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Monthly Archives

March 2016

website design

Google Algorithm Changes? ohhhgawd!

By | Networking Bizz Advanced SEO Techniques, Networking Bizz digital marketing

digital media pasadena

Panda? Penguin? Making an attempt to remain on top of Google’s website positioning updates, much less study what these adjustments mean for your small business, is often a full-time job. Nonetheless, few small companies have the sources to maintain a full-time website positioning expert on staff. In that case, what do you do to make sure that your enterprise will get the website positioning rankings it deserves, no matter what Google and the opposite search engines roll out?

So why is it essential for businesses and enterprise owners to concentrate on these algorithm adjustments from Google?

It is very important remember so that you simply as a business owner know what you possibly can and can’t do and prevent any penalties from these algorithms.

Specifically if you are codependent on digital media lead funnels.

Algorithm Updates: Continually Keep On High Of Algorithm Updates

Did You Know There Are Over 500 Updates Each Year?!

1. Do not be spammy — EVER

Google’s website positioning updates aren’t designed to drive companies loopy; they’re designed to scale back spam. Earlier search engine optimisation algorithms, for instance, ranked web sites greater in search results if they had extra hyperlinks spread all through varied different web sites. This lead to a proliferation of a really particular sort of spam: the pretend weblog remark. As The Awl notes, this pretend weblog remark begins with generic, typically ungrammatical textual content equivalent to “So luck to come across your excellent blog” after which ends with a hyperlink to a different, unrelated web site.

Effectively, Google is now pushing back — hard — towards this sort of weblog remark hyperlink proliferation. The rule to remember? It’s a good suggestion to learn to increase your online business by means of particular search engine optimisation methods. It’s a unhealthy concept to be spammy about it. Leaving a remark like “So luck to come across your excellent blog” solely makes your organization look bad, in the long run.

2. Join with the group

What’s the easiest way to spice up your web site in search rankings? Truly, it is the same means you construct customers and make gross sales: by connecting along with your group. As we have seen, time and time again, a clever ad or a considerate gesture is rapidly retweeted, reposted, and shared amongst your greatest followers. This type of work not solely brings new prospects to your organization, but it additionally will increase the variety of optimistic, high-quality hyperlinks related with your model.

Briefly: by doing the real work of connecting together with your neighborhood and your target audiences, you not solely increase your customer base, but in addition enhance your rankings in search engines. It is a win-win.

three. Hire outside help

Constructing your neighborhood is presumably one of the best ways to extend your website positioning rankings, however it is usually essential to grasp precisely what engines like google need. What’s a long tail hyperlink? How do you utilize website metadata to spice up focused location outcomes? What actually makes a superb weblog post headline?

If you do not know all of the ins and outs of Google’s newest website positioning update on your own — and you probably do not — it is time to hire some exterior help. On their weblog, the SEO company Networking Bizz notes that ” it’s important to go beyond general on-page and off page optimization.” So it’s vital that
the individual or staff you hire have the connections and existing information to make issues occur effectively for your small business.

By hiring search engine optimisation consultants, your organization will get the advantage of working with individuals who actually understand web optimization, with out the overhead involved in hiring a full-time search engine optimisation expert.

four. Perceive what website positioning can and can’t do

Many business owners assume that their aim is to rank on the first page of Google searches for a single phrase, reminiscent of “pizza” or “realtor.” However, that is not how search works any more. Folks search in terms of questions: “define residential zone,” “what is the best pizza place in Hartford,” and so forth. Google even helps individuals auto complete their search outcomes into particular questions, for which it then offers particular answers.

Your website positioning purpose is to be the highest answer to a selected query. That is how search engine optimization works now, and the way your future prospects will discover you.

digital media pasadena

website design

What exactly is domain authority? A quick infographic to explain it all

By | Networking Bizz Advanced SEO Techniques, Networking Bizz digital marketing, Networking Bizz SEO News

So you’ve heard the term coined out there. Domain Authority or as other digital marketing experts / seo’s like to paraphrase -DA is now the single most important team to rank on all search engines. As of 2015 Google announced a whole new algorithm named Panda / hummingbird. This changed the whole game, and all of a sudden SEO and ranking tactics changed. It’s all about creating top quality content because essentially search engines want to deliver the fastest high quality information at command of a search query. A new ranking factor completely changed the name of the game. Domain authority invented by MOZ was quickly adapted as the top signal to rank. Building backlinks was always the top go-to way for SEO to quickly rank, once DA came into play this was just a small factor in a more intricate algorithm.

Obviously if you are a high authority or if you receive links from high domain authority sites search engines start looking at your website as having high “domain authority” and greatly reward you for it.

So here is  a quick infographic if you know absolutely nothing about domain authority. Contact us if you need a high quality digital marketing strategy, we pride ourselves in working closely to develop a high yield and return digital marketing strategy! Contact Networking Bizz Digital Marketing 


domain authority seo pasadena

domain authority seo pasadena


website design

Top 10 Things I learned about business and digital marketing from Quentin Tarantino

By | Networking Bizz Business advice, Networking Bizz digital marketing

Quentin Tarantino is known for his films Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill, Jackie Brown, Inglorious Basterds, and Django Unchained. His movie Reservoir Dogs even became part of the Sundance Film Festival, which became legendary in Hollywood.

Though the movies had a lot of viewers and fans and garnered positive reviews from film critics, it cannot be denied that Tarantino also taught me a lot about business and digital marketing. These valuable tips include:

1. Acknowledge and develop your own voice.

Tarantino makes sure that his films have a certain voice. They are unique. Just like in Tarantino’s movies, marketing specialists have a certain voice, in such a way that they can be different from other products and services. This voice can help clients identify you and set you apart from other companies. Digital marketing and creating a brand and a unique service is what would win people over, despite the number of companies that fight for their attention. People would want to see a new voice, a new product, or a new service.

To be more specific, Tarantino seems to have a penchant for feet in his movies. In Pulp Fiction, Jules Winnfield and Vincent Vega discussed foot massage. Esmeralda, the cab driver, does not have any shoes on. Tarantino also played a role in From Dusk Till Dawn, where he drinks Tequila from Salma Hayek’s feet. When you see a lot of feet, no doubt it’s Tarantino. That is his brand, his chosen voice.


2. Succeed in whatever you do.

Marketing isn’t about having a Masters degree, nor having an impressive educational attainment. A real social media marketing genius knows how to get creative with content and create advertisements and strategies that would attract clients. In every technique and project you undertake, try your best to succeed in it. Tarantino never went to film school. Instead, he focused on his work experience. That was how he grew as a film maker.

There are a lot of things and resources available online for marketing newbies. You don’t have to study per se, but you only have to know how to research. How to succeed? Study a lot. Know how other people are doing it. Try and try until you get the right formula. Follow the examples of people who have been there. You can always find a mentor to help you.

3. Believe in your product or service.

Tarantino believed that when you want to do something, you just do it. Never wait for an opportunity. Instead, create the opportunity. Likewise, he did not really do a lot of movies. He had ten, but these were always the best ones and the ones he felt strongly about. It is important that you believe in your product because if you don’t, who will? It is your own work, so be proud of it

4. Use your experiences and be confident about your work.

Tarantino knew that his films would work. Prior to Kill Bill, there was no movie about an assassin getting back at other assassins. During the 90s, there was nothing like Pulp Fiction, but when it was finally released, it received really great reviews. Even when the movies receive negative reviews, Tarantino is nonplussed. He is never shy about anything. He would always try new things to keep his viewers and fans interested.

5. Listen to critics, and use failures to improve your brand.

When Tarantino wrote True Romance, he knew it would not sell that much. But this fact did not hinder the filmmaker from trying. He was rejected, but he kept on going. Similarly, businessmen and digital marketing specialists know when to back down, retreat, and when to go further. They don’t let criticisms ruin their mojo. They know that they can use whatever criticisms they receive to become better entrepreneurs. They don’t doubt themselves, but focus on their efforts to strive harder.

At the same time, don’t take criticisms too seriously. Have fun when you are introducing your brand. Tarantino does know the meaning of fun. Just take a look at the dancing scenes in his films Jackie Brown, Pulp Fiction, and Reservoir Dogs.


6. Steal ideas, but make them your own.

There is no original story. Or maybe there is an original plotline, but there would be variations of it. Tarantino was honest enough to admit that he did steal his ideas from other movies. For instance, Reservoir Dogs resembles City of Fire. But Tarantino isn’t ashamed of this. In digital marketing, it is normal to steal an idea as long as you can create your own twist to it. It is okay to steal a brand’s mission and vision, or a product’s features. The real magic there, however, is in transforming them into your own and making clients flock to you.

7. Sell your idea.

The movie Reservoir Dogs is the epitome to this. In a particular scene there, the main character wanted to double cross. The truth was in a seven-and-a-half-minute love letter to storytelling. While the movie is about robbery that has failed, Tarantino taught us to show, not tell, when selling products and services. Demonstrate. Use a lot of examples. Think about money. Of course, it wouldn’t hurt to think of the artistic side of things. Your brand, product, or service has to gather a lot of believers. If you don’t know how to sell your idea, who would even invest in you?

8. Master the details.

Tarantino banks on the details of his movies. He makes his characters unique. Remember Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill? Her character is so iconic that we can only recall Thurman whenever the word “pulp” or “Bill” comes to mind. Moreover, Tarantino gives both characters unique traits. Pulp Fiction’s Uma had cropped black hair, while Kill Bill’s Uma had long blonde hair. Companies who market their products and services have to create unique brands and are into details. What makes your product different from the other? What features will people like? When you create your own product, you should know your details.


9. Own your brand.

Tarantino owns every story and film he has made. When you watch Tarantino’s films, you would immediately see what makes it a Tarantino film. This is because he owns his films. He knows how to make his films sell. It’s like Tarantino patented his films. In marketing, you have to know your brand well. Be familiar with it like the back of your hand.

10. Practice makes perfect.

Tarantino started way back, but his efforts only came into fruition years later. He was patient and understanding enough to know that real success banks on perfect timing. It is the same thing with business.

Tarantino is also known for the “Don’t be such a square” sign in his movies, particularly in Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill. This means Tarantino cannot be contained in a box. Don’t let that happen to your ideas, too. Expand. Go out of the box, try a lot of ideas, and experiment. That is how you get to know what you are really trying to sell.

What makes Tarantino’s movies lovable? It’s the characters he makes. It’s the plotlines he writes. It’s in the style, the cinematography, the directorship. All of his films are meant to be remembered. All of his films are meant to win awards. Tarantino is meant to win and stay above everybody. Use these tips to become a digital marketing genius. Learn how to take risks, and never be afraid to compromise.

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Prepare for Instagrams Algorithmic Feed change

By | Networking Bizz digital marketing


On Tuesday, Instagram announced in a blog put up that the community would be moving from a chronological feed to an algorithm that can surface the content material that Instagram believes an individual cares about most.

As is its approach, the web freaked out:
Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 8.23.38 AMtop=”644″ />
As marketers, we are inclined to get too excitable about adjustments like this, however this time, we shouldn’t be shocked or upset.

A Very Random Metaphor

I’ve some mates who’re pregnant with their third child. Once they had their oldest, they were freaked out. It’s a giant life change. It’s scary and unknown. Once they had their second, their terror was a lot shorter-lived. However when my pal instructed me they have been having their third child, I requested if he was freaked out. He mentioned, “Nah, the first two heathens prepped us pretty well.”

Instagram’s newsfeed update is just not the primary we’ve seen. Fb first adopted this technique in 2009. Twitter added this function as an option earlier this year. We freaked out about each of these, and the world has continued to spin.

That stated, this can change how you employ Instagram as a marketer. Right here are some things we’ve realized from these adjustments once they occurred on different networks.

1. Engagement for CLTV?

With these algorithm updates, the content material that individuals “would be most interested in” is surfaced first. What this implies is that prospects who often interact together with your content material will see extra of it. This could hold your brand top-of-mind for the people who find themselves already concerned with it.

As Instagram and other third-party companies make it simpler to hook up with purchase factors straight from the app, this may imply the customers partaking together with your content material can have a better probability of buying.

2. High quality Will Probably Be Key: Don’t Spam

When Fb up to date its rating algorithm in 2013, the community penalized pages that “asked for Likes” (versus posting content material that’s related and interesting).

It will likely develop into an element on Instagram as properly. Deal with content material that individuals need to have interaction with, as a substitute of telling them to.

3. The Importance of a Paid Strategy

Like we’ve seen on different networks, it will probably influence natural attain. All this implies is that you simply’ll want to include a paid technique (in addition to an organic one) on Instagram.

Paid and organic social have gotten an increasing number of intertwined, and in case your methods dwell in silos, you’re lacking out on huge alternatives.

4. Connect with Your Viewers

Like Fb, there’s likelihood that the relationships between customers will have an effect on the content material that’s surfaced first. Your follower count won’t be the one viewers issue that issues. As a model, you’ll need to develop a “follow” technique to make sure that the precise customers have the very best probability of seeing your content material.

5. Prioritize Your Influencer Technique

Influencer advertising and marketing is changing into a significant part on Instagram, and this may solely amplify that. Influencers will likely surface greater in feeds because they’re creating engagement inside groups of customers which have comparable characteristics.

In case you use Instagram for advertising, there’s likelihood this modification will affect you. Fortunately, it’s not the end of the world. In case you can keep focused on delivering good content material to related audiences, the tactical shifts will appear much less daunting. Keep watch over brands you respect to establish strategic shifts as this transformation takes hold. What are you able to study from them?

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How to create better digital content, BEAT YOUR competitors: A breakdown…

By | Networking Bizz digital marketing

So you are creating, crafting, publishing, putting all that effort to create captivating digital content only to have a ghostown.

All that work for nothing. What’s going on? Why are my competitors getting responses people sharing, commenting, why???  looking at your competitors zoom past you raking in leads like shooting a fish in a barrel. What exactly happened?

You start asking questions, comparing, deducing, getting more analytical and you have an ephyphany…what if people simply don’t care about my content? What if it gets lost in between the giant schism of content, sucked into a vortex never to be read or seen again…or much worse…what if the content is not even relevant? We’re a ship with no destination.

Well check out this great infographic and tailor your digital content to WIN! Remember don’t just create content, create it to deliver results!

If you need any help crafting great digital content  or Ecommerce websites we are here for you contact networking bizz digital marketing ?


content digital marketing pasadena

content digital marketing pasadena


website design

Perfect your (small business) Instagram sales strategy

By | Networking Bizz digital marketing

Instagram is proving to be an amazing new business development tool, specially for small business. It allows new potential clients to connect with your brand and its products without any clutter…in an instant! The problem is you have no resources to allocate or  worse no time to manage social media! Well learn to spend less time with more efficiency, Here is a beautiful infographic that will deliver you info on the go! A very fast read for a wealth of knowledge ? and remember to give us a call when you are ready to laser focus your social media strategy and gain lots of leads and customers from instagram. Contact Networking Bizz Digital Marketing

instagram social media management pasadena

instagram social media management pasadena


website design pasadena

10 video advertising ideas for your small business

By | Netwoking Bizz Brand development, Networking Bizz Business advice, Networking Bizz digital marketing

It is already been decided that Social Media maintains an excellent potential to drive extra gross sales and leads, in addition to a new branding strategies. However did you know video content material on social media is probably the most powerful and clutter-cutting solution to get your corporation throughout the muddle? If you wish to get into video and YouTube advertising in your small enterprise take a look at these 10 fast ideas information graphic and get some good information ?


social media video marketing for small business

social media video advertising for small enterprise


website design pasadena

How does Buzzfeed achieve Social Media Advertising?

By | Netwoking Bizz Brand development, Networking Bizz digital marketing

The instances are a-changing. On-line media publishers are giving conventional TV networks a run for his or her cash and BuzzFeed, an early underdog, is main the cost. According to a recent study, BuzzFeed’s month-to-month attain amongst millennials far outsteps that of CBS, NBC, and FX.

social media marketing pasadena

In reality, simply final yr BuzzFeed announced that they’re averaging 5 billion content material views per 30 days. So, how has BuzzFeed amassed this a lot success in simply 9 years? Their listicles and actually-very-good journalism are a part of the explanation, however BuzzFeed’s explosive development begins and ends with their skill to market on social media. Let’s check out the issues that BuzzFeed does higher on social media than anyone else.

BuzzFeed Creates Micro-Communities

When you will have an enormous viewers like BuzzFeed does, you inherently have smaller groupings of people that share area of interest pursuits. For instance, BuzzFeeders love cats, celebrities, automobiles, The Kardashians, and so on. So, as an alternative of pandering content material to the lots and hoping it sticks with these which can be and some others, BuzzFeed creates social communities to foster these teams.

social media company pasadena

Catering to those micro-communities on social is simply one other option to enrich your viewers and develop your affect. No person does this higher than BuzzFeed.

BuzzFeed Drives Monster Site visitors

Listed below are three statistics that may actually blow your thoughts:

  • BuzzFeed drives over 200M month-to-month distinctive guests to their net properties.
  • 75% of BuzzFeed’s web visits are pushed by social media.
  • BuzzFeed’s social visitors is 5x its search site visitors.

BuzzFeed is doubling down on the place they know their viewers (18-35 12 months olds) are — social media. Social media is their major traffic-driver, they usually optimize their content material for this. Try this instance:

pasadena social media company
Related, well timed, informative, and a GIF. I’d click on it! Wouldn’t you?

BuzzFeed Takes Benefit of Current Habits

I bear in mind when it began on Instagram. I noticed one thing that I believed was humorous, and I couldn’t tag my pals in it…I used to be by no means going to DM it to them (let’s be actual). So, I’d remark and point out their deal with. This appears regular now, however again within the day, this sort of habits was simply what folks needed to do. BuzzFeed was one of many first locations I noticed benefiting from any such conduct.

pasadena social media company pasadena

What BuzzFeed does, higher than anyone, is encourage conversations. Whether or not they’re asking you to “tag a friend who _______” or vote on your favourite Mates character, the character of BuzzFeed’s posts are all the time the identical: conversational.

BuzzFeed Is aware of That Humor Is Social

A new study, printed by the College of Southern California, says that constructive feelings are extra contagious than unfavorable ones on Twitter. What’s the easiest way to illicit a optimistic emotion? Be humorous! Humor is a good way to unify your viewers on social, and BuzzFeed goals for fun 90% of the time.


Even when your model is a bit bit extra stuffy, don’t be afraid to loosen up each now and again!

BuzzFeed Actually, Actually, Actually Is aware of Their Viewers

BuzzFeed’s true triumph is simply how properly they know their viewers. They do have the posh of getting a really outlined age demographic that they’re capturing for, however catering to those individuals just isn’t all the time straightforward. With regards to your model, you must eat, suppose, and breathe like your viewers does.

pasadena seo social media pasadena

I imply, they only get me.

BuzzFeed Optimizes for Cellular

This present day, your whole content material needs to be tailored to mobile. An increasing number of persons are accessing social media by way of cellular units, so we,as social marketers, must pay extra consideration to tailoring content material and interactions to those gadgets.

pasadena seo social media company pasadena

BuzzFeed does an amazing job at ensuring that, it doesn’t matter what community or machine you might be on, you’ve got a seamless expertise. Going ahead, ensure that your content material is mobile-friendly.

What different classes have you ever discovered from BuzzFeed on social? Depart them within the feedback, and obtain our 2016 Social + Digital Advertising and marketing Predictions Information beneath to be taught extra about social advertising’s leading edge immediately.

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