordings to most playlists so they’re simple for somebody to see totally.

Much the same as recordings, each playlist has its own meta information, titles, and portrayals; consequently, you ought to upgrade those titles. For instance, don’t simply name a playlist “vlogs.” Choose a title that is luring and illustrative.

In spite of the fact that you can have up to 200 playlists on a channel, we propose you show close to eight playlists on the front page.

The objective is not to demonstrate each and every video on the front of your channel. The objective is to pipe individuals from the header picture to the channel trailer to the playlists. You’re curating watchers’ experience so they feel like the recordings are important and will need to subscribe.

The playlists on the front of your channel ought to be improved for changing over the non-subscribed watcher into an endorser. You can then connection to extra playlists in portrayals, intuitive cards, and tweets. You can even set the playlists to auto-sort out themselves, either in order, by date distributed, labels, or in different ways.

Getting Subscribers

There are a couple of enormous approaches to get supporters.

One route is through cooperation with channel proprietors who as of now have existing crowds that may identify with your subject. You have to think “Where is my crowd and who else has them?” For instance, on the off chance that you have a caffeinated drink, don’t team up just with caffeinated drink channels. Consider connecting with wellbeing and wellness individuals, or gamers so far as that is concerned.

To work together, you can basically get together with somebody and make a video. Or, then again make a video that highlights your accomplice on your channel while they make a video that highlights you on their channel; elevating each other to your separate gatherings of people.

The takeaway is that you need to deliberately construct associations with different makers who share your crowd.

Your main activity hotspot for new supporters will probably be from related recordings. Individuals will tap on a video, regardless of the possibility that they’ve never known about you, the length of the title and thumbnail pitch an incentive to them. Thus, you get watch-time (the time span individuals spend viewing your recordings), and after that those recordings start to rank well, which means they’re appeared to others.

Start to consider ways you can bank off of related substance.

To truly grow a crowd of people you have to do four things. To begin with, convey great incentive to watchers. Second, do it reliably. Third, request that individuals subscribe. What’s more, fourth, explain to watchers why they ought to subscribe. The fourth is imperative since dynamic YouTube watchers inspire solicitations to subscribe constantly.

Does having endorsers have any kind of effect for future perspectives? In case you’re attempting to win AdSense income, Google doesn’t pay you for the quantity of supporters. They pay you for the quantity of communications that your watchers have with promotions on your substance.

All things considered, endorsers are essential from a SEO point of view since you have possibly more individuals viewing your recordings. More watch time is a positive flag for how recordings rank.


Fyre Festival Purchasers Trusted Influencers

By | Networking Bizz Business advice

Fyre Festival, a musical event, was arranged to be held on the Exuma, island of Great in the Bahamas. This gala event was supposed to take place this year for the first time and was planned by Ja Rule and Fyre Media owner Billy McFarland. Well-known international models like Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid took to Instagram to promote this mega event that was scheduled to happen over two weekends in the month of April as well as May this year. The plan was to provider VIP packages worth USD 12,000 which include travel tickets, luxury, eco-friendly tents, and cuisine prepared by top chefs. Day ticket prices were set at USD 1500.

However, there were major issues with the arrangement and organization of the event as things were not in place by the time the event goers started arriving. It was reported that instead of luxurious tents, the guests were provided with disaster relief tents with dirt floors and cheese sandwiches were served instead of promised exquisite cuisine by top chefs. There were complaints of mishandling of baggage, lack of security and it was evident that the organizers were unsuccessful to set up even acceptable food and accommodation facilities at the party site. They did notice the chaos on the island and tried to get a grip on the situation. But despite the efforts, the event was finally canceled after a stage performance of a musical group for few hours, on the very first day of the event.

Ja Rule reached out to twitter and assured the attendees of a safe return to Miami at the earliest, but without running water on the island and hardly any food supplies, visitors were left stranded, and they had to wait for hours at the airport as flights were canceled after the event got called off.

Social media was flooded with posts from different attendees, and they held the organizers responsible for the mega disaster. A lot of observers did not only put the blame on McFarland and his co-organizers but also accused the influencers who promoted the festival of being partly responsible for the situation. Instead of carefully examining whether what they were promoting is actually a genuine venture or not, these celebrities simply took the money and promoted an event which was hardly organized at all. They, thus, deceived their followers by making them believe the festival was a luxurious event and worth their money. This, once again, raises the question if celebrity influencers identify themselves with the events and products they promote or if they just cooperate with every brand or company that complies with their requirements regarding payment.

Nonetheless, it doesn’t seem the influencers were bothered by any of this as there were no reports of any sympathetic or apologetic posts made by any of these celebrities on social media and the organizers have been slapped with about seven different lawsuits, one of them seeking damages more than a 100 million and the others regarding lying swindling and cheating ticket buyers.

social media pr buzz

Eateries are Using Social Media to Generate PR

By | Networking Bizz Business advice

Social media offers restaurant owners and managers access to free advertising which helps them to attract new customers and retain the loyalty of existing customers. It’s a valuable marketing tool. However, some restaurant’s social media mavens use it more effectively than others!

Today, we’d like to talk about how the smartest and savviest eatery owners and managers are generating incredible buzz via social media. It’s all about using social media to deliver the perfect PR message and you can do it, too!

Creativity is the Key

Offering customers something fun and creative seems to be the key to leveraging a social media presence to the max! For example, you probably saw posts about the Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino all over your own personal Facebook feed during the short window of time that the famous coffeehouse offered it for sale.

This unique and colorful Frappuccino was sold for three days only and it generated massive buzz due to its whimsical hues, entertaining name and general novelty value.

Those who run or own restaurants and wish to practice the same type of buzz creation via social media marketing should take a lesson from Starbucks and offer something for a short time only, which inspires customers to come into eateries and get limited-edition beverages or meals.

Whether it’s a special burger, a decadent new appie or a cocktail which is irresistible, it’s important to have a theme for the special item. For example, it should have a name that is unforgettable and it should look different than everything else that you’re selling.

People love what’s strange and new, especially if it’s delicious, too!. So, you may want to spend some time thinking about what your version of the Unicorn Frappucino will be!

Starbucks certainly isn’t resting on its laurels after the success of its pink and blue Unicorn Frappuccino. Instead, it’s moving forward fast by capturing the public’s imagination once more! The newest drink for the Instagram and Facebook crowd is known as the Starbucks Midnight Mint Mocha Frapppucino and its dark color was inspired by the starry night skies of summer. It features an infusion of sugar crystals which have mint flavoring built-in.

Burger King is Riding the Wave

Burger King took a slightly different approach when it created an ad which basically hacked smart phones! In the ad, a man asked Google what a Whopper is. Google then created a response which came from its voice-activated assistant. VIPs at Google didn’t intend to annoy users with the ad, although they may have annoyed a few. They were simply trying to bust through the barriers that separate companies from customers and also provide some welcome novelty.

Naturally, most press has value, even if there are some complaints along with the praise, so Burger King VIPs were likely thrilled with the media buzz that they generated!

As you can see, it’s all about gimmicks which give social media users and smart phone owners something to talk about and new things to try.

If you want to create a gimmick which may just have the power to make your Pasadena restaurant the hottest eatery in town, but you’re not sure that you have the creativity and social media savvy to make things work, you’ll benefit from hiring a social media Pasadena company. A great Pasadena Digital Media company will know how to create a Starbucks or Burger King type of gimmick for your restaurant!

Why Choose Digital Marketing Pasadena

If you’re not using social media to its best advantage, you’re missing out on the most important conduit to new customers. As well, you may not be keeping your regular customers intrigued enough to stay loyal in the future. When you hire Pasadena Digital Marketing gurus to come up with a new marketing campaign which is all about capturing the imaginations of the people who follow your eatery online, you’ll be able to boost the odds of generating attention online which leads to sales.

Sometimes, outsourcing is really the smartest solution. People who specialize in helping Pasadena business owners to make their businesses shine via social media often bring years of experience and knowledge to the table. They understand what social media users want these days, they are inspired by the world’s most successful social media gimmicks and they are able to provide the highest standards of assistance. As well, they are true “creatives”, so they’ll be able to come up with the right marketing initiative in no time flat.

The cost of hiring a digital marketing firm in Pasadena may be much less than you think. It’s possible to access affordable services. If you’re not getting the social media buzz that you want for your restaurant, bringing in the experts will work wonders.

When shopping around for the right digital marketing firm, be sure to look at customer reviews, prices and company background. Also, don’t hesitate to ask a company’s reps to provide information about their most successful social media campaigns for clients. Once you’ve checked out a few companies, you will be ready to move forward and find one which is just right for your eatery.

Sure, you can try to come up with a gimmick yourself and you may be able to. It’s just that many eatery managers and owners are already swamped with tasks. For this reason, outsourcing often makes excellent financial sense. Time really is money. When you outsource and have a new campaign designed for your eatery, which is right in line with what social media users want to see online, you’ll free up your time and also know that your social media presence will soon be on point and on trend.

So, what are you waiting for? Choose a great company today and then prepare to unleash a social media campaign which drives more business to your eatery. It’s possible to improve an eatery’s reputation and fortunes fast with this type of gimmick campaign. When you combine novelty with real value, and a good digital marketing firm will help you to create the ideal marketing gambit, you’ll hit the target with consumers.

website design

Pasadena Web Development

By | Networking Bizz Business advice

The companies right now are busy promoting their websites on the internet. The Internet is the best way for promoting a website because there are millions of people that are active on the internet. Promotion is the newest trend of marketing. The views of the customers keep changing every now and then, and they can easily switch to the other companies. This is why the companies have decided on digital marketing, and now they have customers from every nook and corner of the world. People nowadays are also active on social media, which is why it is the best idea to own a website so that it can be presented to the entire world. There are numerous web designing companies offering this kind of services. The Pasadena website design companies are preferred by the companies, as they effectively help in designing the websites so that the companies can become very strong in the online market.

Pasadena web design and web development companies

The companies help in designing and developing the web with the use of graphics which is extremely helpful in promoting not only the products but also the services of the website. The latest designs are provided by the companies which are very smart and entertaining, and simple which is easy to understand by everyone. They design and develop the website in a manner, that when a customer visits it, he will be able to find all the details of the products and the services. Developing the website with Pasadena Web Development is very important. It is necessary to keep up with what the customers are expecting, and hence a website is an appropriate one to stay ahead in the market.

Need for Web Development

Listed below are the reasons as to why a company needs web developers for developing their websites in an organized manner.

  • Web development is the most important thing that should be done in order to attract the present customers and make more customers by directing products and services towards the target customers. This helps to increase the number of customers that are loyal, and also make a lot of new ones.
  • A web designing company helps in designing the website in a proper manner and makes sure that it can be updated if any new product or service has to add, or if any information regarding any offer has to be informed to the customers. An updated website keeps the customer interested in looking into the products and services of the company.
  • Selling the products and the services become easy with the help of the websites that are organized and taken care of by the web developers according to what the business company wants.
  • Web development has largely helped the business companies prosper in the world of digital marketing. If the website of the company is updated on a regular basis as mentioned earlier, not only the present customers, but also the target customers will show interest in the company, and think about switching to other companies.

Web development is very necessary to stay ahead in the digital world. Digital marketing Pasadena has the best companies offering the best services.

A Company Said They Would Give Out Free Swimsuits And It Backfired

By | Networking Bizz Business advice

A swimsuit company in the US is facing the prospect of having to give away tens of thousands of free swimsuits after a promotion on Instagram spectacularly backfired.

View image on Twitter

On Thursday, Sunny Co Clothing announced a 24-hour giveaway: Anyone in the US who reposted an image of a model in a swimsuit and tagged Sunny Co would be sent a code to receive a $64.99 swimsuit for free, paying only shipping and handling.

To say the promo went well would be an understatement – more than 100,000 people commented on the Instagram post, and there are thousands of reposts on Instagram from people trying to get a suit.

To say the promo went well would be an understatement – more than 100,000 people commented on the Instagram post, and there are thousands of reposts on Instagram from people trying to get a suit.

Thousands of people were trying to cash in on the deal.


About 20 hours after launching the promotion Sunny Co updated the terms, adding it can “reserve the right to cap the promotion if deemed necessary.”

Sunny Co said that this was due to the 'viral volume of participants'.Participants were also told that their swimsuits would take from three to six weeks to be delivered; that they would have to cover delivery costs; and no exchanges or returns were allowed.


Sunny Co said that this was due to the “viral volume of participants”.

Participants were also told that their swimsuits would take from three to six weeks to be delivered; that they would have to cover delivery costs; and no exchanges or returns were allowed.

And then the memes began to roll in:

View image on Twitter

View image on Twitter

-“this how girls gon be this summer after this sunnycoclothing giveaway”

The swimsuit giveaway got so viral, multiple Twitter accounts renowned for stealing tweets got in on the act.

-“Sneak peek summer ’17”

Then, a bunch of copycat social media accounts popped up, essentially scamming people into flooding the actual Sunny Co Instagram with bizarre requests to follow a Snapchat page.

The company was started by two dudes, Alan Alchalel and Brady Silverwood, who are both seniors at the University of Arizona, according to the company’s About page.

The company sells shirts, skirts, swimming costumes, and fanny packs.


The company sells shirts, skirts, swimming costumes, and fanny packs.

People have been angrily flooding the one of the founders on Facebook, as well as the company’s official Instagram, asking for their money back. Some say they ordered the swimsuit, entered the promo code, and were told they would be charged for postage and handling, but when they received confirmation of their order it showed they had paid full price.

BuzzFeed News spoke to several women who said they purchased the swimsuit using the “SUNNY” promo code. All of them provided screenshots to show they were charged the full price for the swimsuit instead of just the $12.98 for shipping.

All the women said they had sent messages to the company on multiple social media platforms but had received no reply.


One of the women said a spokesperson for Twazer App – which sponsored the giveaway – told her the company was flooded with orders, but would reach out to her, adding that “everything will be sorted out”.


The Pamela Sunny Suit is now marked as sold out on the site.

A spokesperson for Twazer told BuzzFeed News that SunnyCo is aware of the problem and are working to “ensure that everyone is charged appropriately for their purchases.”

“We’re both young companies and are a bit overwhelmed by the immense amount of interest in the product,” the spokesperson said.

“We’re very grateful to have such an amazing customer base and pledge to work with SunnyCo to ensure that all customers are charged what they should be and not more.”

BuzzFeed News has contacted Sunny Co for comment.

Web Design

Web Design Company Near Me

By | Networking Bizz Business advice

Why is a web designer needed?

A person who is inclined towards both the creative as well as the technological line, and makes use of these attributes for designing or even redesigning a website, is a web designer. The primary job of a web designer, as the name goes, is designing a web page. The web designer has to be very careful about the website he is designing, as well as the contents. A website that is targeted mostly towards the children has to be very bright and colorful, a font that is easy to read, and a lot of images should be there. This is going to make it fun for them. On the other hand, a website directed towards any professional, for example, a physician, has to have images and font that attracts visitors. A web designer basically has control over the complete website.

Website Design Companies Pasadena

There are numerous well-known web design companies in Pasadena. The Pasadena website design companies’ makes their clients assured of the fact that effective codings are the basic requirements of web design Pasadena and web development Pasadena. No matter how organized a website is, or how well designed it is, it is impossible to run without effective coding. The very first step taken by the web designing companies of Pasadena is planning. It is important to decide the way they are going to work, and according to the plans, they start with their work.

Website Designing Companies of Pasadena

Given below are a list of the best website designing companies of Pasadena, that are capable of designing a website very efficiently, thereby attracting more customers.

  • Citycentre: Citycentre Co. is a web development and designing firm in Pasadena. It is based in CA. Companies prefer this company as it helps in designing various sort of websites for almost all businesses, no matter what size or type they are. This may include construction business, furniture business, skating business, etc. The main services that they offer include, website designing, redesigning of the website, responsive web designing, websites that can be maintained by self and also free consultation services are provided, so that if any business company has any query, then can enquire about them.


  • Design Flux: Design flux was established in the month of May The services provided by this company have been the best in all fields that include Pasadena web design, Pasadena web development, and Pasadena digital marketing. They are ready to take new challenges and make sure that the business companies have customers flocking their websites. Services that they provide include web designing, branding, web hosting, digital marketing and email hosting. Design Flux is one the best web designing and web development companies in Pasadena.


  • Effect Graphics: Effect Graphics is another well-known company that is located in Pasadena. The service team present in this company is one of the best who assists with the services of web development and web marketing. They are experts in designing websites. They help build experiences that are extremely creative. Effect Graphics do their work in accordance to every minute detail that a business company may provide. They make sure that the company gains profit, by attracting present consumers and target consumers to the website. The companies are also very satisfied as they design the best possible website for them.

5 Ways Social Media Has Changed Businesses Forever

By | Networking Bizz Business advice
While the original social networking sites were initially designed for connecting people, they’ve ultimately turned into transformational business tools and resources that allow brands to connect with customers in unique ways.Understanding the influential effect of social media can help entrepreneurs better prepare for the future.

The infancy of social media

Social media is such a pervasive thing in our society that it’s easy to forget that we’re only in the second decade of widespread global use. Believe it or not, we’ll look back in 15 or 20 years and say social media was only in its infancy in 2016.

Myspace launched in 2003, Facebook in 2004, Twitter in 2006, Instagram in 2010, Pinterest and Snapchat in 2011, and Periscope in 2015. In other words, the oldest mainstream social networking site on the Internet is less than 15 years old. The newest ones have only been around for months.

However, in just a decade and a half, social media has left an undeniable mark on society, and business in particular. What started as a niche resource is now considered one of the most powerful marketing tools a business has at its disposal.

Five ways social media is impacting business 

Every business uses social media in some way. Some generate exceptionally large returns, while others are still trying to figure out how to best use these platforms. But when you take a step back and look at the overall social media landscape, it becomes clear that the industry has – and is having – a major impact on businesses around the world.

Let’s analyze a few of the effects.

1. Highly targeted advertising is a reality

From a marketing and advertising perspective, the single most influential aspect of social media involves targeting. Never before in the history of the business world has it been possible to develop marketing and advertising materials, and put them in front of the exact customers you want.

This concept is most clearly seen in Facebook advertising, which has opened up new opportunities for professionals across many industries. Here are a couple of examples:

  • Financial institutions —  especially credit card companies like Visa and MasterCard – are killing it with targeted Facebook advertising. They spend millions per year on targeting and have used it to reach millennials in highly engaging ways. This has been one of the biggest ways we’ve been able to push our eBank product to thousands.
  • Real estate — As Real Geeks points out on their website, real estate agents are crushing it using social media. Because real estate clients are so closely tied to location, the ability for agents to quickly create ads and then deliver them to individuals within very specific zip codes and neighborhoods is invaluable. It’s led to incredible results and is becoming relied upon by tech-savvy real estate professionals.

Before social media advertising became a possibility, businesses had to seek out websites and venues where they believed their target customers could be. But with sites like Facebook, they know that everyone is present – all they have to do is define the right parameters.

2. Organic marketing like never before

Internet advertising has been around for a while, but most methods feel somewhat forced. PPC ads are great, but they tend to have an in-your-face stigma attached to them. Banner ads are viewed in a similar manner. Even sponsored content has a “fake” feeling to it.

Social media has changed everything by making organic marketing a possibility. Businesses can now engage in conversations and promote valuable content without forcing the envelope. Ultimately, this has led to more brand transparency.

We’re really seeing transparency thrive when it comes to businesses owning up to their mistakes. Airlines are a perfect example of this. They frequently use Twitter to engage with customers who are frustrated over missed connections, delayed flights, and lost luggage.

It’s not just major airlines, though. Even fast food restaurants can benefit. “[Recently] a customer of Jimmy Johns turned to Facebook to complain about their order,” marketer Graham Kingma explains. “Jimmy John’s approach to a customer service issue was to admit fault and make it right. The increase in trust from Jimmy John’s transparency is difficult to measure in numbers, but it likely saved a customer and added a few more as a result.”

3. Fears of backlash

While social media has encouraged many companies to become more transparent and engage with customers, it’s also instilled fear in other companies who are a little “gun shy” over the backlash that businesses receive when they make mistakes.

Mistakes made on social media are highly visible and can quickly go viral. As a result, some businesses choose to take a step back, fearing the following issues:

  • Angry employees saying the wrong thing
  • Leaking confidential information
  • Posting something that could be considered politically incorrect
  • Opening the business up to ridicule from competitors

You can check out some of the biggest social media gaffes of all time, and you’ll quickly see why some businesses choose to remove themselves from risk by avoiding large social networks altogether.

Take airlines for example. They’re great at using social media, but they still receive a tremendous amount of backlash. In one analysis, it was discovered that 47 percent of social media posts about major airlines are negative, while positive comments account for just 20 percent. The positives of social media certainly outweigh the negatives, but it’s easy to see why some brands – especially smaller ones with less positive brand equity – are a little intimidated.

Here are a few tips to get over your fear of social media backlash.

4. Real-time customer service

Many businesses pride themselves on good customer service and use it to establish a competitive advantage. However, until recently, building a strong customer service department required a heavy investment in people and resources.

When social media entered the picture, small businesses earned the opportunity to offer responsive customer service, too – without the huge investment. Now, any business can offer real-time, around-the-clock service with nothing more than a social media profile. As mentioned, airline companies do a particularly good job of leveraging this opportunity.

5. Flexibility in content dissemination

The rise of social media has subsequently spurred the growth of content marketing. In the past, the only options for content dissemination were to publish via an onsite blog, build an email subscriber list and shoot out newsletters, or form relationships with members of the media (or other bloggers). Now, direct posting on social media has made publishing easier on everyone. In fact, 2.46 million pieces of content are now shared on Facebook every single minute!

Social media has altered things in a substantial way by allowing businesses to post and share content directly with consumers, without having to pay a dime. One of the more famous examples of this in action comes from Cisco, who saved $100,000 on a product launch by using social media instead of more expensive promotional channels.

This shift towards social media content dissemination has put an increased emphasis on branded content and has led to a restructuring of the buying process in both B2B and B2C industries.

Expectant eyes on the future

“If your business is taking its first initial steps into the social media world, take a deep breath and remain calm,” marketer Jessica Oaks says. “It doesn’t have to be the wild untamed West if you simply stay engaged, keep an eye on (and ear to) your customers, and participate.”

It’s easy to get lost in the moment and forget that we’re in a time of great progression. Businesses can’t get too caught up in what’s happened in the past or what’s going on right now. In order to thrive with social media, it’s imperative that you stay on top of new trends and developments to get ahead of the curve. As history shows, being an early adopter of new networks and strategies can produce sizeable returns – both in revenue and engagement.

For the most part, the impact social media has had on the way we do business has been positive. There’s never been more access to customers than there is now, so make sure you’re taking advantage of the resources you’re given.

Ultimately, you want to look back and say that you maximized the value of social media – even when it was just in its infancy.

7 Creative Snapchat Tips to Improve Your Stories

By | Networking Bizz digital marketing

7 Creative Snapchat Tips to Improve Your Stories:

Stay engaged with Snapchat users!

Improve your Snapchat stories!

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Discover seven creative snapchat tips to improve your Snapchat stories.

Snapchat Tip #1: Use Different Angles

Watching a video from one angle gets boring after a few snaps, so use the 10 seconds they give you to move around. This makes your story more entertaining.

Sure, you can go multiple snaps in a row to get your point across and tell a story. In fact, you should do this. However, mix it up with some short photos, filters, different angles, different settings, or show something with the back-facing camera. It’s not hard to do and makes all the difference.

snapchat examples

Vary your snaps to keep your audience’s attention.

Snapchat Tip #2: Get Creative and Use The Features

Snapchat is a creative person’s dream. There are so many different things you can do with it. You can use emojis, 3D stickers, text, a pen tool, filters, geofilters, and so on. You really can go nuts. Use each of these creative tools in your next story, as they’re easy to add and can make a big impact.

snapchat filters example

Get creative with your snaps.

Check out this article to get five beginner and five pro tutorials on how to use these creative tools.

Snapchat Tip #3: Keep Your Snaps Snappy

Ten seconds doesn’t sound like a lot, but on Snapchat, it is. You don’t need to show every snap in your story for 10 seconds. With photos especially, the human brain is quick; it doesn’t need 10 seconds to process a photo. If your story is entirely that, people will begin tapping to skip, and eventually they’ll drop off.

snapchat set snap length

Your snaps don’t always need to be 10 seconds long.

Use shorter videos and photos to quicken the pace of your story to keep it more engaging.

Snapchat Tip #4: Tease ‘Em

Try to create intrigue about your story right from your opening snap. To motivate your audience to keep watching, tell people immediately if something interesting, useful, or entertaining is coming up. If your story isn’t hinting at least one of these three criteria, people will swipe to the next story.

snapchat teaser example

Tease a story.

Be prepared for strangers to stumble across your story. If that first snap is just you making morning coffee, they may not stick around to find out more.

Bonus tip: Use an interesting last snap thumbnail. The tiny circular thumbnail of your story always shows your last snap, so make it intriguing! I’ve watched entire 10-minute stories just to find out what that last snap was all about. You’ll likely get more views on the entire story if that last snap looks interesting, as opposed to just a talking head or selfie.

On that point, your last snap teaser could get your story played over the competition.

Snapchat Tip #5: Tell a Story

It’s called a Snapchat “story” for a reason. You need a narrative to make people watch to the end of your snaps. As humans, we strive to find out how the story ends. Could your stories start with an issue or problem that needs to be solved?

The use of emotion can drive the narrative of the story and get your audience to sympathize with what’s going on. Draw your audience in and explain at the beginning and again throughout to feed them the narrative of what’s actually going on in your story.

snapchat story plan

Plan out your narrative.

The beauty of Snapchat is that you can integrate it easily into your lifestyle and daily habits. That said, the best stories have a little planning in them.

You’re not shooting a movie, though, so the effort you put into your storyboard may be minimal. It helps to grab a pen and paper to sketch out a rough story.

Snapchat Tip #6: Add Text

Try to cater to people who are watching stories without the sound on. If your story isn’t particularly visual or doesn’t make sense without captions or audio, they’ll quickly move on.

snapchat add text

Include text to appeal to users who have the sound muted.

It’s not always possible, but add text to highlight a point. Using text will likely keep people watching and lets you say more in one snap, which reduces the need to have additional exhaustive, explainer-type snaps.

Snapchat Tip #7: Switch Up the Cameraperson

Great engagement happens when you introduce your audience to interesting people. In meetings, for example, do a short introduction of people and get them to say hello and share what they do. It’s fun and exciting to watch (and could get your meeting off to a fun start). Plus, those people may go and tell their friends/audience that they were on your Snapchat story, which is an added bonus.

snapchat change cameraperson

Switch up your cameraperson from time to time.

If you’re part of a team, it’s easy to keep things engaging by having different team members chip in here and there. If you’re a sole proprietor, you can have guests on your Snapchat or do full takeovers as another great way to keep engagement up.


It’s official. Our attention span as a species is now less than that of a lowly goldfish (8 seconds vs. 9). So how on earth do you get people to watch your Snapchat stories?

The biggest problem is people not respecting the context of the platform. This isn’t LinkedIn! Remember, Snapchat made its name as a fun messaging app, so let’s keep it that way. You can still be professional, but keep it lighthearted and show your true self. Let your hair down from time to time.

Now it’s time to create your best stories ever! Remember, consistency is key here. If you can regularly create great stories for people to watch, you can quickly start to build a loyal following.

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